The Aspira® Advantage, Transforming Home Drainage into Compassionate Care

Merit Medical® products and services ensure that patient care is compassionate care. The Aspira® Home Drainage System—a palliative care product designed to help patients with malignant pleural effusions and ascites drain fluid in the comfort of their own home—is a prime example. With the help of Aspira, patients can manage symptoms without repeated and often difficult trips to the hospital. Combined with 24/7 ongoing support from an expert customer service team, the Aspira system gives patients a gentler and more efficient approach to home drainage. All this and more is what Merit likes to call the Aspira Advantage.

It starts with a superior product, the Aspira Home Drainage System, which features a 15.5F indwelling catheter with attachable valve made to drain accumulated fluid into lightweight, 1-liter bags. To begin draining, the Aspira system requires no complex set up; the drainage line connects easily to the drainage bag, and with one gentle squeeze of the pump, drainage begins.

Built to enhance the patient experience, the Aspira system minimizes discomfort and challenges that can often be associated with drainage. Its gravity-based design produces a low, consistent vacuum pressure flow, which can reduce pain seen with high-vacuum suction methods of other systems.

Simulated testing1 shows that with 67% more fenestrations and a 72% larger valve, the Aspira system can comfortably complete drainage in less than 15 minutes—68% faster than other systems—and all within the comfort of home.

Choosing Aspira means benefits to the physician as well, including product options that increase flexibility of patient care. The Aspira system is designed with three different placement options (antegrade, retrograde, and over-the-wire) and various kit configurations to accommodate patient and customer needs.The Aspira® Advantage, Transforming Home Drainage into Compassionate Care

Switching from hospital drainage to home drainage with the Aspira system is also cost effective in many ways. Aspira bags are less bulky, and they are easier to transport and store in homes, hospitals, and post-care facilities. Comparative data1 show that one box of four bottles and dressings require approximately the same space as 20 Aspira bags and dressings, or 68% less storage space.

Another advantage to choosing the Aspira system is the ongoing customer service that Merit offers patients and providers. The Compassionate Care Program supports patients with Aspira supplies, delivered right to their homes, even for those without health insurance.

In-servicing and home health training is available as well as opportunities for written feedback on the Aspira system, flexibility in shipping, and assistance with reimbursement. Print and online educational materials are available at, a site tailored to both patients and providers. If patients or customers want one-on-one help, a highly trained customer service team is ready to assist 24/7 through the dedicated Aspira Hotline (1-800-356-3748).

Let Merit help you transform home drainage into compassionate care with the Aspira Advantage. Explore everything it can offer by visiting, or reach out to the customer service team today to receive a patient demo kit and hear more about the training opportunities it provides.

Learn more about the product, including its instructions for use and important product safety information, by visiting the Aspira Drainage System product page.


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