Join Merit Medical for Educational Sessions and Live Case Transmission at LINC 2022

LINC 2022 - Join Merit at Booth 39We look forward to attending the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC), held from 6 to 9 June, in person and online. Our team will be hosting a satellite symposium with live case transmission and several on-demand learning centre sessions. Attendees can also visit Merit booth #39 to explore multiple product innovations.

Mark your calendars—here’s an outline of what we have planned:


DATE: Monday, 6 June

TIME: 15:50 – 17:05 CEST

WHERE: Main Arena 2 & Online


  • Follow an overview on the evolution of covered stents
  • Learn more about the current WRAPSODY trial pipeline (FIRST, IDE, and Registry)
  • Understand how to manage patients and how to decide their best treatment options (i.e., treatment algorithm)
  • Discover how the WRAPSODY can be beneficial and cost effective in daily treatment


15:50 – 15:53Introduction by the moderatorProf. Dr. Fabrizio Fanelli
15:53 – 16:04The evolution of covered stentsDr. Tobias Steinke
16:04 – 16:16Live case transmission from Varese University of InsubriaProf. Dr. Matteo Tozzi
16:16 – 16:27Clinical trials: WRAPSODY FIRST, IDE, and RegistryProf. Dr. Dheeraj Rajan
16:27 – 16:39Recorded case presentationDr. Tobias Steinke
16:39 – 16:50The algorithm for covered stent treatmentDr. Ounali Jaffer
16:50 – 17:00Health economics in covered stent management: An overviewProf. Katarzyna Kolasa
17:00 – 17:05Final Q&A and wrap-up



Rethinking AVF Management: WRAPSODY, the Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis in Challenging AV Access Repair


  • Dr. Tobias Steinke, Vascular Surgeon, Schön Klinik, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Dr. Andrew Wigham, Interventional Radiologist, Churchill Hospital, Oxford, United Kingdom
Maintain Long-Term Vessel Patency - Merit WRAPSODY


Transradial TACE with HepaSphere™ Microspheres: A Journey from Patient Selection to Outcome


  • Dr. Darren Klass, Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; Consultant Radiologist, Cleveland Clinic, London, United Kingdom


ClariVein® OC Procedural Video


  • Mr. Leith Williams, Vascular Surgeon, Wirral, United Kingdom
ClariVein OC - treatment for endovenous mechanochemical ablation


Hero Graft front cutaway diagram of graft insertion into patientHeRO® Graft

The HeRO Graft, a hemodialysis access graft designed for catheter-dependent patients or those failing fistulas or other grafts, offers a 69% reduction in future infections compared to patients receiving catheters as well as a cost-saving of 23% on average per year.

Surfacer® Inside-Out Access system - Restore Access, Preserve Options - Merit MedicalSurfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System

Pioneered by interventional cardiologist John Gurley, M.D., the Inside-Out approach was developed in response to patients with chronically occluded veins that required life-saving vascular access. Inserted in the femoral vein, the Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System locates an exit from the right internal jugular vein, maintaining viable secondary veins if necessary.

See the Surfacer featured on the cover of June 2022 Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Maintain Long-Term Vessel Patency - Merit WRAPSODYMerit WRAPSODY™ Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis

Featuring a unique tri-layered endoprosthesis microstructure, the Merit WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis extends long-term vessel patency in patients who experience obstructions in the dialysis outflow circuit. The hydrophilic coating allows pinpoint accuracy, smooth insertion, and withdrawal with top-tier trackability.

Please Note: The Merit WRAPSODY Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis is not available for sale or use within the United States.

ClariVein OC Infusion CatheterClariVein® OC Infusion Catheter

A minimally invasive solution for patients, the ClariVein® OC Infusion Catheter features a unique 360-degree rotatable dispersion wire at the distal end. The catheter design has been engineered with a small profile, exceptional flexibility, strong imaging visualization, and excellent pushability.

Please Note: The ClariVein OC Infusion Catheter is not available for sale or use within the United States.

Mini Access Kits - Merit MAKMerit MAK™ Mini Access Kit

To access the vascular system, Merit MAK Mini Access Kits take a very small approach, minimizing bleeding and trauma for the patient. Merit MAK guide wires are carefully engineered with a fully enclosed hoop and available in several configurations. Each kit includes a coaxial introducer/dilator pair, 21G needle, and guide wire.

Embosphere MicrospheresEmbosphere® Microspheres

The most clinically studied spherical embolic, Embosphere is the clear choice among interventional radiologists. Designed for predictable and durable occlusion for the embolisation of symptomatic uterine fibroids, ABMs, and hypervascular tumours, the elastic material allows for temporary compression of up to 33%,3 yielding targeted results for patients and practitioners.

EmboCube® Embolization GelatinEmboCube® Embolization Gelatin

Specifically designed for embolisation of hypervascular tumours and blood vessels to occlude blood flow, EmboCube consistently controls haemorrhaging in the peripheral vasculature. Gelatin is cut uniformly in preloaded 1-mL or 3-mL Medallion® Syringes to help ensure seamless prep and accurate delivery.

SwiftNINJA® Steerable MicrocatheterSwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter

The SwiftNINJA is an innovative straight-tip catheter featuring an ergonomic steering dial that navigates up to 180 degrees and enables in vivo control. Consisting of a hydrophilic-coated distal 80 cm, the device delivers exceptional precision and speed navigating even in the most challenging vascular ostium.

We look forward to seeing you at LINC 2022 and presenting all the ways we can partner with you for better patient care. Questions? Contact our Customer Support team and speak to one of our representatives via live chat, phone, or email.

Merit WRAPSODY™ Endoprosthesis and ClariVein® OC are not approved or available for sale in the United States.

Before using any of the Merit products mentioned above, refer to Instructions for Use for indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and directions for use.


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