Merit Celebrates International Women’s Day with Winning “W” Company Recognition

2020 Women on Board - Merit Medical Awarded a Winning "W" Company

This year Merit Medical celebrated International Women’s Day with a great honor. It was recognized as a Winning “W” Company for its commitment to board diversity. 2020 Women on Boards (2020WOB), a non-profit campaign dedicated to raising public awareness about the value of gender-diverse boards, awarded Merit for having at least 20% women on its board of directors. Currently, 30% (3 out of 10) of Merit’s Board of Directors are women.

Deepening cultural competence to enhance inclusivity in the workplace is a significant part of the Merit culture. Company-wide leadership training and education initiatives aim to not only increase awareness and knowledge but also encourage Merit leaders to bring out the best in team members, enabling everyone to work together.

According to 2020WOB, research has shown several advantages to public corporations having women on their boards, including higher profitability, productivity, and workforce engagement in comparison to boards with only men.1 Furthermore, having women directors helps to create and maintain a positive work environment for women and reinforces that the company values the contributions of women at all levels.1

Lucia Irazabal, a senior engineer, explains how working at Merit has helped her grow professionally and what International Women’s Day means for her and women everywhere.

Merit is committed to maintaining an inclusive workforce and understands that diversity leads to greater innovation, more opportunities, and a stronger team.

Learn more about how Merit fosters a culture of learning and growing by visiting the Diversity & Talent page.

Women on the Merit Medical Board of Directors

Jill Anderson - Merit Medical Board of Directors
Jill Anderson
F Ann Millner - Merit Medical Board of Directors
F. Ann Millner
Lynne Ward - Merit Medical Board of Directors
Lynne N. Ward




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