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Merit Smart Shipping™ Program Reduces Packaging Waste

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Charing Cross 2019

Charing Cross 2019

Spanish Lines Article Square

Merit ofrece puestos en español para operadores de producción – Merit Offers Spanish-Speaking Production Operator Positions

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Merit ofrece puestos en español para operadores de producción.

Merit Medical es una empresa diversa, que contrata a personas que están determinadas a crear algo especial a través del trabajo duro, la creación de equipos, la innovación, el empoderamiento y el compromiso. Para lograrlo, Merit ofrece puestos de operador de producción de habla hispana y oportunidades de empleo en expansión para personas que no hablan inglés en su sede mundial en Salt Lake City, Utah. Además de estas posiciones, Merit ha introducido formas de integrar mejor a los empleados de habla hispana en la empresa.

“La comunidad hispana es nuestra segunda población más alta aquí en Utah”, explica Diego Perez, supervisor de producción de Merit Medical. “La empresa también está creciendo rápidamente. Con el fin de mantener la competitividad, estamos innovando. Cambiamos dos líneas de producción a líneas específicas en español. Y Ha sido un gran éxito.”

Merit actualmente está contratando personal de habla hispana para puestos de operador de producción. Visite la página de oportunidades de carrera de Merit y explore todas las vacantes de empleo.

Merit ha tomado medidas para cerrar la brecha lingüística inglés-español dentro de la empresa. “Traducimos todo al español para estas líneas de producción, incluyendo los documentos, procedimientos y capacitación necesarios”, continúa el Sr. Perez. “Nos tomamos el tiempo para hacer las cosas bien. No queremos que los empleados se sientan que no tienen las herramientas adecuadas.”

Esta acción por sí sola ha ayudado a garantizar que las personas de habla hispana que cumplen con los requisitos de trabajo no se excluyen simplemente debido a una barrera lingüística. Para integrar aún más al personal, Merit también ha introducido clases de inglés para los empleados. Estas clases apoyan la comunicación del equipo y brindan a los empleados la oportunidad de crecer dentro de la empresa si deciden hacerlo.

“La gente dice que Merit Medical es una gran compañía con grandes beneficios, y tratan muy bien a sus empleados”, explica Andrea rico, un operador de producción de habla hispana recientemente contratado por Merit Medical. “En el corto tiempo que he estado aquí, he llegado a darme cuenta de que es verdad.”

A su vez, los empleados actuales de Merit acogen la afluencia de nuevos talentos. “Ha sido una gran experiencia para ellos y para nosotros también”, dice ISAI Mendoza, líder de equipo de Merit Medical. “Nos ayudan mucho en el logro de nuestras metas y crecer como empresa.”

Aprenda más acerca de la cultura de la compañía acogedora y diversa de Merit viendo el video, explorando nuestra página de visiones y valores, y descubriendo las muchas ubicaciones de Merit que existen en todo el mundo.

Merit Offers Spanish-Speaking Production Operator Positions

Merit Medical is a diverse company, one that hires people who are determined to create something special through hard work, team building, innovation, empowerment, and commitment. To accomplish this, Merit offers Spanish-speaking production operator positions and expanding employment opportunities for non-English speakers at its worldwide headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to these positions, Merit has introduced ways to better integrate Spanish-speaking employees into the company.

“The Spanish community is our second highest population here in Utah,” explains Diego Perez, a cleanroom supervisor at Merit Medical. “Merit is also growing rapidly. In order to stay competitive, we are innovating. We switched over two assembly lines to Spanish-specific lines. It has been a great success.”

Merit is currently hiring Spanish-speaking individuals for production operator positions. Visit the Merit Career Opportunities page and explore all job openings.

To help acclimate these new employees, Merit has taken steps to bridge the English-Spanish language gap within the company. “We translated everything into Spanish for these assembly lines, including necessary documents, procedures, and training,” Mr. Perez continues. “We took the time to do things right. We didn’t want employees feeling like they didn’t have the right tools.”

