For Katie, Dialysis Care Meant More Time with Her Mom

For Katie, Dialysis Care Meant More Time with Her Mom

For Katie, Dialysis Care Meant More Time with Her Mom
Strong, brave, selfless. These are just a few of the words Katie King used to describe her mother, Kay Lynn Welsh. After Kay passed away last year, Katie reached out to Merit Medical to express her gratitude for the hemodialysis care that gave her mother an additional 9 years of life with her family—something she never thought possible.

Katie’s story began the day Kay started hemodialysis in 2008. “She struggled to get a vascular access,” Katie recalled. “She had a failed graft and a failed fistula, and we had no other options.”

During this time a surgeon recommended the Merit HeRO® Graft, a hemodialysis access graft designed for patients like Kay who are failing conventional fistulas or grafts. “She either needed the HeRO, or she wouldn’t be with us,” Katie said. “After struggling in and out of the hospital, surgery after surgery, accesses failing, and her not feeling well, we pursued the HeRO, and it was successful. She got to enjoy life for nine years.”

Those nine years, Katie explained, were significant and happy ones for Kay and her family. Kay was able to attend both Katie’s and her husband’s graduations as well as see her become a dialysis nurse. She was there to see her granddaughter born and watch as her grandson graduated high school, become a marine, get married, and have a child of his own—making Kay a great grandmother.

“There are too many words to describe her,” Katie said. “She made me who I am today. We are so sad to be without her, yet so thankful for those nine years.”

Merit’s commitment to improving lives is what drives the innovation of products that help people like Kay live longer, providing hope to them and their families.

Merit Medical - How We're Maintaining Seamless and Uninterrupted Support

Merit Medical’s Commitment During COVID-19

Since 1987, Merit Medical has developed and delivered products that support healthcare providers and improve patients’ lives around the world. The Merit mission has been—and always will be—to understand, innovate, and deliver.

This moment in history is no different as the Merit team rises to meet current global healthcare challenges. Merit will unwaveringly continue to understand the needs of healthcare providers everywhere, innovate solutions, and deliver products and therapies to treat the patients who need them.

Every precaution possible is being taken to continue seamless and uninterrupted support during this time. A COVID-19 Operations Task Force meets daily to stay on top of all news and changes, so the Merit team can direct the organization appropriately.


As hospital and patient care facilities place limitations on vendor visits, Merit representatives are prepared to continue to support these places per their specific guidelines, protocols, and restrictions, whether in person or virtually:

  • For essential vendor visits, Merit sales and clinical teams are following appropriate infection prevention protocols and are in constant communication with facilities to ensure protocols and policies are strictly followed.
  • All Merit field representatives will have FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Duo, and Microsoft Teams to assist by video with product sales, in-services, training, and/or case support.
  • Training videos are already available for many Merit products and can be found on this site or upon request from sales representatives. If a video does not currently exist, one will be created upon request.


Merit’s Customer Service team is committed to supporting the needs of healthcare providers and will maintain longer-than-industry-average hours of operation. They may be reached at


Merit utilizes a highly vertical supply chain and does not have manufacturing facilities in China. This extends from raw materials and pressure sensors to the innovative products and therapies healthcare providers depend on. Additionally, a diverse distribution structure has extensively prepared the company for a variety of scenarios.

Presently, COVID-19 has not caused any disruptions to Merit’s supply, operations, or delivery of products. The Merit team is taking every precaution to ensure that manufacturing operations and delivery remain uninterrupted and that ample product supply is available to continue to meet patient needs.


Merit is doing everything in its power to ensure that patients and healthcare providers are supported in every way possible. As the situation changes, ongoing updates will be posted to Merit homepage.

Please feel free to contact a Merit sales representative or the Customer Service team with any questions or comments.


To share our step-by-step response to COVID-19, the Merit team has created a series of videos, each providing an in-depth look at important topics, such as how employees are protected during the pandemic, how each global facility maintains a safe work environment, how we are adapting to new customer protocols, and how numerous virtual initiatives have been implemented to provide seamless customer support.


Merit Celebrates International Women’s Day with Winning “W” Company Recognition

2020 Women on Board - Merit Medical Awarded a Winning "W" Company

This year Merit Medical celebrated International Women’s Day with a great honor. It was recognized as a Winning “W” Company for its commitment to board diversity. 2020 Women on Boards (2020WOB), a non-profit campaign dedicated to raising public awareness about the value of gender-diverse boards, awarded Merit for having at least 20% women on its board of directors. Currently, 30% (3 out of 10) of Merit’s Board of Directors are women.

Deepening cultural competence to enhance inclusivity in the workplace is a significant part of the Merit culture. Company-wide leadership training and education initiatives aim to not only increase awareness and knowledge but also encourage Merit leaders to bring out the best in team members, enabling everyone to work together.

According to 2020WOB, research has shown several advantages to public corporations having women on their boards, including higher profitability, productivity, and workforce engagement in comparison to boards with only men.1 Furthermore, having women directors helps to create and maintain a positive work environment for women and reinforces that the company values the contributions of women at all levels.1

Lucia Irazabal, a senior engineer, explains how working at Merit has helped her grow professionally and what International Women’s Day means for her and women everywhere.

