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Merit Medical Partners with Jordan PREP, Expanding STEM Education to More Students

Logo of Jordan PREP surrounded by light gray & dark blueA significant part of Merit Business Excellence is giving back to the places we live and work to help our communities thrive. One way we do this is by investing in the next generation of innovators by strengthening programs that offer science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to young people in local schools.

Image shows a number of high school-aged children in front of 3 flagpoles on the Merit Medical Salt Lake City campusEach year, our Salt Lake Headquarters is proud to partner with Jordan PREP (Pre-freshman Engineering Program) to help make STEM education accessible to more students. The program has a special focus on reaching underrepresented students from Title 1 schools in the nearby Jordan School District.

The Importance of STEM Education

According to the US Department of Commerce, STEM workers are the foundation for driving our nation’s competitiveness by innovating new ideas, products, and companies. Employment in the STEM field is growing faster than non-STEM occupations at approximately 24% versus 4%. Additionally, STEM jobs are projected to grow by nearly 9% by 2024, whereas non-STEM occupations are expected to grow by only 6.4%. Research also shows that STEM employees earn 29% more income than non-STEM employees.

People who work in STEM are key to the ongoing growth of the US economy. However, US students on average are scoring below other countries in STEM-related subject areas. To help prepare students for success, Jordan PREP provides a cost-free, six-week summer program aimed at enhancing their analytical skills and fueling their motivation to pursue STEM careers.

What Is Jordan PREP?

Through donations from Merit Medical and The National Science Foundation, 151 students enrolled in the Jordan PREP program this year, held at the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers North Campus within the Salt Lake Community College Jordan Campus.

Over the course of four consecutive summers, students are immersed in diverse coursework that includes the following:

  • Engineering
  • Problem solving
  • Logic
  • Physics
  • Algebraic structures
  • Computer science
  • Statistics
  • Technical writing
  • Business

The curriculum also features guest speakers and field trips to inspire and motivate students with real-world experiences and examples of careers in STEM.

In their fourth year, students undertake a capstone project of their choice, designing solutions to real-world problems that resonate with them. Students also conduct research and present their findings to an evaluation panel.

For juniors and seniors, the PREP Plus program offers college-level studies at Salt Lake Community College, with a focus on earning a one-year degree in Engineering Technology that transitions seamlessly into a four-year bachelor’s degree prior to graduating.

Filling the Gap: Expanding Academic Performance

A risk for elementary school students is summer learning loss, widening the achievement gap between low-income children and their middle-income peers. Students who participate in Jordan PREP maintain and enhance their academic skills over the summer, entering the new school year with the knowledge they need to succeed in STEM classes.

Jordan PREP reports students showed an average growth of 66% in their summer classes. Students also showed proficiency gains, with 100% of the students improving in seven out of nine classes.

Expanding Confidence, Social Emotional Learning & Leadership

Jordan PREP offers counseling services in both individual and group settings, helping many students navigate personal challenges. Mindfulness activities are practiced as part of the program to equip students with lifelong tools to manage stress and anxiety.

Jordan PREP student surveys showed a 35% increase in confidence in STEM, 95% likelihood of entering a STEM career, and an overall satisfaction rate of 98%.

Proud Partners of Jordan PREP

At Merit, we’re honored to support a program that prepares STEM leaders of tomorrow with the tools they need to thrive and succeed.

“These students don’t just want to solve equations—they want to solve real-world problems and uplift their communities,” Jordan PREP explains. “They see themselves not just as students, but as future changemakers, working tirelessly to acquire the skills they need to make a real difference.”

We couldn’t be prouder of that.

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Mile-Markers to Breast Cancer Recovery with SCOUT®: The Tara Zuzga Story

Merit Medical is committed to reducing the burden of breast cancer on patients and their loved ones—patients like Tara Zuzga.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Ribbon“May of 2021, I was out on a date night with my husband,” recalled Tara. “While I was in the restroom fluffing my hair, I noticed a mass under my right armpit.”

Working in the healthcare industry and having a family history of breast cancer, Tara knew that early detection saves lives. Throughout her life, she diligently underwent regular mammograms and ultrasounds. For a mass like this, however, she couldn’t wait for her next exam. With the support of her husband, who also works in the medical field, Tara connected with Dr. Blumencranz, a breast cancer specialist.

With an accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, she started chemotherapy two weeks later.


SCOUT Radar LocalizationTara’s case made her an excellent candidate for SCOUT Radar Localization, wireless technology designed to help treat early-stage breast cancer patients. Once a SCOUT reflector—a marking device smaller than a grain of rice—is placed inside a lump during biopsy, surgeons can precisely target the affected tissue to pinpoint its location within 1 mm. This can mean more successful surgeries, optimized breast conservation strategies, and enhanced outcomes for women.

With Dr. Blumencranz’ help, Tara set off on her journey toward recovery. But she didn’t let her diagnosis slow her down, and she made sure every moment counted.

Tara and her husband continued having special date nights the evening prior to her bi-monthly chemo treatments. “He would take me out just to appreciate that moment before the next morning,” said Tara. “Which was a big deal.”

“She’s like super woman. She’d have her chemo, and then she’d go out walking,” reflected Tara’s husband. “All in all, she was the warrior in all of this.”


In January of 2022, Tara received the news she’d been hoping for.

She was cancer-free.

“The day Dr. Blumencranz told me, ‘You’re no longer my patient,’ we both stood there and cried,” said Tara. “When they say we’re checking you out, it’s a really big deal. It’s as big of a deal as ringing the bell for your last chemo. Those mile-markers are everything.”

Watch Tara’s journey to becoming cancer-free.

Mike Voigt, Merit Medical Chief Human Resources Officer, Receives 2023 HR Achievement Award

At Merit Medical, we think of ourselves as one big family who takes care of each other, with our Human Resources team leading the way. Thanks to their efforts, we’re able to build a strong team of inspiring individuals who work hard to impact patient lives.

Mike Voight - Chief Human Resources Officer - 2023 HR Achievement AwardThis year, our very own Chief Human Resources Officer Mike Voigt received the 2023 HR Achievement Award from Utah Business, recognized for going above and beyond to make Merit a positive workplace. We sat down with Mike to chat about the award, how he strives for excellence at Merit, and more.

Receiving the 2023 HR Achievement Award is a notable accomplishment; how does it feel?

It’s just a reminder to me of how fortunate I am to work with such a great organization and wonderful people. Without Merit or my colleagues, this recognition wouldn’t have happened.

Image of Mike Voight, Merit Medical Chief Human Resources Officer, folding his arms, leaning against a blue wallBusiness excellence is at the heart of Merit. What does this look like for you as Chief Human Resources Officer?

For me, the pursuit of excellence is about ongoing forward progress. As long as we’re making continual improvement, helping our employees thrive—then this for me is excellence.

What’s your favorite part of being Chief Human Resources Officer?

It’s having the opportunity to work alongside the great employees of Merit, including our leadership team and our global HR team, all with the goal of finding ways to ensure our company continues to be a positive workplace for everyone.

You mentioned in your interview with Utah Business that empathy was key when caring for employees. How do you see Merit doing this as a company?

I remember interviewing for this position a few years ago, finding myself really attracted to the company because of the empathetic leaders with whom I met at the time—Merit Founder Fred Lampropoulos in particular. When he expressed to me the reasons behind why he started certain employee benefits, such as the on-site health clinic and garden—all ideas born from the challenges his own mother faced caring for her family when he was a child—I was convinced Merit was where I needed to be.

Who is a role model or mentor who really inspires you?

I’ve been fortunate to have worked for and with several great leaders over the course of my career, so it’s hard to choose just one. If I had to pick a role model, however, it would be my father. He was fiercely loyal to his family, and what he lacked in formal training and education, he more than made up for with hard work and determination. He was a great example to me of true servant leadership.

What’s your favorite way to spend your time when outside of the office?

My hobbies tend to evolve, but my family and I like to go down to Moab every chance we get and take advantage of the many outdoor activities we can do there. We tend to try and go every month or two.

Want to learn more? Explore how we’re fully committed to delivering excellence across all aspects of our business.

Merit Sensor’s Recycling Initiative Reduces Water Usage by 65%

Rick Russell holding a sensor manufactured by Merit SensorAn often unknown, but significant, branch of Merit Medical is Merit Sensor, a division responsible for creating silicon-based piezoresistive pressure sensors. These sensors, also known as MEMS pressure sensors, are used in multiple industries and are crucial to the function of many technologies. The challenge? Its on-site manufacturing requires a large amount of water.

A priority at Merit is to reduce overall water intensity through programs and initiatives that advance toward more efficient use. As part of these sustainability efforts, Merit Sensor implemented a water-conservation initiative that recycles approximately 65% of the water used in the manufacturing process.

“MEMS pressure sensors measure change in electrical resistance when pressure is applied. This regulation helps the final product work properly, keeping consumers safe,” explained Rick Russell, president at Merit Sensor. “They’re used in numerous medical devices but are also found in other industries, including transportation, industrial, and aerospace.”

Merit Sensor logoManufacturing MEMS pressure sensors requires large amounts of water. In particular, when etching silicon to produce the diaphragm, a part required to measure the pressure.

“There are acids and bases involved in this process,” Russell said. “Large quantities of wastewater result, and this water needs to be treated before discharged into the sewers.”

According to Russell, the first step in the recycling process is treating the wastewater to neutralize the acids and bases. The water is then passed through a reverse-osmosis system. This system forces the water through a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, resulting in clean water.

Merit Sensor employee checking output of system“The clean water is then transferred to another tank and recycled to make more MEMS pressure sensors,” Russell explains. “Any water discharge that can’t be reused is still cleaner, safer, and easier for the sewer to process.”