This action alone has helped to ensure Spanish-speaking individuals who meet job requirements aren’t excluded simply because of a language barrier. To further integrate Spanish-speaking individuals, Merit has also introduced English language classes for employees. These classes support team communication and provide employees with the opportunity to move up in the company if they choose to do so.

“People say Merit Medical is a really great company with great benefits, and they treat their employees very well,” explains Andrea Rico, a Spanish-speaking production operator recently hired by Merit Medical. “In the short time I have been here, I have come to realize it is true.”

In turn, current Merit employees welcome the influx of new talent. “It’s been a great experience for them and for us, too,” says Isai Mendoza, a team leader at Merit Medical. “They help us a lot in achieving our goals and helping us grow as a company.”

Learn more about Merit’s welcoming and diverse company culture by watching the video, exploring our Visions and Values page, and discovering the many Merit locations that exist around the globe.

East Coast Customers Can Now Expect Improved Distribution

East coast customers can now expect improved distribution from Merit Medical

Our Customers Asked. We Listened. Improved Distribution.

It’s with great enthusiasm that we announce improved distribution to U.S. customers located east of the Mississippi. By transitioning to larger warehouse space and an automated picking and shipping system, we’re now able to reduce shipment times along the East Coast by approximately 60%.

Expanding Our Space

Merit Medical’s Richmond warehouse has been increased from 33,000 square feet to 76,000 square feet, making it our largest distribution facility globally. This expansion increases our order capacity by nearly 200% per day, allowing us to improve distribution of the products our customers need.

Automated Picking and Shipping

A new automated system consists of computer-assisted voice picking, wire-guided aisles, efficient flow racks for high volume SKUs, computer-optimized pick sequencing, and a print-and-apply system for attaching packing slips and shipping labels. This print-and-apply system reduces the time spent to manually process a package by about 93%.

Shipping Consolidation

In addition to Merit products reaching our customers more quickly, all of these improvements also translate into more streamlined shipping. The new automated system includes a computer-assisted, put-to-light wall feature. This economical approach to sorting orders guides operators to consolidate smaller boxes, further optimizing the shipping process.

Understand. Innovate. Deliver.

At Merit Medical, we always strive to understand, innovate, and deliver. This includes not only in the manufacturing of our products but also how we distribute them. By listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we’re able to evolve as a company, better meet those needs, and improve the lives of people, families, and communities throughout the world.  Learn more about Merit’s commitment to delivering excellence across all aspects of our business.

With New Indication, Embosphere® Continues to Trailblaze After Two Decades on the Market

Embosphere® Microspheres are now cleared by the FDA for the intended use of embolization of blood vessels to control bleeding and hemorrhaging in the peripheral vasculature. As the first spherical embolic to receive this clearance, this is yet another indication in a long line of firsts for Embosphere, solidifying its place as the most clinically studied and clinically proven round embolic with consistent and predictable results for effective embolization.

Embosphere was first developed at the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, France, with initial clinical studies taking place in the late 1980s. Previous to Embosphere, standard embolic agents used for therapeutic embolization initially only included non-spherical polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) particles and gelatin sponge, but both products were seen to have shortcomings.

By nature, non-spherical PVA particles vary in size. This irregularity could possibly lead to uncontrolled embolization as well as the clogging of microcatheters.1,2 Gelatin sponge has been linked with more inflammatory reactions than spherical embolic agents and is often time-consuming to prepare, with uniformly sized particles also a challenge to obtain.2,3 The desire and need for a better embolic agent led to the development of Embosphere Microspheres.

Made from a proprietary formulation of a tris-acrylic cross-linked co-polymer, Embosphere’s spherical shape mimics the natural contour of the vessel lumen, allowing for a “fit and fill” effect. Moreover, the hydrophilic surface prevents aggregation in the catheter lumen and vasculature.*

Comparative studies show that Embosphere has many advantages over its predecessors. First and foremost, it’s the only round embolic to have a direct correlation between the size of the particle used and the diameter of the occluded artery.1 Competing embolics have no such correlation and have been shown to have higher in-vivo deformation rates and therefore are unable to provide predictable embolization.1,4  Data has also shown Embosphere Microspheres to compress up to 33%, helping to facilitate smooth microcatheter passage.5  These microspheres then return to their stated diameter after delivery, contributing to durable and targeted results.