Merit is committed to maintaining an inclusive workforce and understands that diversity leads to greater innovation, more opportunities, and a stronger team.

Learn more about how Merit fosters a culture of learning and growing by visiting the Diversity & Talent page.

Women on the Merit Medical Board of Directors

Jill Anderson - Merit Medical Board of Directors
Jill Anderson
F Ann Millner - Merit Medical Board of Directors
F. Ann Millner
Lynne Ward - Merit Medical Board of Directors
Lynne N. Ward




1. 2020 Women on Boards. (2020). Why it matters. Retrieved from

Merit Medical Oncology - Supporting You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Web-Based Resources During COVID-19

Merit Medical Oncology - Supporting You During the COVID-19 PandemicWe at Merit Medical are profoundly grateful for all that our healthcare partners are doing to support their patients and communities as we deal with the impact of COVID-19. Your efforts are truly heroic, delivering the highest quality, safe patient care during this challenging time.

We are taking every precaution possible to continue providing seamless and uninterrupted support. Our COVID-19 Operations Task Force is working around the clock to monitor developments and to respond appropriately to support our customers’ patient care and staff needs.


Merit Café is an online, interactive forum connecting physicians across the county to share their experiences, challenges, best practices, and solutions with managing breast patients during COVID-19.

Vincent Reid, MD, Surgical Oncologist at Mercy’s Hall-Perrine Cancer Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was one of the first moderators of Merit Café and has joined us to discuss “The Impact of COVID-19 on Breast Cancer Management”. To read the full interview with Dr. Reid, click here.


Clinical case support is an integral part of our commitment to our SCOUT® and SAVI® customers. In this environment of restricted access, your Merit representatives are readily available to provide real-time case support via several easy-to-use platforms: Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or WhatsApp. We work closely with clinical teams to ensure a smooth and HIPAA compliant virtual support experience.


Although in-person gatherings have been necessarily put on hold, we believe that learning opportunities for physicians should continue. As such, we will be hosting a series of webinars led by experienced physician faculty. These events will provide an opportunity to learn from and virtually connect with other physicians across the country around the latest in SCOUT Radar Localization and SAVI Brachytherapy.


We strive to ensure each customer is equipped with thorough and in-depth resources to support their use of SCOUT and SAVI technologies. Please contact your Account Executive for access to the SCOUT Customer Resource Portal, or any SAVI Brachy materials.

We at Merit are prepared to provide support and assistance through these trying times. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your local Account Executive or send an email.

Be assured that Merit is doing everything possible to ensure that healthcare providers and patients are supported as we navigate through this challenging time, together.

Home Dialysis Continues to Be a Nationwide Interest

Home Dialysis Continues to Be a Nationwide Interest

Home Dialysis Continues to Be a Nationwide Interest

Home dialysis remains in the U.S. spotlight, as seen in the December 2019 Nephrology News & Issues cover story “Home Dialysis Options Can Assist in Clinical Decision-Making.” Written by Stephen E. Hohmann, MD, FACS, one of Merit’s Think Dialysis Access™ proctors, the article discusses the advantages of home dialysis options, such as peritoneal dialysis (PD). Home dialysis became a topic of interest earlier in 2019 when the White House announced working on a new payment approach for treating kidney disease that favors home-based dialysis options.1

In the article, Dr. Hohmann suggests that advances in PD catheters and implantation systems have made the procedure and treatment more efficient. “Advances in PD catheters have facilitated more streamlined implantation while also potentially giving patients better dialysis fluidic dynamics,” he writes. “Catheters with a larger internal diameter (3.5 mm) compared to other on-market devices can be used, which allows for use of higher flow rates.”2

The catheters Dr. Hohmann refers to are Merit’s Flex-Neck® PD Catheters, the only PD catheters on the market with an inner diameter of 3.5 mm (except for infant-sized catheters). With a 3.5 mm inner diameter, the Flex-Neck is 35% larger than competitive catheters (at 2.6 mm ID), resulting in up to 30% higher flow rates.3 Higher flow rates can translate into reduced treatment times, allowing patients more freedom to do the things they love.

Dr. Hohmann mentions other home dialysis patient advantages that include “more profound improvements in blood pressure control, better kidney disease-related quality of life and shorter recovery time from dialysis treatments . . . compared to similar patients on in-center dialysis.”2 Such benefits are also associated with PD compared to in-center hemodialysis.2 The broader implementation of home dialysis PD care in particular has economic advantages. Dr. Hohmann explains that “a 5% increase in utilization of PD instead of in-center hemodialysis could save as much as $295 million annually.”2

With the increased emphasis on home dialysis, physicians and surgeons across the country are seeking training to support their transition to PD implantation. Merit has been proud to support this initiative with training as part of our Think Dialysis Access™ program, and we will continue rolling out opportunities throughout the upcoming year.

Explore Merit’s support for PD and home dialysis at

Read the full December 2019 Nephrology News & Issues article here.


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