Think Education

Designed and taught by physicians, Merit Medical’s immersive education courses include didactic presentations, taped or live cases, and hands-on training. We believe that a successful program provides an enjoyable education experience as well as the clinical support needed for you to implement your learning once you return to your practice. Discover both upcoming virtual and on-demand courses.


Think Spine

Learn the demographics, diagnoses and most current clinical evidence regarding minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of pathologic vertebral fractures and spine tumor ablation.

Think Airway Stenting

This course will focus on the utilization of unique airway stenting technology to address common airway strictures both in the trachea and central airways.

Think Dialysis Access

Learn the techniques and review cases in preparation for the implantation of both the HeRO® Graft and Merit PD catheter system.


Merit Medical offers physician education in many formats – virtual video conferences, in-person classes, on-demand webinars, as well as courses designed around continuing education credits. We’re putting your education into your hands and offering formats designed to meet you, wherever you are.

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