In past years, producing sensors required about 622,000 gallons of water per month on average. By recycling 65% of the wastewater, Merit Sensor’s new water-recycling initiative reduces that amount by more than 400,000 gallons per month.

Water conservation efforts are a community priority in Utah, where drought continues to impact the state. In response, Merit has looked for ways to reduce company water use. For example, the team at corporate headquarters set in motion a xeriscaping project that saves approximately four million gallons of water each year. Russell and his team at Merit Sensor believe water-saving initiatives are positive steps that will only lead to improved measures.

“We are currently working on upgrading the efficiency of this system to increase the amount of water recycled to ninety percent,” Russell said. “If the current system works well throughout the rest of this year, we will continue to look for more innovative ways to improve.”

At Merit, we understand and recognize our responsibility to the future by being a good corporate citizen. Explore more of our environmental sustainability efforts.

Becoming Fibroid Free: Malin Finds Relief Through UFE

Two in three women will develop fibroids at some point in her life. Uterine fibroids are small, noncancerous growths that form on the wall of the uterus. Although benign, and while many women may not experience complications, for some, fibroid symptoms can be devastating. Worse, information on treatment options is not always made readily available, and many patients are led to believe that the only solution is major surgery—like a hysterectomy.

Image of Malin Florentzen looking out over the waterMeet Malin Florentzson, a woman who had her life turned upside down when doctors informed her that removing her uterus would be the best treatment for her heavy menstrual bleeding and pain.

“Being 28, I found it really shocking that they said it was absolutely the only option,” reflected Malin. “I decided not to do it and learn how to live with my problems.”

Image of a fibroidMalin gave it her all, but unfortunately, her symptoms caught up. When her pain and fatigue worsened to the point where she collapsed at an airport, she knew she needed to seek a second opinion. That’s when she discovered the source of her complications: fibroids.

As an employee of Merit Medical, Malin was familiar with uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). An alternative method of treating fibroids, UFE allows patients to preserve the uterus by stopping blood flow to the fibroids, which causes them to shrink—thus relieving symptoms.

For Malin, this presented an ideal solution. “I don’t want to remove an organ if I don’t absolutely have to,” she said. “I looked for someone to help me understand if I was a good candidate for UFE or not.”

Image of a person laying down in an MRI machine with the words "Malin sent her results to another gynecologist and Interventional Radiologist to confirm she was a good candidate for UFEAfter an MRI confirmed that UFE may be right for her condition, Malin scheduled an appointment with her gynecologist and interventional radiologist. And when the hospital placed the order with Merit for Embosphere® Microspheres—the tiny particles used to block blood supply to fibroids, causing them to shrink? It was Malin who took the call. “That was quite funny,” she remarked.

Malin made a full recovery from the successful UFE procedure. With her symptoms gone or significantly reduced, she was able to get back to the activities she enjoyed prior to developing fibroids. “It’s like a new life,” she said.

These days, Malin spends her time advocating for increased awareness of UFE as a treatment option to help reduce the stigma around talking about fibroids. “Who would I be if I couldn’t stand up and tell my story? We have to start understanding and listening to each other.”

A New Lease on Life with Aspira®: The Andrea Peterson Story

Merit Medical is proud to support health at every stage, committed to helping patients live life to the fullest. For Women’s Health Week, meet Andrea Peterson—an advocate for adventurous women everywhere and patients who refuse to let a diagnosis slow them down.

Andrea Peterson at the North Pole, standing next to a staircase covered in snow & iceAndrea Peterson’s peaceful, rural life came to an abrupt halt when she received a grim diagnosis: cancer. Thankfully, she didn’t let this stop her. Instead, she saw it as an opportunity to reinvent her life. With fresh determination to not only survive but to thrive, Andrea began to chase every dream she’s had.

“I just started living,” Andrea explained, recounting how her new outlook motivated her to become a firefighter, pilot, pianist, world-traveler, and more.

“It’s a beautiful world. I met people and had experiences that ordinary people don’t.”

Aspira Drainage System - July 2019 - The Compassionate TreatmentEven when her cancer spread, Andrea didn’t lose hope. Her doctor recommended the placement of a catheter to drain accumulated fluid from her pleural cavity and relieve uncomfortable symptoms. Not wanting to be held back by bulky bottles, Andrea requested the Aspira® Drainage Bag.

For Andrea, this was only her next great adventure. Because the Aspira system is designed to provide patients with maximum freedom, Andrea remarked, “I can still live and do anything I want. Every time we get a delivery of Aspira, it’s more life, more freedom, and more adventures.”

Andrea’s most recent expedition took her to Antarctica, a dream she’s pursued since childhood. And at her side? Her “freedom friend,” the Aspira bag.

Watch her full story.

Merit’s Internship Program Expands Opportunities to International Students

As Merit grows, so does its ability to offer effective professional development resources to employees—both present and potential.

Daniela Aguirre, Merit's first International Intern at HQRecently, we were proud to welcome our first international intern, Daniela Aguirre.

Daniella studies International Business at EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia. For her 2022 fall semester, she traded the Andes Mountains for the Rockies to work in our headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Daniela stands i front of a table of hispanic treats for Hispanic Heritage MonthHer degree emphasis in marketing and her passionate work ethic made her a perfect fit for one of our internships. Over the course of a few months, she rotated through different areas of the company, such as communications, human resources, marketing, and multiple product divisions to capture a well-rounded Merit experience.

We sat down with Daniela to learn more about her takeaways, thoughts, and advice for future interns.

Q. Growing up, what was your dream career?

A. I wanted to be a doctor. I love working with kids, so I wanted to specialize as a pediatrician. But when I took a career-oriented analytical test to see the fields with which my skillset most aligned, I discovered I was better suited for business. That’s when I decided to pursue international business.

Q. What made you gravitate toward an internship at Merit?

Daniela with Ivonne Osuna during Innovation DayA. I fell in love with the passion behind the medical device industry. At Merit, I found I could incorporate what I originally wanted to pursue —the study of medicine—with what I’m doing right now. It’s the perfect mix. I can help people, not necessarily as a physician, but in the background by helping doctors access life-changing products for their patients.

Q. Describe the work you did while interning with us.

A. In each rotation of my internship, I worked on a variety of projects. I particularly loved digital marketing for the ways it tied into my university coursework. Additionally, I developed outreach projects directed toward Merit’s Latin community, with the goal of promoting inclusion at work. I also collaborated with our team on Latin Heritage Month and how to recognize this important time.

Q. What’s next for you after you graduate? And how did Merit help prepare you to achieve your goals both personally and professionally?

A. I want to keep working with medical devices. At university, they teach you the basics; but after graduation, it’s up to you to learn how to apply that to your work. Merit gave me the knowledge I needed to break into the medical device industry. They had the necessary videos, trainings, and hands-on experience to improve my skills. Now I feel prepared for whatever comes next.

On a personal level, I found that Merit is like a family. Everyone is willing to help you, no matter what, with patience and kindness. If I had to ask a question 100 times, my supervisors would answer 100 times. I felt like I’d found my place. I grew not only professionally but as a person, too.

Q. What advice do you have for students who want to work in the medical device field? How can they succeed—whether at Merit or elsewhere?

A. Be open to new experiences. Fred Lampropoulos, Merit’s founder and CEO, gave me this piece of advice: “Be willing to do something no one else is willing to do.” That helped me a lot. Do everything you can, and if you’re unsure of how to complete a task, ask for help. It’s also important to show respect toward others and foster teamwork while still being independent. Learn all you can and apply it to your work. Collaborate with your team, but don’t depend on them 100%. Take accountability.

Are you a student? Get ahead with Merit.

On every level, we’re committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce, knowing that an environment of appreciation for each other’s similarities and differences is what drives our innovation as a leader within the healthcare industry.

Our interns gain real-world experience. Students apply their classroom skills within Merit’s supportive environment and become part of the Merit family.

Wondering how you can be part of our internship team? With opportunities available year-round in a variety of departments, a Merit internship will help prepare you for a fulfilling career, no matter where your path takes you.

Discover more internship success stories and browse open positions today.

A Chance at Life: Expanding Pediatric Cardiac Care in East Africa

Merit partners with Mending Kids, increasing access to lifesaving heart surgeries for children in Dar Es Salaam

Map featuring TanzaniaIt’s early morning in Dar Es Salaam, a bustling port city on the east coast of Tanzania. The sun spills over the horizon, its brilliance filling a pale-blue sky. Ships nod in the city’s turquoise harbors. People trickle into the streets as cars, motorbikes, and taxis zip by.

It may seem like any other day in Dar Es Salaam, but this one is different. Today, a 3-year-old orphan, nicknamed Happiness, finally receives the lifesaving surgery she needs to correct a congenital heart defect.

Overcoming Challenges in Pediatric Cardiac Care

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa, carrying a population of 61 million people. However, almost 45% of its population is younger than 15 years of age. And due to various widespread challenges across the nation, many Tanzanian youth are left orphaned.

Among the struggles orphaned children face, poor heath is one nearly impossible to overcome. Congenital heart disease is the third leading cause of early death in children living in Tanzania, and access to adequate healthcare is scarce. For every 1,000 residents in Tanzania, there is only 0.02 physicians.

Selection of doctors from Mending Kids - 5 individuals standing in the back, 3 kneeling in the frontTo improve pediatric cardiac care in Tanzania, healthcare professionals have come together through a global non-profit organization called Mending Kids. With product-donation support from Merit Medical and other healthcare companies worldwide, Two healthcare professionals looking at a patient's imaging screenMending Kids provides free surgical care to sick children around the globe.

