Merit’s Newest Innovation in Health Care is Now Available

Our goal at Merit Medical is to continue advancing products and solutions that impact Women’s Health procedures. That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to our latest solution for Women’s Health – Merit PinkPaks.

Specifically designed with clinical input, Merit PinkPaks allow you to take the guesswork out of product selection and put time back into your hands and the hands of your clinical team.


  • Enhanced Sharps Safety
  • Waste Reduction
  • Standardization of Patient Care
  • Product Standardization
  • Cost Control
  • Supply Consolidation
  • Convenience

SCOUT® Localization Procedure Kits

Carefully curated, the SCOUT PinkPak™ is an all-in-one localization prep kit, ideal for the busy radiologist. Taking the guesswork out of product selection and putting time back in your staff’s hands, our standard SCOUT localization kit gives you the products you need for prepping your patient for placement of the SCOUT reflector, allowing you to focus on patient care.

There are two localization kits available; for reflector placement under mammographic or ultrasound guidance.

SAVI® Brachy Procedure Kits

Our SAVI Brachy PinkPak™ is ideal for the busy surgeon or radiation oncologist. This all-in-one prep kit contains all the products needed to prepare your patient for a SAVI Brachy catheter placement.

Merit Partners with Wells Fargo for Growth

Merit Medical and CEO Fred Lampropoulos Featured in Wells Fargo Advertising Campaign with Bloomberg

Merit Partners with Wells Fargo for Growth

Wells Fargo and Bloomberg recently spent several days at Merit Medical Global Headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT with Founder, Chairman, and CEO Fred Lampropoulos to capture video footage for a national advertising campaign. The advertising campaign for Wells Fargo is presented on multiple Bloomberg outlets including, Bloomberg Television, and Bloomberg Radio.

The ad campaign features successful Wells Fargo partnerships with innovative, fast-growing companies.

Watch the video to discover why Merit Medical partners with Wells Fargo to drive our growth.

Visit Merit’s Investor Resources page.

Dr Priest - Chief Wellness Officer - Merit Medical

Merit’s New Chief Wellness Officer Is Dedicated to Fostering Employee Health and Happiness Worldwide