Merit Medical’s ConcierGE® Has Better Kink Resistance and 1:1 Torque Than Leading Guiding Catheter Brands

THE BAR HAS BEEN RAISED by Merit Medical with the introduction of the Merit ConcierGE Guiding Excellence Catheter.

In an independent survey, approximately 40% on Interventional Cardiologists indicated that their current guiding catheter does not meet their needs for kink resistance.

Designed in 5F, 6F, 7F, and 8F, ConcierGE is the first guiding catheter designed with a higher level of guiding excellence.

Kink Resistance
The ConcierGE has approximately
30% more kink resistance*
than the leading brands, facilitating
the advancement and withdrawal of
interventional devices.
1:1 Torque
The ConcierGE test results prove
that it has better 1:1 torque
response** than the leading
brands, promoting quicker catheter
seating with less whipping.*

Each feature of the guiding catheter is designed to give you added confidence in difficult cases by optimizing clinical benefits without compromise during coronary angioplasty.

To learn more about how Merit has raised the bar for guiding catheter performance, read the ConcierGE Brochure or watch the ConcierGE Guiding Catheter product video.

Tami Anderson,
Senior Product Manager