Charing Cross 2019

Explore Innovative new products and Hands-on Learning with Merit Medical

Venous Therapy:

ClariVein® Infusion Catheter

• Hands-on Opportunity: Experience operation of the ClariVein while learning about its many patient and operator advantages

Dialysis Access:

Surfacer® Inside Out® Access Catheter System

• Hands-on Opportunity: Try out the unique Surfacer System and learn how it can reliably provide central venous access in patients with occluded veins

HeRO Graft and Super HeRO

• Learn which additional grafts can now be used with the HeRO Adapter.

• Hands-on Opportunity: See the differences and feel the improved pushability of the new Venous Outflow Component.

• See how the Merit Prelude Short Sheath, with its’ excellent tip transition and  large bore stopcock, is ideally suited for fistula and graft management.

Vascular Access and Navigation:

• Try out the Merit Amplatz InQwire and feel how its’ smooth tapered transition from the shaft to the flexible tip allows atraumatic negotiation of the most difficult anatomy

• See the full range of Merit’s Mini Access Kits designed to reduce tissue trauma and bleeding

Balloons and Inflation Devices:

• Try out the new Merit basixTAU Inflation Device that reduces the rotational force needed during inflations and minimizes the chance for hand fatigue.

• Introducing the new family of Advocate PTA Catheters, including 014”, 018”, and 035”

• Take the opportunity at the Merit booth to get hands-on experience inflating the Q50+ Stent Graft Balloon with the widest range of inflation diameters for AAA.