Merit Medical Launches GO2WIRE™ Steerable Guide Wire System

New Steerable Guide Wire Offers Physicians a Number of Desirable Features, Making it the New “Go-To” Wire for Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures.

Merit Medical® is proud to announce the official market launch of the GO2WIRE™ Steerable Guide Wire System, a wire designed to facilitate the placement and exchange of devices during peripheral diagnostic and interventional procedures. Built with a number of key features, the GO2WIRE helps physicians confidently navigate the most challenging vasculature.


GO2 Wire - Floppy Straight Tip Configuration - Merit Medical
GO2 Wire - Intermediate J Tip Configuration - Merit Medical
GO2 Wire - Standard Straight Tip Configuration - Merit Medical

Available in three tip configurations—Floppy Straight, Intermediate J, and Standard Straight—the GO2WIRE offers both support and flexibility when accessing complex anatomy. Engineered with Straight Linear Torque Steel Core Wire technology, data1 shows the GO2WIRE has a 40% tip response improvement over the leading competitor. The GO2WIRE’s distal tip is reshapable, providing physicians with the ability to modify the wire tip to meet specific anatomical needs. Enhanced with platinum, the tip provides excellent visibility under fluoroscopy.


To further help physicians traverse tortuous vessels, the GO2WIRE is also available in two body styles—non-extendable and extendable—with the largest range of length options offered in the market. As an advocate of radial access, Merit designed the GO2WIRE with an exclusive 210 cm length configuration specifically designed for radial access procedures. In addition, the GO2WIRE provides an optional 155 cm extension device with smooth threads, a modification that helps deliver rapid conversion to longer wire lengths for seamless device and catheter exchanges. The GO2WIRE also has a proprietary PTFE pre-coating to help reduce friction and improve trackability.

Procedural Opportunities Offer Enhanced Navigation or Exchanges - GO2 Steerable Guide Wire - Merit Medical
The launch of the GO2WIRE Steerable Guide Wire System expands Merit’s current offering of guide wires, allowing the company to provide a more comprehensive guide wire portfolio with several advantages over other systems on the market today. By providing physicians with complete product solutions, Merit continues to fulfill its mission of improving lives around the globe.

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