Merit Medical’s Commitment During COVID-19

Since 1987, Merit Medical has developed and delivered products that support healthcare providers and improve patients’ lives around the world. The Merit mission has been—and always will be—to understand, innovate, and deliver.

This moment in history is no different as the Merit team rises to meet current global healthcare challenges. Merit will unwaveringly continue to understand the needs of healthcare providers everywhere, innovate solutions, and deliver products and therapies to treat the patients who need them.

Every precaution possible is being taken to continue seamless and uninterrupted support during this time. A COVID-19 Operations Task Force meets daily to stay on top of all news and changes, so the Merit team can direct the organization appropriately.


As hospital and patient care facilities place limitations on vendor visits, Merit representatives are prepared to continue to support these places per their specific guidelines, protocols, and restrictions, whether in person or virtually:

  • For essential vendor visits, Merit sales and clinical teams are following appropriate infection prevention protocols and are in constant communication with facilities to ensure protocols and policies are strictly followed.
  • All Merit field representatives will have FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Duo, and Microsoft Teams to assist by video with product sales, in-services, training, and/or case support.
  • Training videos are already available for many Merit products and can be found on this site or upon request from sales representatives. If a video does not currently exist, one will be created upon request.


Merit’s Customer Service team is committed to supporting the needs of healthcare providers and will maintain longer-than-industry-average hours of operation. They may be reached at


Merit utilizes a highly vertical supply chain and does not have manufacturing facilities in China. This extends from raw materials and pressure sensors to the innovative products and therapies healthcare providers depend on. Additionally, a diverse distribution structure has extensively prepared the company for a variety of scenarios.

Presently, COVID-19 has not caused any disruptions to Merit’s supply, operations, or delivery of products. The Merit team is taking every precaution to ensure that manufacturing operations and delivery remain uninterrupted and that ample product supply is available to continue to meet patient needs.


Merit is doing everything in its power to ensure that patients and healthcare providers are supported in every way possible. As the situation changes, ongoing updates will be posted to Merit homepage.

Please feel free to contact a Merit sales representative or the Customer Service team with any questions or comments.


To share our step-by-step response to COVID-19, the Merit team has created a series of videos, each providing an in-depth look at important topics, such as how employees are protected during the pandemic, how each global facility maintains a safe work environment, how we are adapting to new customer protocols, and how numerous virtual initiatives have been implemented to provide seamless customer support.