Volunteer medical teams donate their time and services with the goal to not only care for children but to provide valuable hands-on training to local clinicians as well as health education to their communities.

Heartbeats Tanzania Cardiac Mission

Through its Heartbeats Tanzania Cardiac Mission, Mending Kids has performed more than 120 lifesaving surgeries in the region since its inception.

Healthcare professionals & volunteers standing in a group in front of the hospital“The organization has been deploying cardiac teams to Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute in Dar Es Salaam since 2015,” said Miles Melamed, Mending Kids Missions and Outreach Specialist. “Volunteer teams provide lifesaving treatment for children, support complex cases, and exchange knowledge, all to help local physicians move toward self-sustainment.”

A Chance at Life, a Chance for Happiness

Like many sick children in Tanzania, Happiness needed treatment for more than one health condition.
Healthcare professionals gathered around a bed & patient“In addition to a congenital heart defect, Happiness also had a colorectal malformation that could not be corrected without first mending her heart,” Melamed explained.

Through the good work of Heartbeats Tanzania, Happiness now has the chance to live out the true meaning of her name. Treated by Dr. Darren Berman from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Happiness was one of 21 children last year with congenital heart defects to receive open heart surgery.

Eighteen other children were also treated on a later mission, totaling 39 futures restored in 2022.

A young black child held by a adult woman“The procedure was a success, and Happiness was referred to a Mending Kids Colorectal Mission in Bugando in January of this year,” Melamed said. “She underwent a PSARP procedure, and she recovered well. She has a healthy future ahead of her, and we wish her the best.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Image of a female superhero on a red background with the words International Women's Day in glittering lettersToday is International Women’s Day, a time of global recognition of women’s achievements economically, socially, and politically. Women of today are breaking expectations, stereotypes, and limitations of the past. It is a time that shines a light on how far women have come as well as the existing need to still achieve true gender parity.

In honor of this momentous day, we interviewed some of the outstanding women within our company, asking them questions about empowerment, a brighter future, and how we can achieve it together.

Women of Merit—Today is your day,
and we celebrate you.

Scarlet Guevara, Merit Tijuana

Scarlet Guevara
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Merit Tijuana

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

In the time I’ve work at Merit, I haven’t experienced any barriers within the different roles or positions I’ve had. I’ve also been encouraged to be creative in my work. Both freedoms have helped me grow and succeed.

What inspires you?

The people at Merit! I see multiple generations working at Merit, people who have migrated from other states looking for a better future. Many have grown with Merit over the years, and that says a lot.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

Breaking bias and reaching more leadership positions. These are things we’re still learning how to do. We don’t know what the world would be like if it were led by more women. We’ll have to get there to find out!

How can women support each other in the workplace?

We can support each other by validating one another and making our opinions and professional points of view heard.

Gender equality can exist, but both men and women need to work together, helping everyone have access to the same opportunities. Merit encourages this mindset.

Ivonne Osuna

Global Communications Analyst, Merit Salt Lake

Sadaf Bidar, Merit EMEA

Sadaf Bidar
Compliance Specialist
Merit EMEA

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

Merit has offered me the possibility to learn and develop my strengths at my own pace. At the same time, I’m motivated to take on responsibilities that lead to new opportunities.

What inspires you?

The possibility of reaching my goals and learning as much as I can on the way. I’m inspired by all the strong women who lead within Merit. I strive to learn from them and one day, inspire others.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

We can stand together and encourage each other. Less judgement and more understanding to each individual situation.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

Not feel threatened by strong women but encourage them, learn from them, and reach out a helping hand. This way, we create opportunities for other women trying to reach their goals. Affinity groups, like Merit’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, are great ways to encourage woman to learn from each other. I am proud to be a part of it.

Jess Walker, Merit USA

Jess Walker
Associate Strategic Accounts Director
Merit USA

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

In the duration of my time with Merit, I have continuously been challenged to gain additional knowledge, work alongside various colleagues, and pursue my professional goals.

Through this journey, they have supported my professional development by providing requested resources, training, mentorship, and a bridge to transition and create my own unique career path.

What inspires you?

The people. Across the organization, it’s evident we hire talented people who are passionate about making a difference for the hospitals, physicians, and the patients they ultimately serve.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

Be inclusive and intentional about our objectives. Don’t be afraid to speak up and always have an unwavering call to action with an end goal that will leave a legacy.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

Women can support one another by having a common understanding that everyone brings a unique perspective to the table. We can support one another by being openminded and providing meaningful encouragement and constructive feedback. This can be done openly to create a team environment where everyone is able to lean in.

Malin Florentzson

Business Development Manager, Merit EMEA (Nordics)

Yan Lo, Merit Asia

Yan Lo
Product Manager
Merit Asia

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

Merit’s team spirit has empowered my growth. Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.

I have confidence to overcome challenges because I have the support of my team. I treasure the culture here, as we can share our thoughts, discuss them, and make things happen together.

What inspires you?

At Merit Asia, our core values—growth, accountability, and sustainability—inspire me a lot. Together, we learn and grow with the company every day, well equipped to overcome the challenges in an ever-changing industry. We embrace the responsibility of pursuing high standards to deliver promising results in an ethical way. We strive for sustainable outcomes that drive long-term success for the company.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

Believing in yourself is the key. We all have our strengths, and when we work as a team, women and men together drive the company forward. It’s important women feel confident to share ideas in the workplace and not feel limited when taking on more responsibility. We can all contribute to building a better tomorrow.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

Voicing, listening, and sharing are important. Speak up and find the support you need from your team and the company. If you find someone in need, always lend a helping hand. Together we can build a harmonious working environment.

Jeanne Ortiz

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Merit Salt Lake

Maura Shaughnessy, Merit Galway

Maura Shaughnessy
Production Operator III
Merit Galway

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

Merit has empowered my growth and success through support, mentoring, and feedback I receive. The in-house courses Merit has provided have also advanced my career path.

What inspires you?

What inspires me most about Merit is the way we work together as a team in achieving goals and acknowledging the milestones along the way.

There’s also a great variety of things to do, including our Wellness and Environmental programs, Sports and Social Club, and charity events.

There is great camaraderie within Merit Galway. Always someone to have a cup of tea with and laugh.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

Women can build a better tomorrow by knowing their self-worth. Enjoy success along the way, for today and future generations.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

Women can support each other in the workplace by talking, listening, mentoring, and encouraging each other in achieving success. It’s also important to celebrate those successes together.

Ernie Szeto, Merit Asia

Ernie Szeto
Business Process & Marketing Operations Manager
Merit Asia

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

Merit has created a sandbox where employees are able to practice trial and error. We learn fast from every experience. It’s rare for a company to embrace new workflows and still preserve traditional ways of work. It supports my growth both personally and professionally.

What inspires you?

Merit employees. Predecessors set a good model, and new employees always feel welcome in the workplace. We have a flat organizational structure at our facility, so we can reach out to senior management for professional meet-ups and learn from them.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

We can learn from each other! Women of different ages gain different experiences in life. This knowledge is something valuable we can share with each other.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

We can offer more acceptance and less judgement. This can help women access new opportunities and have equal say.

Sheila Hogan

Account Manager, Merit ANZ

Maud Relouw, Merit EMEA

Maud Relouw
Business Support Manager
Merit EMEA

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

As a business support manager for our Sales teams, I interact with multiple departments. I’ve been given freedom to make decisions, and my coworkers trust these decisions.

In the early stages of my job, like many, a lot of experiences were new for me. But I received a lot of guidance from leadership and fellow employees, both giving me the support I needed to be successful.

For example, I told my manager I wanted to gain knowledge about the financials and value creation of a company. I believed this information would help me develop a broader skillset to be successful in my job. He said choose a course; Merit will pay for it. And so, I did!

What’s more, there’s a group of analytical-minded women in the Maastricht office who meet regularly for coffee. We share experiences, professional advice, ideas for prioritization, and give each other ongoing motivation.

What inspires you?

My work has two key components: crunching numbers and talking with people. That mix of analytics and relationship building really drives me and plays to my strengths.

I also thrive on optimization. I’m passionate about anything I can do to help realize improvements—from managing DOMO or our CRM system to working closely with the pricing team.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

I love it when we celebrate each other’s accomplishments. It builds a culture of support and encouragement.

A time that comes to mind is when I presented on stage at a meeting. I was overwhelmed by the compliments I received after being on stage. Their commendation meant as much to me as receiving the EMEA Vision and Values Award I’d recently won.

We also need to offer each other guidance and mentorship. When someone achieves success, others can learn and vice versa. Emotional support, within a group of trusted people, can build confidence and help you achieve new heights.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

Collaboration and advocating for each other. It’s not just women; standing up for each other and providing a supportive and encouraging environment for everyone is key.

Diversity and inclusion are important. Hiring qualified individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences only helps my team and everyone at Merit do a great job.

Pamela Lee, Merit Asia

Pamela Lee
Senior Director, Human Resources
Merit Asia

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

As a woman, I have experienced growth and success in the workplace, and Merit has been an integral part of it.

At Merit Asia, we have a Growth Mindset, which is anchored in our core values—growth, accountability, and sustainability. We use this mindset to foster a learning culture that teaches our employees to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and develop creativity drom each experience.

Merit always believes in employee potential. By sharing and gaining knowledge and supporting its team members, the company has created an empowering employee environment that allows for the expansion of expertise. This is important for everyone.

For this and more, Merit was named Top Employer—and the journey continues! Let’s keep growing together!

Geraldine Molloy, Merit Galway

Geraldine Molloy
Senior Administrative Assistant
Merit Galway

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

Merit has supported me throughout my career. I have autonomy, and I’m trusted to do my job, which gives me more control over my projects. This freedom also provides me with greater job satisfaction, motivation, and commitment to our organization.