Now, more than 20 years later, Embosphere is the most extensively studied and clinically utilized round embolic, having been proven in hundreds of thousands of procedures worldwide and in more than 220 peer-reviewed clinical articles.

A microsphere with unwavering performance and quality, Embosphere has still continued to innovate over the years. Starting in 1997, it was the first commercially available microsphere. In 2002, Embosphere was the first embolic agent packaged in a syringe and the first to receive US indication for uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). Fast forward to 2017, Embosphere was the first to receive US indication for prostatic artery embolization (PAE). And today we recognize the most recent first—its US indication for embolization to control bleeding and hemorrhaging in the peripheral vasculature.

These many firsts speak to Embosphere’s high level of quality and performance as well as reflect Merit Medical’s ongoing dedication to embolics and support for the minimally invasive therapies physicians provide.

Timeline of Embosphere - First Available, Most Studied, Embolization


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*In-House Data

Merit Medical Supports National Kidney Month


In honor of National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day on March 14th, Merit Medical shows its ongoing commitment to renal health through its diverse portfolio of high-quality therapeutic products, various clinician training opportunities, and dialysis patient education.

The latest U.S. Renal Data System Annual Data Report confirmed that more than 660,000 Americans are being treated for end-stage renal disease; of these, 468,000 are dialysis patients.[1] Around the world, the number of individuals diagnosed with end-stage renal disease continues to increase by 5%–7% per year.2

To help physicians care for this growing patient population, Merit provides a broad array of innovative products that provide reliable access for both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatments.

The HeRO® Graft is a hemodialysis access graft for patients who are failing fistulas, or grafts, or are approaching catheter dependency due to the blockage of veins, causing an outflow insufficiency. It’s the only fully subcutaneous AV access solution clinically proven to maintain long-term access for hemodialysis patients with central venous stenosis. The HeRO’s proprietary design has translated into fewer infections and superior dialysis adequacy compared to tunneled dialysis catheters.3

Physicians can also choose from an assortment of other hemodialysis products, such as the Centros® Hemodialysis Catheters or the ProGuide™ Chronic Dialysis Catheters and ancillary products like micro-introducers, wires, and sheaths.

Merit PD care includes the state-of-the-art Flex-Neck® Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters. With a larger internal diameter over competitive catheters, Flex-Neck catheters allow for higher flow rates than other catheters on the U.S. market.4 Catheter Implantation Kits are also available, designed to streamline the implantation procedure and promote efficiency.

Dialysis support continues with ThinkDialysisAccess™ hands-on physician training courses intended for surgeons and interventionalists. These immersive experiences use cadavers, case reviews, and problem-solving techniques in preparation for implantation of the HeRO Graft and/or the Merit PD catheter system. Learn more about upcoming course dates.

To better aid physicians in dialysis access cases, Merit has a dedicated team of dialysis access clinical specialists who understand the intricacies of hemodialysis and PD and are ready to support. From explaining correct Merit product use to on-site troubleshooting, Merit clinical specialists are available to assist.

Educational events across the nation are also offered for physicians who are interested in providing optimal care for dialysis patients. By hosting dinner lectures with clinical educators and experts in the dialysis field, Merit gives physicians a space to ask questions, discuss challenges, learn about Merit therapeutic devices and education courses, and share ways to improve dialysis care. The website lists upcoming ThinkDialysisAccess™ courses throughout the year. The course on April 8 is designed specifically for Fellows (Peritoneal Dialysis and HeRO Graft implantation techniques) and on April 10-12 the focused will be on Peritoneal Dialysis Access techniques.

A significant part of improving dialysis care is ensuring patients understand their treatment options. is a patient education site powered by Merit Medical that’s dedicated to helping patients understand dialysis care, especially PD. Individuals have access to helpful resources, including patient and healthcare professional testimonials.

Join Merit in recognizing National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day, and learn more about the many therapeutic devices, accessory products, and services provided to improve dialysis treatment.


