I Am Merit: Alec Rosales

ClariVein OC - Treatment for Varicose Veins - Outside US Only

ClariVein® OC Provides Varicose Vein Relief, Less Pain Than Radiofrequency Ablation, Similar Quality of Life Outcomes

SafeGuard Focus - A Revolution in Compression Devices

Introducing the SafeGuard Focus™, Revolutionary Compression for Pacemakers and ICD Pockets

Battling Flu Season and COVID-19, Merit Medical Provides Critical Care Products to ICUs

Sharon Huff - SCOUT Radar Localization Patient

“When You Are Informed, You Hold the Power” – Sharon Huff, SCOUT® Patient

basixALPHA Inflation Device - Merit Medical

Merit Medical Launches the basixALPHA™ Inflation Device

Merit Streamlines basixCOMPAK™ Kits, Provides Options to Better Meet Clinician Needs

Give Yourself a Pay Raise in 2021—Work at Merit