Article: Transradial access for IR’s is gaining traction –An interview with three Interventional Radiologists

Interventional Radiologists interviewed about transradial access

In its November issue, Interventional News reports that transradial access for Interventional Radiologists is gaining traction, as evidenced by the full room of attendees at a satellite symposium about the radial approach, sponsored by Merit Medical during the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe’s annual meeting in September. In the article, Interventional News interviews the three symposium speakers, all interventional radiologists who are experts in the radial approach: Dr. Christoph Binkert, a professor of Radiology in Zurich, Switzerland; Dr. Aaron Fischman, an Interventional Radiologist and assistant professor of Radiology and Surgery, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, USA; and Dr. Darren Klass, Interventional Radiologist, Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver, Canada.

The three physicians outline the benefits to patients of radial artery access over transfemoral access and potential complications and data that shows a very low complication rate. They also comment on the need for radial-specific devices. In his commentary Dr. Klass discusses reasons why many interventional radiologists are hesitant to change to the radial approach and some of the reasons why these hesitations should be overcome. Finally, the article includes the top tips for starting a radial service, as provided by Dr. Klass.

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