Merit Modernizes Gelatin Foam with Torpedo™ and EmboCube™ Embolotherapy Products

Merit Medical has a strong history of delivering high-quality embolics. For decades, our extensive embolotherapy portfolio has brought our customers a comprehensive line of clinically proven products made to streamline embolization procedures. Our embolotherapy offerings include a broad range of microspheres as well as nonspherical polyvinyl alcohol particles and gelatin foam products. A recent addition to our portfolio is the Torpedo, a new proprietary gelatin foam product indicated for the embolization of hypervascular tumors and bleeding in the peripheral vasculature. Along with EmboCube, another of our premium gelatin foam embolic agents with the same indications, our product offerings modernize preparation and delivery of gelatin foam by enabling speed, precision, and consistency.


Torpedo and EmboCube were created to address preparation concerns associated with using traditional gelatin foam sheets. By making gelatin foam use faster, easier, and more efficient, physicians are able to focus more on the patient. To save physicians valuable time, Torpedo and EmboCube products only require hydration with a 50:50 saline-to-contrast mixture. Particles come uniformly cut, the Torpedo in a cylindrical shape and EmboCube in cubes, and both are preloaded, the Torpedo into a cartridge and EmboCube into a syringe. By eliminating the need for manual foam cutting, shaping, and loading into a delivery system, preparation is simplified when using Torpedo and EmboCube gelatin foam products.


Another challenge with manually cutting and shaping gelatin foam is that it results in inconsistently sized particles. Torpedo and EmboCube are available in two uniformly pre-cut sizes (2.5 mm and 5.0 mm diameters) and are designed for use with compatible catheters and microcatheters with inner diameters large enough to deliver the embolic material. These standardized sizes allow physicians to match the vasculature and achieve targeted embolization.


Standardized particle sizes not only aid in achieving targeted embolization but also assist in proactively eliminating delivery challenges, such as particle aggregation in the catheter lumen. Inconsistently sized particles run the risk of clogging the delivery catheter. On the contrary, calibrated embolic particles, such as Torpedo and EmboCube gelatin foam, facilitate smooth catheter passage, helping to provide consistent and predictable results. Biocompatible and resorbable, Torpedo and EmboCube provide temporary yet durable mechanical occlusion.

Torpedo and EmboCube demonstrate Merit Medical’s commitment to ongoing innovation in the embolotherapy field. Providing safety, efficiency, and value to our embolotherapy customers enables them to reduce procedural time without compromising quality care.

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Please consult the product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, potential complications, warnings, precautions and directions for use.