Innovation & Education at SIR 2024

Merit will be exhibiting at SIR 2024, the Society of Interventional Radiology’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Join us March 23 – 28 in our hometown, Salt Lake City, UT, for a high-quality educational program with an international audience, in-person training, and hands-on workshops. Along with showcasing an exciting lineup of leading-edge products, this year we’re hosting “An Evening of Innovation” you won’t want to miss.

Showcases manufacturing capabilities of Merit MedicalJoin us for an evening of food and drinks, tour our manufacturing facilities, and hear from Fred Lampropoulos, Chairman and CEO, as he discusses the future of IR medical devices.

Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm MT

Location: Merit Medical HQ (Transportation provided)

Join us at the following times to hear from experts in exciting interventional radiology areas.

Headshot of Headshot of Chakravarthy Reddy, MDChakravarthy Reddy, MD

Huntsman Cancer Hospital, UT

Session Title: Pleural Disease: Pulmonology Perspective

Headshot of Amir Noor, MDAmir Noor, MD

New Hyde Park, NY

Session Title: Surfacer Procedural Steps & Safety

Headshot of Dana Dunleavy, MDDana Dunleavy, MD

Windsong Radiology, NY

Session Title: Steerable Vertebral Augmentation & RF Ablation in an Office Setting

Headshot of Darren Klass, MDDarren Klass, MD

Vancouver General, CAN

Session Title: Access: The Good to Know and the Must to Know

Headshot of Jason Hoffman, MDJason Hoffman, MD

NYU Langone, NY

Session Title: PAE: Key Concepts in Patient Selection, Technical Success, and Optimizing Clinical Outcomes

Get up close and personal with Merit’s newest and most innovative devices in biopsy, access, and more.

Image of the TEMNO Elite Biopsy Device on an angle


The TEMNO Elite Biopsy System offers the reliability you expect with new features designed to provide superior soft tissue samples and total procedure control.

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Image of the BioSentry - Plug. Prevent. Protect.


BioSentry Tract Sealant System is the first biopsy sealant system of its kind designed specifically to address the issues of biopsy-related pneumothorax.

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Image of the Micro ACE Advanced Micro-Access device with a curve showing kink resistance


The Micro ACE, our advanced micro-access system, has an intuitive design that balances stiffness and flexibility to prevent kinking and compression.

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