Prelude® Short Sheath Introducers

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The Prelude Short Sheath provides access to dialysis fistulas and grafts. The Prelude Short Sheaths allow a single access to your patient for declot, angioplasty, thrombolysis and other procedures, as well as temporary hemodialysis. These sheaths offer excellent transitions and material characteristics for easy and smooth access to your patients.

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Prelude Short Sheath Introducer

Prelude® Short Sheath Introducer

Features & Benefits

Provides access to dialysis fistulas and grafts.

Can be used for declot, angioplasty, and thrombolysis procedures.

Can also be used for temporary hemodialysis; will accommodate flow rates up to 600mL/min.


Discover more about Prelude Short Sheath Introducers by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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