For Katie, Dialysis Care Meant More Time with Her Mom

For Katie, Dialysis Care Meant More Time with Her Mom
Strong, brave, selfless. These are just a few of the words Katie King used to describe her mother, Kay Lynn Welsh. After Kay passed away last year, Katie reached out to Merit Medical to express her gratitude for the hemodialysis care that gave her mother an additional 9 years of life with her family—something she never thought possible.

Katie’s story began the day Kay started hemodialysis in 2008. “She struggled to get a vascular access,” Katie recalled. “She had a failed graft and a failed fistula, and we had no other options.”

During this time a surgeon recommended the Merit HeRO® Graft, a hemodialysis access graft designed for patients like Kay who are failing conventional fistulas or grafts. “She either needed the HeRO, or she wouldn’t be with us,” Katie said. “After struggling in and out of the hospital, surgery after surgery, accesses failing, and her not feeling well, we pursued the HeRO, and it was successful. She got to enjoy life for nine years.”

Those nine years, Katie explained, were significant and happy ones for Kay and her family. Kay was able to attend both Katie’s and her husband’s graduations as well as see her become a dialysis nurse. She was there to see her granddaughter born and watch as her grandson graduated high school, become a marine, get married, and have a child of his own—making Kay a great grandmother.

“There are too many words to describe her,” Katie said. “She made me who I am today. We are so sad to be without her, yet so thankful for those nine years.”

Merit’s commitment to improving lives is what drives the innovation of products that help people like Kay live longer, providing hope to them and their families.