What inspires you?

My role requires constant interaction, so I’d have to say what inspires me most are our people! There’s always someone to lend a hand or a listening ear.

At Merit Galway, we have a lot of support through our mentoring system as well as our Reach Responders and Wellness programs. All these resources are utilized by our employees daily.

Outside of this we have a wonderful Sports and Social Club. We run fabulous sporting events and we socialize together. These add to Merit Galway’s interactive culture.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

Women are beginning to have a much stronger voice and are becoming more empowered. However, it’s up to us to use that voice to ensure equity for the future.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

It’s important for women to be more open in our conversations and talk about the things that are affecting us. It’s in sharing that we’ll find someone who has already gone through something similar and can help us find the solution to a challenge. A problem shared is often a problem halved! It’s also important to share career success and elevate each other along the way.

Joanne Hislop

Senior Engineer II, Merit Salt Lake

Jasmin Arndt, Merit EMEA

Jasmin Arndt
Senior Territory Manager
Merit EMEA

How has Merit empowered your growth and success?

I came to Merit from a company where I’d worked a long time, and I was a little insecure. Once I arrived, I loved it. Merit as a company is very transparent, and my team is welcoming, diverse, and open. We discuss strategy, different perspectives and ideas—I feel heard.

I found a working environment with a lot of freedom to develop new ideas and be creative in the way I need to build my market in my territory. This freedom in my work is very empowering and allows me to grow.

What inspires you?

I work in Merit Oncology with a product line for breast cancer therapy. Together with my team, we’re changing lives, creating a better and safer treatment for patients. This is the mission that drives us. Everyone knows somebody who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It happened to me in my own family.

I meet patients in my daily work, and I see how these strong women are fighting—this is an inspiring and emotional part of my job. I know I’m here for a reason.

What can women do to build a better tomorrow?

See emotional intelligence as a strength and use it. We’re living this at Merit because we have a lot of female leaders, and that changes the work atmosphere. Applying our emotional side to our business allows us to engage with customers and build a stronger connection with our team.

How can women support each other in the workplace?

It’s important for women to talk about their daily challenges, and together find ways to handle situations better. There is always another woman living the same or similar challenges, and its beneficial to share thoughts.

Helping each other shine, being inspired and supported by other females—there’s no room to be shy. Sharing our stories with others can help build confidence.

I also think it’s crucial that women not compare themselves to each other. Everyone can be successful! Discussing our insecurities with each other and connecting can create strong relationships. Learn from the woman next to you. Inspire her, and in return, she’ll inspire you.

Merit Medical Celebrates Heart Month

February is Heart Month, and around the globe our team has taken advantage of all 28 days to help raise awareness of heart health.

Love Your Heart on a Pink BackgroundAccording to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)—conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels—are the leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for taking an estimated 17.9 million lives annually.

This year, another side of heart health came to light: cardiac arrest. When Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during a Monday Night Football game, it brought widespread attention to the necessity of lifesaving tools and techniques, like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) use.

Because we believe that heart health, safety, and disease prevention are topics that affect everyone, we put together a month’s worth of valuable activities to help keep each other’s hearts beating strong.

Global CPR and AED Instruction

When it comes to cardiac arrest, every second counts.

Merit CWO Nicole Priest, MD, and the American Heart Association came together to teach our team, both live at our Global HQ and virtually, how to perform hands-only CPR and use an AED.

Wear Red Day

To further raise awareness of CVD, our team dressed for the occasion. Together our facilities became red beacons of hope, burning brightly across the nation.

Employee Heart Month Newsletter

Each month, Merit CWO Nicole Priest, MD, sends out a company-wide newsletter, ensuring our employees have the latest health information. February’s newsletter was full of Heart Month event info, lifesaving CPR and AED tips, and heart-healthy food recommendations.

Valentine’s Day: Showing Employee Appreciation

Did you know mental health and heart health are connected?

To ensure our Merit family feels supported and appreciated at work, we set up a “Create Your Own Valentine” station on February 14, so employees could communicate how much they value each other.

Social Media: Heart-Healthy Tips

We’re a team with a common goal of improving the lives of people around the globe. To reach a wider audience, we shared our top heart-healthy tips over social media.

What are we doing for heart health the other 337 days of the year?

Explore our portfolio of cardiac technologies, solutions that help put better heart health within reach for everyone.

Black History Month: Celebrating Pioneers in Healthcare

Black History Month - Words in Lime Green & Purple on a Black BackgroundIn February of 1976, President Gerald R. Ford officially recognized Black History Month. In his message to the nation, he called this observance an “opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout history.”

In healthcare, the accomplishments of Black clinicians have resulted in the research and development of treatments that have saved countless lives. Through it all, they remained steadfast and determined, believing that what they were fighting for should have no limits.

In closing, President Ford urged fellow Americans to join him “in tribute to Black History Month and the message of courage and perseverance it brings to all of us.”

To honor this significant time, we have collected the inspiring stories of 10 Black clinicians who pushed boundaries and broke down barriers, who challenged stereotypes and disrupted what was
—who changed the face of medicine.

Dr. James Durham (1762 ̶ ?)

Born into slavery, Dr. James Durham bought his freedom and started a medical practice in New Orleans, LA, becoming the first Black American physician in the United States. As a previous slave to many physicians, he learned how to read and write and work with patients. This experience led to an active medical practice until 1801 when the city restricted his practice for not having a formal medical degree.

Photo Credit: African American Registry

Image of Dr James Durham on sepia background

James McCune Smith, MD (1813 ̶ 1865)

In 1837, James McCune Smith was the first Black American to receive a medical degree. Due to racist practices in the United States that prevented his college admission, he received his degree from the University of Glasgow. Dr. McCune Smith was also the first Black person to own and operate a pharmacy in the United States and the first Black physician to be published in US medical journals.

Photo Credit: New-York Historical Society

Rebecca Lee Crumpler, MD (1831 ̶ 1895)

In 1864, Rebecca Lee Crumpler graduated from the New England Female Medical College in Boston, MA, and became the first Black woman in the United States to receive a medical degree. Dr. Crumpler also went on to author A Book of Medical Discourses: In Two Parts. Published in 1883, the book addressed children’s and women’s health.

No photos or other images survive of Dr. Crumpler.

Mary Eliza Mahoney (1845 ̶ 1926)

Image of Mary Elizabeth Mahoney

Mary Eliza Mahoney is recognized as the first Black American licensed nurse. Realizing her dream at a young age, as a teen she began working at the New England Hospital for Women and Children in Boston, MA. There she worked for 15 years in different positions, from janitor and cook, to washer woman and nurse’s aide. She completed the hospital’s nursing program and earned her professional license in 1879.

Photo credit: National Women’s History Museum

William Edward Allen, Jr. (1903 ̶ 1981)

William Edward Allen, Jr., was the first Black American certified x-ray technician. He established one of the first approved residencies in radiology for minorities in the late 1930s. Through his work, he helped to advance radiology as a science and a profession and received the American College of Radiology Gold Medal. Later his research helped fuel advancements in nuclear medicine and radiation therapy.

Photo credit: Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

Image of William Edward Allen, Jr

Charles Richard Drew, MD (1904 ̶ 1950)

The “father of blood banking,” Dr. Charles Richard Drew pioneered blood preservation techniques that led to lifesaving blood donations and transfusions. During World War II, he directed the Blood for Britain project, which provided lifesaving plasma to England. He also led the first American Red Cross Blood Bank and created mobile blood donation stations now known as bloodmobiles.

Photo credit: The National WWII Museum, New Orleans

John Beauregard Johnson, MD, FACC (1908 ̶ 1972)

Dr. Beauregard Johnson was the first Black American physician to be elected as a fellow to the American College of Cardiology. He was a pioneer in cardiac angiography and catheterization, helping pave the way for minimally invasive procedures. He was also one of the first cardiologists to bring attention to the high risk of hypertension and its disparate effects among the Black community.

Photo credit: Journal of the National Medical Association

Image of John Beauregard Johnson MD

Myra Adele Logan, MD (1908 ̶ 1977)

Image of Dr Myra Adele Logan & other doctors next to their patient

In 1933, Myra Adele Logan graduated from New York Medical College. She went on to become the first woman to perform open heart surgery. Dr. Logan’s work also involved the development of antibiotics, including aureomycin; early detection and treatment of breast cancer; and x-ray processes that more accurately detected tumors.

Photo credit: New York Medical College

Louis Wade Sullivan, MD (1933)

Inspired by his own doctor growing up, Louis Wade Sullivan went on to become the only black student in his class at Boston University School of Medicine, where he later served as faculty. In 1975, he became founding dean and president of the Morehouse School of Medicine—the first predominantly Black medical school in the United States. Later in his career, he served as secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he directed the formation of the Office of Minority Programs.

Photo credit: African American Registry

Image of Louis Wade Sullivan, MD

Alexa I. Canady, MD (1950)

Image of Dr Alexa I. Canady

Dr. Canady received her medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed her neurosurgical residency at the University of Minnesota. She became the first Black woman neurosurgeon, and after only four years practicing at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, she became chief of neurosurgery at 36. Other great achievements include inventing a programmable antisiphon shunt to treat hydrocephalus (fluid accumulation inside the brain).

Photo credit: National Library of Medicine

To learn more about Black Americans who made remarkable contributions to healthcare throughout history, explore this comprehensive timeline.