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Fred EOY Article square

Fred Lampropoulos Receives 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Fred Lampropoulos, Merit Medical Chairman and CEO, has been named 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year by MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN), Utah’s first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success. The prestigious award is given annually, honoring a Utah business executive who has built a successful Utah-based company, inspiring others in the process to join the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.

“Fred clearly exemplifies the attributes of what an Entrepreneur of the Year should be,” said Scott Anderson, President and CEO of Zions Bank and a Merit Medical Board Member. “He sustains success as an entrepreneur, he reaches out to encourage and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in others, and he gives back. . . to make our communities a better place to live and to work.”

Mr. Lampropoulos founded Merit Medical more than 30 years ago with a vision of becoming the world’s most customer-centric healthcare company. By listening to and understanding customers’ needs, Mr. Lampropoulos made Merit Medical unique in the medical device industry, innovating and delivering the tools physicians need to simplify and improve patient care.

“He is so committed to this organization. He is so committed to people,” said Justin Lampropoulos, EVP of Global Sales Marketing and Strategy at Merit Medical. “The organization started with this and today has grown into an organization that has six franchises.”

Those franchises support various areas of medicine, such as cardiac intervention, interventional oncology and spine, peripheral intervention, endoscopic procedures, cardiovascular and critical care, and more. Today Merit Medical is a leading manufacturer and marketer of proprietary disposable devices, holding over 800 patents and pending applications that represent thousands of inventions used in diagnostic, interventional, and therapeutic procedures worldwide.

Over the years, Mr. Lampropoulos has expanded Merit Medical’s presence to include facilities around the globe. In addition to the United States, Merit Medical can be found in The Netherlands, France, Ireland, China, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Employing approximately 6,000 people, Merit Medical facilities operate with the common goal of improving the lives of people, families, and communities throughout the world.

“Fred is in every way a great human being,” said Nolan Karras, a Merit Medical Board Member. “In my mind he is worthy of being honored for his sense of optimism that lifts us all. That optimism has lifted a fledgling company in 1987 to a powerhouse of a company today with a great future.”

In addition to receiving the award, Mr. Lampropoulos shared his entrepreneurial insights and experiences and revealed what he believed was essential to his success. “The key in any business is not only having the vision. . . but it’s having the right people,” Mr. Lampropoulos said. “Our success is really the people in this room. You’re here, and I’m grateful.”

Fred Lampropoulos was celebrated earlier this week at the MWCN Entrepreneur of the Year annual award luncheon at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

Fred EOY Award Header
Fred EOY award 2
Fred EOY award

Merit Cafeterias Adopt Compostable To-Go Products

Merit Cafeterias Adopt Compostable To-Go Products

Merit Cafeterias Adopt Compostable To-Go Products

A major green initiative is happening throughout Merit facilities worldwide. To accommodate our Cafe customers in a way that’s more environmentally conscious, we’ve switched out all of our conventional to-go containers for a greener option: a plant-based line of fully compostable products.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, food and its packaging, such as containers, make up almost 45% of what ends up in U.S. landfills.1 To cut down on the amount of food-related trash we generate, Merit has eliminated disposable food containers, instead adopting a line of compostable products, including cups, to-go containers, plates, and even straws. Made of plant sugars derived from field corn, these products are fully compostable in commercial composting facilities.2

Trading in conventional to-go products for something with less of an environmental impact is part of a greater Merit-wide vision to expand our environmental performance. We’ve taken significant steps to accomplish this, such as participating in massive recycling programs, overhauling our energy efficiency efforts, and offering eco alternatives in our kits and packs, just to name a few.

As a global healthcare company, ongoing innovation is our driving force. Whether it’s improving products and services or finding better ways to manage our facilities, choosing practices that preserve the planet is just one more way we show we care.

1. Environmental Protection Agency. (n.d.). Reducing wasted food & packaging: A guide for food services and restaurants. Retrieved from
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Visit Us 22–25 January at LINC 2019 – The Leipzig Interventional Course

LINC Header

Merit provides innovative clinical solutions designed with patient benefit and clinician ease of use in mind.

We invite you to visit us at booth 15D to learn more about our advanced portfolio, such as: