Micro ACE™ Advanced Micro-Access System

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Feature & Benefits

Access With Confidence

Access With Confidence

The Micro ACE has 2.3x the kink resistance of the leading competitor, helping you access with confidence and avoid kinks during your procedures—remaining focused on your patients.

Tough Under Pressure

Tough Under Pressure

The Micro ACE lumen is 2.6x more resilient under compression than the leading micro-introducer competitor, withstanding pressure and tight turns.

Visibility Under Fluoroscopy

Visibility Under Fluoroscopy

9x more visible than the leading competitor, the Micro ACE aids in positioning the tip relative to collaterals, helping you to avoid dissections, penetrating lesions, and pulling back without pulling out.

Tough On Scar Tissue, Gentle On Vessels

Balancing Stiffness and Resiliency

Image shows artwork on a scale from Too Soft to Too Stiff. The callouts show introducers buckling and kinking, with the Micro ACE as a Balanced option, providing strong access

Too Soft


Standard dilators may be too soft, buckle, and kink the wire when they encounter scar tissue.


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Balances stiffness and flexibility to access through dense tissue and successfully track the guide wire.

Too Stiff


Stiffened dilators do not track the guide wire well, can kink, and damage the vessel.

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