Rick Russell holding a sensor manufactured by Merit Sensor

An often unknown, but significant, branch of Merit Medical is Merit Sensor, a division responsible for creating silicon-based piezoresistive pressure sensors. These sensors, also known as MEMS pressure sensors, are used in multiple industries and are crucial to the function of many technologies. The challenge? Its on-site manufacturing requires a large amount of water. A […]
Image of Malin Florentzen looking out over the water

Two in three women will develop fibroids at some point in her life. Uterine fibroids are small, noncancerous growths that form on the wall of the uterus. Although benign, and while many women may not experience complications, for some, fibroid symptoms can be devastating. Worse, information on treatment options is not always made readily available, […]
Andrea Peterson at the North Pole, standing next to a staircase covered in snow & ice

Merit Medical is proud to support health at every stage, committed to helping patients live life to the fullest. For Women’s Health Week, meet Andrea Peterson—an advocate for adventurous women everywhere and patients who refuse to let a diagnosis slow them down. Andrea Peterson’s peaceful, rural life came to an abrupt halt when she received […]
Daniela stands i front of a table of hispanic treats for Hispanic Heritage Month

As Merit grows, so does its ability to offer effective professional development resources to employees—both present and potential. Recently, we were proud to welcome our first international intern, Daniela Aguirre. Daniella studies International Business at EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia. For her 2022 fall semester, she traded the Andes Mountains for the Rockies to work […]
Map featuring Tanzania

Merit partners with Mending Kids, increasing access to lifesaving heart surgeries for children in Dar Es Salaam It’s early morning in Dar Es Salaam, a bustling port city on the east coast of Tanzania. The sun spills over the horizon, its brilliance filling a pale-blue sky. Ships nod in the city’s turquoise harbors. People trickle […]
Image of a female superhero on a red background with the words International Women's Day in glittering letters

Today is International Women’s Day, a time of global recognition of women’s achievements economically, socially, and politically. Women of today are breaking expectations, stereotypes, and limitations of the past. It is a time that shines a light on how far women have come as well as the existing need to still achieve true gender parity. […]
Love Your Heart on a Pink Background

February is Heart Month, and around the globe our team has taken advantage of all 28 days to help raise awareness of heart health. According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)—conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels—are the leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for taking an estimated 17.9 million lives annually. […]