2022 Merit Employee Garden Accomplishments: Planting Seeds for Success

Another season has come and gone at the Merit Medical Salt Lake Employee Garden, and what a year it’s been. Our garden began in 2016 with a lofty mission: boost employee health and morale. Since then, our passionate garden team has worked to implement several programs to do just that, helping the garden (and its mission) flourish.

As we close out 2022, let’s reflect on how far we’ve come—and look ahead to what’s next.



This year, 170 employees participated in the garden box program, representing 60 different departments. More than 30% of gardeners were new to the program in 2022, showing how ready and willing our team is to try new things—all part of the Merit family spirit.


Additionally, employees visited the U-Pick program more than 500 times. The “win-win” program involves 10 minutes of volunteer gardening in exchange for a free basket of fresh fruits and veggies for employees to take home to their families.

3,200 POUNDS

“In all, we distributed more than 3,200 pounds of produce—all to help our employees and their loved ones enjoy fresh food at the dinner table,” said Laura Flower, Director of Garden Engagement & Employee Wellbeing.

Image shows 2 women smiling as they shovel out a garden box on the Merit South Jordan campus
Image shows 4 men playing corn hole at the Merit Gardens in South Jordan, Utah

In 2022, the garden team experimented with many new international vegetable varieties this year, such as bitter melon and bottle gourd, that were a hit with our culturally diverse employees.

During the summer months, the Merit Employee Garden also offered fun team-building activities. Games at the Garden gave employees the opportunity to play cornhole, spike ball, and darts together at the garden over their lunch, breaks, and after their shifts.


Laura is always motivated to grow new things, especially to increase the diversity of what she can offer employees. Flexing her green thumb this season, she gave growing sweet potatoes a try—with great success.

“People don’t often grow them because they require a long growing season. Our trick was that we started them in the greenhouse early to have the best chance for success,” Laura said. “We grew the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

Image shows Laura Flower, Director of Merit Gardens, holding two large sweet potatoes
Image shows a truck pulling a trailer with beds of plants ready to be planted at the Merit campus in South Jordan, Utah

In addition to the sweet potatoes, the garden team beautified the Merit Salt Lake campus with 2,500 new, garden-grown plants.


The garden is all about community, and it shows in our team’s efforts to give back. Through hosting multiple sales throughout the year, employees could purchase plant starts, flower arrangements, poinsettias, and more, all for a good cause.

“We generated more than $12,000 for the Candy Cane Program,” Laura reported. “These proceeds go to families in need during the holiday season.”

Image shows dozens of red poinsettias in a greenhouse, with one being help up by a smiling Merit Garden employee
Image shows a salad bar with pots of mums and asters above

Additionally, our garden supports Merit’s sustainability priorities.

“We believe the long-term health of our Merit team members, our customers, and our communities rely on a healthier, more sustainable and equitable world,” Laura added. “To help us accomplish this, we grew and shared 500 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies with our on-site cafeteria.”

This gave employees access to fresh produce during their shifts and reduced the need to transport food long distances to our facility, limiting our emission footprint.

Our sustainability efforts continued with 5 tons of green waste donated to the Trans-Jordan landfill where usable compost is produced for community use.


Image shows a table with bowls of fresh spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, ready to be cut upAlthough this growing season has come to an end, our garden team stays busy through winter, offering a variety of cooking classes and educational events.

“Prepping for the 2023 spring plant sale is already underway,” Laura said. “And with garden box orientations due to start in January, employees are already looking forward to another year of gardening at Merit.”

We can’t wait to see how our garden continues to grow—and help employees blossom along the way.

See you in 2023!

The Making of Merit Medical—A Timeline Celebrating 35 Years

This year, we’re celebrating 35 years of Merit Medical, an organization founded with a vision to be the most customer-focused company in healthcare. Since then, we’ve expanded from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT, to facilities across the world with a diverse, ever-growing portfolio of products.

As with any great business, we couldn’t have done it alone. Our team is at the heart of what we do. We understand clinician needs and innovate products to meet those needs. We deliver diagnostic and treatment solutions that work. Above all, we help ensure our healthcare partners have what they need to help patients live their best lives.

Let’s look back at some of the pivotal moments that made us Merit.


Our story begins more than three decades ago in an industrial park in Murray, UT. Fred Lampropoulos, Merit’s founder and CEO, brought his idea of a stronger, safer, disposable syringe to life—replacing glass syringes currently used in patient care. In 1988, our first syringe hit the market, paving the way for countless medical innovations to come.


To keep up with an increasing demand for our growing portfolio, we opened our first international location, a manufacturing facility in Galway, Ireland. Today, our Galway team continues to thrive. In 2018, they earned the Medtech Company of the Year award in recognition of their dedication.

This same year, we also saw the opening of Merit Sensor, one of several product divisions that bolster our offerings.


This year marked the opening of our Merit Houston facility. A Center of Excellence, Merit Houston specializes in polymer extrusions and catheter manufacturing.


More than a decade of focus and persistence came to fruition in 2000 with the launch of our first compression device, the RADstat® Radial Artery Compression Device. Since then, we’ve continuously innovated and improved our compression device offerings to provide clinicians with superior options—the PreludeSYNC EZ™, PreludeSYNC DISTAL™, and SafeGuard® family of products.


As our US presence continued to grow, we added another location through the acquisition of our Richmond, VA, facility. An integral part of our business, it remains an important manufacturing and distribution center, responsible for producing more than 35 million components each year.


Close to home and far away, this year brought big developments. Our Salt Lake headquarters opened a new manufacturing facility. Doubling its existing square footage, the new facility added more than one hundred new production jobs.

We also opened a facility in Venlo, Netherlands, specializing in manufacturing coated wires, and in 2008, followed with a sister location in Maastricht, our EMEA Distribution Center of Excellence.


In 2010, we opened our Paris facility. This expansion gave us state-of-the-art embolic material manufacturing capabilities. Our global capacity for delivering more minimally invasive treatment options to patients increased.


Our Tijuana, Mexico, facility opened in 2015, where our dedicated employees enjoy award-winning cafeteria service, a safe and convenient transportation system, and more. As one of our primary manufacturing and assembly facilities, our Tijuana team plays a critical role in our success.


In 2016, we launched the SCOUT® Radar Localization system. Designed to improve patient outcomes, SCOUT marked our strong commitment to reducing the burden breast cancer has on patients and their loved ones. As of 2021, SCOUT surpassed 200,000 procedures worldwide.

As the company expanded, we were able to show our appreciation for employees by offering more services that prioritized their health and wellness. This year Merit Salt Lake introduced the Merit Care Clinic, an on-site practice that provides low-cost healthcare to employees and their dependents. We also opened the Merit Employee Garden, a 1-acre parcel of land that offers fresh produce as well as the opportunity for our team to spend time outdoors.


We were proud to welcome Singapore to our Merit family in 2017 as one of our chief centers for innovating and manufacturing. Our Singapore team has more than 30 years of experience in Critical Care product development; and with its R&D laboratory capabilities, it closely collaborates with government agencies and research institutes.


Today, Merit is a billion-dollar company that continues to have a positive impact on patient lives worldwide. Our family of 6,800 employees make this possible by fulfilling the Merit mission to Understand, Innovate, and Deliver.

Salt Lake city Facility

To our dedicated team, thank you for your efforts in building the next great healthcare company. We look forward to many more years of making a difference.

Merit Medical on National STEM Day—A Look at How We Support Students

Female Merit engineer standing in front of a white board and an ultrasound monitorToday we celebrate the efforts of those in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields who work to innovate our world for the better. As a leading medical device manufacturer, we at Merit Medical know our future is in the hands of capable STEM students and graduates.

In an effort to help welcome new talent into the field of medical technology, our Merit Galway Graduate Program works to provide hands-on experience, foster skills, and develop the next generation of STEM professionals.

Research and Development

Bellvina Obi recently completed her first rotation in the Research and Development department at Merit Galway, where she learned what it takes to bring a product from concept to the customer.

“I’m so proud of all the skills that I’ve gained and all my learning progress in the Med Tech industry,” says Bellvina. “I’m proud to say that I’ve really come to understand what Merit is about, which is to Understand, Innovate, and Deliver.”

With one rotation finished, Bellvina will now have the opportunity to learn about our other spheres of work within other departments—which provides invaluable networking for graduates.

Read more about her experience.

Manufacturing Engineering

Anna Foxe has been hard at work during her first rotation in our Manufacturing Engineering department. In addition to observing first-hand the process of bringing our products to life, Anna has enjoyed gaining valuable insight into the world of engineering.

About her Merit experience, Anna says, “Anyone interested in progressing in the med tech sector should definitely take a look at what Merit has to offer. I’d highly recommend.”

Discover where her journey leads her next.

Regulatory Affairs

Emma Flanagan wrapped up her first rotation in the Regulatory Affairs EMEA department, which gave her the opportunity to assist in submitting our lifesaving products for approval in the EU, Middle East, and Africa. This helped deepen her understanding of the importance of Regulatory Affairs within the company.

“I’ve already started my second rotation in Manufacturing Engineering and look forward to further developing my skillset for the med device industry,” Emma says.

Explore more of her Merit experience.

The Future of Med Tech

Promoting education, providing opportunities, and encouraging innovative ideas are just some of the ways Merit aims to continue our mission of being the most customer-focused company in healthcare. We’re proud to build relationships with these bright STEM graduates, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to shine.

Are you a recent graduate looking to help build something special? Learn what it means to be part of the Merit team in our Vision and Values and browse our open positions—including internships—to kick-start your career.

Think Radial®—Join Us to Explore What’s New in Transradial Access

Think Radial - Transradial Interventional AccessAs medical technology rapidly evolves, it’s vital that physicians have access to training to match the pace. Merit Medical’s Think Radial® education program is renowned for providing advanced, highly specialized training to physicians across the globe in both live and virtual formats.

Hear from our knowledgeable proctors, preview session highlights, and learn about how you can get involved.

Why Think Radial?

Think Radial courses offer hands-on training for proximal and distal radial access for interventionalists in multiple specialties, including cardiology, radiology, neurology, and nephrology. These procedures are one of the medical field’s most exciting innovations—not only for physicians, but as an alternative to femoral access for patients.

Potential advantages of distal radial access may include lessened risk of hematoma while maintaining hand functionality for patients, and for operators, may supply enhanced ergonomics and comfort during the procedure. On average, it also requires less intensive post-procedural care from nurses and support staff.

Dr Sandeep Nathan - Think Radial Faculty - Merit Education“Now more than ever there are so many ways to consume medical information,” says Sandeep Nathan, MD, MSc, FACC, FSCAI, interventional cardiologist at the University of Chicago and Think Radial proctor. “It behooves us to use those resources to evolve in our careers and procedures certainly, but most importantly, to do right by our patients.”

This emphasis on improving care for patients is a major driver of physician education programs like Think Radial. New technology and methods can provide more healthcare options, including less invasive procedures and reduced pain.

Dr Darren Klass - Interventional Radiologist, Think Radial Proctor“Physician education allows us to remain at the forefront of knowledge,” says Darren Klass, MD, PhD, MRCS, FRCR, FRCPC, interventional radiologist at the Vancouver General Hospital and Think Radial proctor. “In many instances, the procedure itself may not fundamentally change; however, new techniques and equipment that make the procedure safer and more effective can improve patient outcomes.”

What to Expect from Your Think Radial Course

Merit’s Think Radial program focuses on cutting-edge education to facilitate advanced therapies. Our proctors go beyond lecturing—designed to be fully immersive, our course provides the hands-on experience physicians need. With insightful presentations and demonstrations, course attendees can look forward to the following interventional cardiology, radiology, and neuroradiology agenda:

  • Specialty breakout sessions
  • Patient prep workflow
  • Catheter selection
  • Hands-on cadaver ultrasound and access
  • New technology review
  • Tips/tricks to enhance your procedures

Get Involved

Reach out to your Merit rep and follow us on social media for information on the latest course offerings. Interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, interventional neuroradiologists, interventional nephrologists, vascular surgeons, and fellows from each specialty will benefit most from attending.

Discover how our Think Radial program can benefit you, and explore more of our overall Think Education™ program. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus or seeing you online.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Merit Medical is committed to reducing the burden that cancer places on patients and their loved ones. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are proud to partner with and support Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. The LBBC fund specializes in providing underserved communities direct access to care via financial assistant grants.

We are excited to be the first and only surgical oncology company to partner with Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Our partnership with this organization will directly help underserved communities across the nation get the financial help and resources they need to navigate through this difficult time.

Photo of Jean Sachs, CEO, Living Beyond Breast Cancer“Through the programs, services, and support we provide, we live our vision of a world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels uninformed or alone. We pledge to stand beside you, elevating the voices of all people impacted by breast cancer, and to see and share the diversity of all the individuals, families, and communities touched by this disease.”

— Jean Sachs, CEO, Living Beyond Breast Cancer

SCOUT® Reaches a New Milestone During
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With more than 350,000 women experiencing wire-free localization with SCOUT, Merit’s promise remains the same—to consistently invest in improving technologies and innovating new platforms that meet patient and physician needs. See how SCOUT is improving the lives of patients all around the world.

Merit Medical Employee Support

The Merit team will also be honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide during October.

Check back throughout the month of October and see how employees are contributing to this important cause!

The Aliso Viejo team celebrated BCAM with the annual luncheon, pink Merit shirts and pink smoothies this year. 😊

Our Merit team from Bogotá, Colombia, recently launched SCOUT Radar Localization and is very excited to offer this incredible product to Colombian patients.

Image of 2 women in pink breast cancer awareness shirts holding up their arms

At Merit, it’s all about family. Yuma Medina, Merit Technician III, and mom, Osleida Ferrer Rojas, Merit Operator II, show their support for #BCAM by wearing pink together! Thank you for the positivity you bring to our team!

In honor of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth, our Merit Brazil team coordinated a Pink Out day! We love seeing our global family reflect our commitment to raise awareness and empower people with breast cancer. Nice job, Brazil!

Images of members of the Merit team in Brazil wearing pinks face masks, posing for a breast cancer awareness photo
Images of members of the Merit Brazil team wearing pink ribbons on their shirts, posing for a breast cancer awareness photo

Our Merit Salt Lake Weekend Cleanroom Team is “thinking pink” in recognition of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth! Thank you to Carina Gonzalez, Cleanroom Supervisor I, for rallying the team!

Image of many individuals in pink tops forming the shape of a breast cancer awareness ribbon outdoors
Images of many individuals outdoors wearing pink tops, smiling, and posing for a picture

Meet Rebeca Mortimer, a Merit employee and #BreastCancerSurvivor. By coaching fellow fighters with optimism and compassion, she’s committed to spreading her story to raise awareness of this disease. You’re an inspiration, Rebeca! 💪

Image of a woman eating fruit on a beach celebrating being breast cancer free
Image of 2 women and a man earing fruit on a beach celebrating the middle woman being breast cancer free

Merit Richmond is recognizing #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth, wearing pink as a team to raise awareness and honor those we’ve lost to breast cancer and survivors still with us. A reminder that when we come together, anything is possible.

#WeCare #TeamMerit

It’s #breastcancerawarenessmonth💕

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Merit Galway have donned their pink attire in support of those affected by breast cancer.

The #mariekeatingfoundation was on site and a GP lead cancer awareness seminar were available to all who wished to avail.

A cake sale was organised by our Sports and Social Committee today and tomorrow, to help raise money which will go towards life-changing research and support the amazing work carried out by, National Breast Cancer Research Institute, University Galway.

It’s days like today, we are reminded how kind our employees are!

To all the bakers who made yummy treats for the cake sale and to those who volunteered and donated so generously, Thank You!

Well done team!! 👏 #WearItPink #BreastCancerAwareness #MeritGalway #Support #BCAM22 #WeCare

Merit Asia celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a variety of #PinkActivities for people of all fitness levels. We dressed up in PINK for #PinkWalk, #HIIT, and even #Picnic!🚶🏻‍♀️

Whichever we choose, physical exercise and activity are advantageous in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Merit is committed to reducing the burden that cancer places on patients and their loved ones. ❤️ 💪🏻 These are meaningful activities for a worthy cause! #TeamMerit #WeCare #BreastCancer #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

Closing this Pink October with a great team ! In recognition of #breastcancerawarnessmonth, we would like to thanks everyone for your support in your daily work by providing devices which improve patient quality of life. #Paris #PinkOctober #2022

Merit Medical Soft Tissue Biopsy Solutions: Retrieving Samples with Confidence

Soft-Tissue Biopsy Systems - Achieve, Temno, Tru-CutOur goal at Merit Medical is to provide the highest-quality medical devices, equipping you to deliver effective diagnosis and treatment. One area of patient care where high-quality devices are crucial is biopsy procedures. Biopsies are critical tools in the diagnostic process. They help determine the presence and extent of disease and are significant to developing appropriate care plans. 

To help clinicians like you perform biopsy procedures accurately, safely, and with confidence, we offer a wide range of advanced soft tissue biopsy products. From the recently launched TEMNO Elite™ Biopsy System to high-quality legacy products, browse to find the products that best meet your clinical needs:

TEMNO Elite ™ Biopsy System

Temno ELITE - Built for Better Biopsy - Merit Medical

The new TEMNO Elite Biopsy System is designed to provide you with superior soft tissue samples and total control during procedures. Its advanced features allow for samples 72% larger than competitor side-notch, semi-automatic devices.1 Available in a variety of sizes, the TEMNO Elite is ideal for procedures in many parts of the body, including kidney, liver, and lung.

Achieve® Programmable Automatic Biopsy System

Achieve Automatic Biopsy Device

With just one hand, you can now benefit from the precise control and quality sampling capability of the Achieve Programmable Automatic Biopsy System. This lightweight, automatic device is spring-loaded for fast, accurate penetration when working with calcified or fibrous lesions. For more precision, the Achieve offers three programmable firing modes.

Pink Achieve™ Biopsy Device

Pink Achieve Biopsy Device

The easy-to-use, lightweight design of the Pink Achieve Biopsy Device allows you one-handed use and convenient ultrasound transducer manipulation during breast biopsies. Visualize needle placement before sample retrieval by using the delayed firing option. A coaxial introducer enables multiple sampling from one percutaneous puncture, minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.

Adjustable Coaxial TEMNO™ (ACT) Biopsy Device

The ACT Biopsy Device allows you to adjust sample size for precise control when working with small lesions and in vascular areas. Reposition the stylet prior to sample capture for greater confidence. Echogenic markings facilitate precise ultrasound placement.

Original TEMNO™ Biopsy Device

Original TEMNO™ Biopsy Device - Merit Medical

Our Original TEMNO Biopsy Device features a 20-mm sample notch for quality sample retrieval and comes in a variety of sizes and gauges. With a sharp bevel tip and depth marks every centimeter (including echogenic markings), it allows you to complete precise sampling for breast, kidney, liver, lung, and thyroid biopsies.

