ReSolve ConvertX® Simplifies Drainage Care, Limits Patient Exposure

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To limit coronavirus exposure to patients and healthcare workers, healthcare facilities are decreasing the number of procedures performed as well as the length of procedure time for those that remain scheduled. This includes replacing surgical care with less-invasive interventional radiology procedures.

New hospital protocols may prove challenging for patients who need multistep care, as seen with individuals who suffer with severe ureteral or biliary obstructions. Traditionally, these patients require two separate interventional procedures to successfully place a temporary internal drainage: a first procedure to place a drainage catheter and a second to place a stent.

To simplify treatment for these patients, Merit Medical offers a temporary internal nephroureteral and biliary drainage stent system called the ReSolve ConvertX Stent System. A less-invasive option than conventional treatment, the ReSolve ConvertX completely eliminates the need for a second drain-to-stent procedure. Instead, stent conversion can be done in an office or at bedside in less than one minute.1


ReSolve ConvertX - Minimally Invasive, Reduces Patient and Provider Risk, Limits Exposure - Merit Medical


Simplifies Treatment - Resolve ConvertX

Eliminating a second interventional procedure has several advantages, particularly in the present healthcare crisis. Without the need for a lengthy, additional drain-to-stent procedure, hospital visits may be shorter for patients,2 potentially resulting in less risk of exposure to other patients, physicians, and hospital staff. Because treatment with the ReSolve ConvertX can be completed in a less-intense care setting, it can free up physicians and hospital staff to care for an increasing caseload outside of the interventional radiology suite. This may also leave the interventional radiology suite open for an influx of new interventional cases.

Reduces Exposure - Resolve ConvertX

The ReSolve ConvertX is also designed with other clinical benefits in mind, such as reduced procedural challenges for the patient. Furthermore, with fewer procedures, there is less radiation exposure for patients, physicians, and hospital staff.