Merit Medical Tijuana Receives Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence


The Shingo Institute, part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, announced Merit Medical Tijuana as the recipient of the globally distinguished Shingo Prize, an award that recognizes organizations demonstrating an exceptional culture that fosters continuous improvement and Business Excellence.

“It’s truly an honor, and I feel very fortunate to have the team in Tijuana,” says Ron Frost, Chief Operating Officer at Merit Medical. “The Shingo Prize brought advantages to the company I never anticipated. What fuels me now is to achieve the same type of culture and level of engagement between employees and management seen in Tijuana across all Merit facilities.”

To be considered for the Shingo Prize, Merit Tijuana underwent a thorough assessment of its facility’s culture and operations based on a rigorous set of principles developed by the Shingo Institute. Trained examiners and accomplished business professionals evaluated areas of enterprise excellence, such as respect for employees, quality at the source, and creating value for the customer.

“When we opened up the facility, we had that in mind that we wanted to apply for the Shingo [Prize] . . . to compare ourselves against the best around the world,” says Carlos Santos, Managing Director of Latin America Operations. “When we designed our structure, the way we employ people, the way we train, all our manufacturing processes, were all designed to be able to comply with the Shingo [principles].”

Merit Medical Tijuana, one of Merit’s many manufacturing facilities worldwide, is located in the “Frontera Industrial Park” and employs more than 800 individuals. A team known for its dedication and hard work, Merit Medical Tijuana has earned several internationally recognized certifications, including ISO 13485, CTPAT, and BSI. Valued at every level, employees receive excellent benefits, such as a free transportation service to and from work, professional development opportunities, and a 100% subsidized lunch provided by an award-winning cafeteria service.

“The culture Merit has embedded, in terms of looking always for the employee, looking always for having the best . . . right now to [receive the] Shingo, it’s really how we formalize the culture that Merit already has,” says Ricardo Alvarez, Operations Director of Merit Medical Tijuana. “For us it’s just the way to look for perfection.”

“Continuous improvement is really not a destiny,” Mr. Santos adds. “It’s not getting the award, and you’re there. Continuous improvement is forever.”

Merit team members will receive the Shingo Prize April 30, 2019, during the Awards Gala at the 31st Shingo Conference in Cincinnati, OH, USA. To learn more about this great honor, read the full Shingo Institute press release.

The Shingo Prize is an illustration of Merit’s overall commitment to Business Excellence. To explore how we deliver quality, service, supply, and value throughout the entire customer experience, click here.