TEMNO Evolution® Biopsy Device

Temno Evolution® Biopsy Device

Merit’s TEMNO Evolution Biopsy Device features two notch sizes (10 mm or 20 mm) for clinical flexibility and precise sampling. Its compact, ergonomic design and tactile-enhanced plunger support increased comfort and one-handed operation. The coaxial introducer allows you to collect multiple samples from a single puncture with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Tru-Cut® Biopsy Device

Tru-Cut Biopsy Device

Manually capture samples with minimal patient trauma using the Tru-Cut Biopsy Device. It features a 20-mm specimen notch, a thin-wall needle to yield a larger core, and removable stylet to obtain multiple tissue samples. Centimeter depth markings assist in needle placement.

At Merit, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality biopsy solutions that help you care for your patients. By working closely with healthcare providers to understand clinical needs, we can innovate new devices and deliver improvements to existing technology to better the patient experience. Talk to your Merit Representative or contact Customer Support to discuss how you can incorporate Merit’s biopsy products into your practice today.


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Merit Medical to Exhibit at CIRSE 2022

Colorful view of Barcelona, Spain with white text on a blue background - Join Us at CIRSEMerit Medical will be exhibiting at CIRSE 2022, the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe’s Annual Congress. Join our team September 10-13 in Barcelona, Spain, for a high-quality, four-day educational program with an international audience, in-person training, and hands-on workshops.

This year, we’re hosting a valuable Satellite Symposium as well as daily Learning Center Program sessions with topics tailored to meet a wide range of clinical needs. We also have an exciting lineup of leading-edge products designed to improve patient outcomes.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect from us at CIRSE 2022:

Satellite Symposium

Listen in on this valuable panel discussion featuring thought leaders from across the globe. Lunch bags will be provided.

Expanding Patient Access with Merit WRAPSODY™, the Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis Designed to Meet the Clinical Challenges of AVF & AVG Interventions

Maintain Long-Term Vessel Patency - Merit WRAPSODYDate: September 13, 2022

Time: 13:00-14:00 CEST

Location: Room 115

Lectures and Faculty 

WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis: Why Develop the Next Generation Covered Stent?

Dr. Bart Dolmatch (Mountain View, USA)

Recorded Case: Successful Treatment of a Challenging AV Stenosis with WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis

Dr. Tobias Steinke (Düsseldorf/DE)

Case Presentations—the Value of WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis in Treating Challenging AV Dysfunctions—Part 1

Dr. Ounali Jaffer (London/UK)

Case Presentations—the Value of WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis in Treating Challenging AV Dysfunctions—Part 2

Prof. Fabrizio Fanelli (Florence/IT)

Case Presentations—How I Reduce Reintervention Rates in My Practice with WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis

Dr. Thiago Barroso (Brasilia/BR)

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how experts utilize the features of WRAPSODY for optimal clinical outcomes.
  • Discover the benefits of using a cell-impermeable endoprosthesis through challenging real-case discussions.  
  • Understand the economic impact of using a cell-impermeable endoprosthesis at early stages.

The Merit Learning Center

Explore the following daily lectures and hands-on sessions. Please join us early; space is limited!


Embolize with Experts ǀ UAE Latest News. Ovarian Protection, Fertility & AdenomyosisDr. Olivier Serres Cousiné (Montpellier/FR)
Dr Olivier Serres Cousiné
Sat, Sept 10, 2022
– 13:30–14:15 CEST
Explore the latest clinical evidence on uterine artery embolization.
Embolize with Experts ǀ First International Prostate Registry: What Are the Clinical Data Telling Us?Prof. Marc Sapoval (Paris/FR)
Prof. Marc Sapoval
Sat, Sept 10, 2022
– 15:00-15:45 CEST
Review preliminary results of a prostate multicenter registry, followed by a “How I Do It” discussion.
The Art of dTRA ǀ Distal Radial Access Technique in Peripheral InterventionDr. Darren Klass
Dr Darren Klass
Sun, Sept 11, 2022
– 09:00–09:45 CEST
– 11:00–11:45 CEST
Discuss why choosing distal transradial access first expands access options for interventionalists in peripheral procedures. Discover best practices in distal radial access and hemostasis and how this improves patient care.
Advanced Outcomes Made Simple ǀ Liver and Lung Biopsy with the New TEMNO Elite™ NeedleDr. Damian Mullan (Manchester/UK)
Dr Damian Mullan
Sun, Sept 11, 2022
– 13:30–14:15 CEST
– 15:00–15:45 CEST
Explore unique key features of the new TEMNO Elite Biopsy System and how these will benefit liver and lung biopsy procedures.
The Art of dTRA ǀ Distal First: Advancing Vascular AccessDr. Ferdinand Kiemeneij (Tergooi/NL)
Dr. Ferdinand Kiemeneij
Mon, Sept 12, 2022
– 09:00–09:45 CEST
– 11:00–11:45 CEST
Discuss choosing distal transradial access as a first option. Review data and literature highlighting why it should be the default vascular access site and its safety.
Advanced Outcomes Made Simple ǀ Swift Decision Making: When SwiftNINJA® Should Be Used to Overcome Tricky ProceduresProf. Mark Little (Berkshire/UK)
Prof Mark Little
Mon, Sept 12, 2022
– 13:30–14:15 CEST
Find how using SwiftNINJA first will simplify and shorten procedures.
Maximum Results. Fast Recovery ǀ Venous Leg Ulcer: NTNT Treatment OptionMr. Leith Williams (Wirral/UK)
Mr Leith Williams
Tues, Sept 13, 2022
– 09:00–09:45 CEST
– 11:00–11:45 CEST
Explore an innovative approach to treating venous leg ulcers, including the benefits of treating advanced venous disease with non-thermal, non-tumescent technique.


Hands-on Device Training

Discover multiple exclusive sessions organized by CIRSE.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover available devices and technical specifications for the given topic.
  • Obtain basic knowledge about the manipulation of the different devices.

Sessions and Faculty

Tumor Ablation (RFA)Prof. Jean-Yves Gaubert (Marseille/FR) and Dr. Maria Tsitskari (Nicosia/CY)Sun, Sept 11, 2022
– 09:45-11:15 CEST
– 12:45-14:15 CEST
– 17:30-18:30 CEST
Room 111
Vertebral AugmentationDr. Paul N.M. Lohle (Tilburg/NL) and Prof. Kai E. Wilhelm (Bonn/DE)Mon, Sept12, 2022
– 09:45-11:15 CEST
– 12:45-14:15 CEST
Room 132
Embolization: Materials & Tools (Particulate Agents)Prof. Bernhard Gebauer (Berlin/DE) and Prof. Stavros Spiliopoulos (Athens/GR)Tues, Sept 13, 2022
– 09:45-11:15 CEST
– 12:45-14:15 CEST
Room 134
Varicose VeinsDr. John M. Regi (Sheffield/GB) and Dr. Filipe Veloso Gomes (Lisbon/PT)Tues, Sept 13, 2022
– 09:45-11:15 CEST
– 12:45-14:15 CEST
Room 132

Advanced Merit Technologies

Visit us at the Merit booth 47 and the Learning Center to explore what our advanced technologies can bring to your procedures.

Sample Assist - Biopsy Samples with the Push of a Button - TEMNO Elite Biopsy System - Merit MedicalTEMNO Elite Biopsy System

Achieve superior samples with the TEMNO Elite Biopsy System, a device that obtains samples 72% larger than competitor side-notch, semi-automatic devices.1

Explore More >>

Syringes of Embosphere Microspheres shownEmbosphere® Microspheres

The most clinically studied spherical embolic, Embosphere is the clear choice among interventional radiologists. Designed for predictable and durable occlusion for the embolisation of symptomatic uterine fibroids, AVMs, and hypervascular tumours, the elastic material allows for temporary compression of up to 33%,3 yielding targeted results for patients and practitioners.

Discover More about the Embosphere >>

SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter

The SwiftNINJA is an innovative straight-tip catheter featuring an ergonomic steering dial that navigates up to 180 degrees and enables in vivo control. Consisting of a hydrophilic-coated distal 80 cm, the device delivers exceptional precision and speed navigating even in the most challenging vascular ostium.

Learn More about SwiftNINJA >>

ClariVein OC - treatment for endovenous mechanochemical ablationClariVein® OC Infusion Catheter

A minimally invasive solution for patients, the ClariVein OC Infusion Catheter features a unique 360-degree rotatable dispersion wire at the distal end. The catheter design has been engineered with a small profile, exceptional flexibility, strong imaging visualisation, and excellent pushability.

Please Note: The ClariVein OC Infusion Catheter is not available for sale or use within the United States.

Explore the ClariVein OC >>

Maintain Long-Term Vessel Patency - Merit WRAPSODYMerit WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis

Featuring a unique tri-layered endoprosthesis microstructure, the Merit WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis extends long-term vessel patency in patients who experience obstructions in the dialysis outflow circuit. The hydrophilic coating allows pinpoint accuracy, smooth insertion, and withdrawal with top-tier trackability.

Please Note: The Merit WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis is not available for sale or use within the United States.

Discover More >>

We look forward to meeting you at CIRSE 2022 and discussing how our products and services can bring advantages to your practice. See you in Barcelona!

Questions? Contact our Customer Support Center, and speak to one of our representatives. Live chat, phone, or email—we’re here for you. 

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Before using any of the Merit products mentioned above, refer to Instructions for Use for indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and directions for use.


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Carmen’s Journey with Fibroids and Finding Relief in UFE

Uterus with Fibroids Present - Fibroid Awareness Month - JulyJuly is Fibroid Awareness Month, a time we recognize a health issue affecting as many as 80 percent of women before they reach the age of 50.1 Fibroids, or muscular tumors that develop in the wall of the uterus, are more common among African Americans than white, Hispanic, or Asian women.1 Generally noncancerous, they can range in size from a small apple seed to a large grapefruit.2

Although some women with fibroids have no symptoms, others may experience abdominal pain, frequent urination, enlargement of the lower abdomen, and heavy menstrual bleeding.2 Despite its prevalence and severe symptoms, the condition is seldom discussed. To change that, we talked with Carmen McKeever, who was first diagnosed with uterine fibroids during an appointment with her gynecologist.

