Merit Medical’s Radial Approach Product Demonstrations, Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D.™ Generate Interest at Euro PCR 2012

Merit Medical’s booth was a popular destination at Euro PCR this year. While many attendees enjoyed Merit Medical’s complimentary coffee bar and excellent barista, the radial approach product demonstrations and new Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D. were the real draw.

Hands-on demonstrations of products designed for the radial approach gave attendees the opportunity to insert Prelude® Sheath Introducers and to apply the Finale® Radial Compression Device on an anatomical model. The Performa Ultimate™ diagnostic catheters in four different curve variations were also available for demonstration.

Attendees showed a lot of interest in the Scion Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D. This non-invasive topical hemostasis pad works as both an antimicrobial barrier and as a hemostasis pad for rapid control of bleeding. The pad is made of Polyprolate™, a biomedical grade form of chitosan.

Merit Medical had a great show and is looking forward to continuing to provide products and accessories designed to enhance the practice of interventional cardiology.

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