Carmen McKeever - Diagnosed with Uterine FibroidsAt first, Carmen didn’t think anything of her fibroids, but a few years later, she developed serious symptoms, including heavy, long, painful periods—including a devastating cycle that caused her to bleed for an entire month straight.

“Fibroids really impacted my everyday life.” Carmen explained. “Professionally, I am a nurse. At my facility, our uniform is white scrubs. So you can imagine, every month it was like a nightmare.”

During her period, Carmen had to equip herself with an “arsenal” to make it through the day and avoid accidents. On any given day, she admitted to needing a super absorbency tampon, two ultra-absorbency maxi-pads, a Depend® adult diaper, and Spanx® to hold it all together.

All of this wasn’t enough, as Carmen explained. “I also had all that stuff in my bag just in case I had to change, which was about every hour.”

Unable to tolerate going through life like this any longer, Carmen explored fibroid treatments. But like other women seeking an alternative to a complete hysterectomy, Carmen faced resistance when meeting with doctors.

“The help I received from medical professionals was—operate. Hysterectomy. That was it. I just felt like I was being dismissed,” she recalled with emotion. “I oftentimes felt like it was my fault that I had fibroids. That I was wasting people’s time because I was trying to figure out what I was going to do, and not have a hysterectomy, and that was the only answer I was getting.”

After searching and getting nowhere, Carmen finally learned about uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) from an acquaintance who also suffered from fibroids. After attending a free UFE hospital seminar presented by Dr. John Lipman, a vascular and interventional radiologist and fibroid specialist at Atlanta Interventional Institute, she was intrigued.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Using embolics to treat uterine fibroidsDuring the UFE procedure, a catheter is carefully inserted into an artery in the wrist or groin area and guided to the uterine arteries that supply fibroids with blood. Tiny particles are injected to cut off blood flow to the fibroids, causing them to shrink. The treatment is generally performed as an outpatient procedure and completed within about one hour.

Upon meeting with Dr. Lipman and learning of UFE, Carmen felt at ease. “He made sure that I had all the information and that I was well-informed, so I could make a logical decision.”

Carmen decided to get UFE and felt it was the best decision. “My pain [during recovery] was nothing compared to the menstrual cramps that I experienced every month,” she described. After resting for four days, she returned to work just one week after the procedure.

Fibroid Awareness Month - July - Image of women who may suffer from uterine fibroidsCarmen’s persistence paid off, and she avoided an unnecessary hysterectomy. “I’m hoping that I can use this platform to let other women know about UFE,” she emphasized. “Women who are afraid to wear white pants and who feel a gush of blood flowing every time they get up from their seat. Who pray they have not messed up their seat at work or messed up the back of their pants or their nice skirt when they go out to dinner or they go to church. I hope that by doing this, I let other women know—just like I found out—that there is an alternative.”

Hear from more patients who have overcome fibroids with UFE and now live full, healthy lives.

The above information should not be construed as providing specific medical advice but rather to offer readers information to better understand their lives and health. It is not intended to provide an alternative to professional treatment or to replace the services of a physician.


  1. U.S. Food & Drug Administration. “Knowledge and News on Women: Fibroid Awareness Month”. July 1, 2021.
  2. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Women’s Health. “Uterine Fibroids”. February 19, 2021.

What To Expect from Merit at SIR 2022 – “Advanced Outcomes Made Simple”

Advanced Outcomes Made Simple - SIR 2022Merit will be exhibiting at SIR 2022, the Society of Interventional Radiology’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Join us June 12 – 14 in Boston, MA, for a high-quality educational program with an international audience, in-person training, and hands-on workshops. Along with showcasing an exciting lineup of leading-edge products, this year we’re hosting a Lunch & Learn session you won’t want to miss.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect at booth #418:


Lunch is on us! We hope to see you Monday, June 13 at 12:00 PM EDT for the following educational presentation:

Case-Based Discussion of Steerable Technology in Treatment of VCF and Spinal Metastatic Disease

DATE: Monday, June 13

TIME: 12:00 pm EDT

WHERE: Booth #418


  • Understand Clinical & Procedural Value of Steerable Devices
  • Discover Therapy-Awareness Strategies
  • Engage in Case-Based Discussion and Q&A


J. Dana Dunleavy - Think Spine Proctor

Dana Dunleavy, M.D.
Windsong Radiology Director of Interventional & Vascular Services
Buffalo, NY
Learn more about Dr. Dunleavy


NEW Prelude Roadster™ Guide Sheath

Prelude Roadster

Expand your diagnostic and interventional procedures with the new Prelude Roadster, a longer guide sheath designed to access difficult anatomy in the peripheral vasculature. Stop by booth #418 to be among the first to discover this brand-new technology.

ReSolve® Thoracostomy Tray

ReSolve Thoracostomy Tray - Merit Medical

The ReSolve Thoracostomy Tray allows air (pneumothorax) and fluid (pleural effusion) to be drained from the pleural space through a percutaneous approach rather than an open surgical approach, providing your patients with minimally invasive care.

TEMNO Elite™ Biopsy System

Sample Assist - Biopsy Samples with the Push of a Button - TEMNO Elite Biopsy System - Merit Medical

The TEMNO Elite Biopsy System offers the reliability you expect with new features designed to provide superior soft tissue samples and total procedure control.

SplashWire™ Hydrophilic Steerable Guide Wire


The Merit SplashWire combines optimum lubricity, exceptional torque response, and enhanced visibility, helping you achieve the successful outcomes you expect for your patients. We designed the SplashWire to successfully perform in the most complex cases.

ReSolve ConvertX® Nephroureteral & Biliary Stent System

ReSolve ConvertX - Ureteral or Biliary Obstructions

Drain to stent in 30 seconds1 with the ConvertX. Designed to treat ureteral and biliary obstructions, you can place it like any internal-external drain, then convert it to a stent when you’re ready.

Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System

Surfacer® Inside-Out Access system - Restore Access, Preserve Options - Merit Medical

Pioneered by interventional cardiologist John Gurley, M.D., the Inside-Out approach was developed in response to patients with chronically occluded veins that required life-saving vascular access. Inserted in the femoral vein, the Surfacer Inside-Out Access Catheter System locates an exit from the right internal jugular vein, maintaining viable secondary veins if necessary.

See the Surfacer featured on the cover of June 2022 Journal of Vascular Surgery.

One-Vac™ Evacuated Drainage Bottle

One-Vac Evacuated Drainage Bottle

Engineered with an advanced design, the One-Vac is the smart option when choosing an evacuated drainage bottle. Built with a number of key features, the One-Vac makes percutaneous fluid collection and discard simple, efficient, and safe for you and your patients.

EmboCube® Embolization Gelatin

EmboCube Embolization Gelatin

Specifically designed for embolization of hypervascular tumors and blood vessels to occlude blood flow, EmboCube controls hemorrhaging in the peripheral vasculature. Gelatin is cut uniformly in preloaded 1-mL or 3-mL Medallion® Syringes to help ensure seamless prep and accurate delivery.

Embosphere® Microspheres

The most clinically studied spherical embolic, Embosphere is the clear choice among interventional radiologists. Designed for predictable and durable occlusion for the embolization of symptomatic uterine fibroids, AVMs, and hypervascular tumors, the elastic material allows for temporary compression of up to 33%3, yielding targeted results for patients and practitioners.

Merit Maestro® Microcatheters

Maestro Microcatheter - Embolotherapy Delivery System

A multipurpose microcatheter, the Maestro is designed to deploy coils up to 0.018″ and embolics up to and including 900 µm. A swan neck design helps you seat the catheter in the vessel, reducing the recoiling effect.

SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter


The SwiftNINJA is an innovative straight-tip catheter featuring an ergonomic steering dial that navigates up to 180 degrees and enables in vivo control. Consisting of a hydrophilic-coated distal 80 cm, the device delivers exceptional precision and speed even when you’re navigating the most challenging vascular ostium.

Prelude IDeal™ Hydrophilic Sheath Introducer

Prelude IDeal Sheath Introducer - Merit Medical

A hydrophilic access sheath with increased kink and compression resistance makes the IDeal the tool of choice for your radial access procedures.

Arcadia™ Steerable Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation

Arcadia Steerable Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation

The Arcadia is designed to achieve controlled, precise, targeted cavity creation in your vertebral augmentation procedures—whether your approach is unipedicular or bipedicular.

NEW AT MERIT: Arcadia™ Curved Delivery Cannula

Arcadia Curved Delivery Cannula - VCF

Stop by booth #418 and ask us about our NEW Arcadia™ Curved Delivery Cannula—a bone cement delivery system designed for predicable cement deposition across the midline of the vertebral body, optimizing cement volume, while potentially reducing the need for bipedicular access.

STAR™ Tumor Ablation System

STAR Tumor Ablation - Radiofrequency Ablation - Merit Medical

STAR delivers meaningful pain relief and localized tumor destruction in a single treatment. Your patients will appreciate that this mechanism is designed to perform successfully and comfortably in an outpatient setting.

We look forward to seeing you at SIR 2022 and discussing all the ways we can help you enhance your patient care. Questions? Contact our Customer Support team and speak to one of our representatives. Live chat, phone, or email—we are here for you.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media for live conference updates!

Before using any of the Merit products mentioned above, refer to Instructions for Use for indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and directions for use.


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  2. Laurent et al. Am J Neuroradial 1996.