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AEROmini - New Sizes, New Possibilities - Merit Medical

AEROmini® Now Offers Smallest Self-Expanding Nitinol Stents with Through-the-Scope Options

Merit Medical is committed to finding new ways to approach challenging procedures. We accomplish this by transforming customer needs into innovative products that improve the lives of patients. Applying this approach, our Merit Medical Endotek® team—a division committed to next-generation, non-vascular stent technology—sought out valuable physician feedback and used it to develop new and improved AEROmini Tracheobronchial Stents. This exciting line extension offers the smallest self-expanding nitinol stents on the market. With both through-the-scope and over-the-wire deployment options, interventional pulmonologists and surgeons can reach small, distal airways deep within the lung that were previously considered untreatable.

AEROmini Tracheobronchial Stents are indicated for use in the treatment of tracheobronchial strictures produced by malignant neoplasms. Now with through-the-scope capabilities, physicians can deploy AEROmini stents through a 2.8 mm or larger working channel of a therapeutic bronchoscope with direct visualization of the affected area without the need for fluoroscopy. The new through-the-scope AEROmini stents are available in 6-mm diameter and 10-mm and 15-mm lengths, allowing physicians to reach tortuous distal airways with control and precision.

In addition to through-the-scope deployment, the new AEROmini line extension offers smaller, over-the-wire stents specifically designed for physicians treating patients with shorter strictures or those who insist on accurate stent placement without occluding adjacent airways. Available in 8-mm through 14-mm diameters and a 10-mm length, over-the-wire AEROmini stents expand the options for difficult strictures.

Customers can expect the same trusted features and benefits from the new line extension as they have from original AERO® and AEROmini stents. For example, the AERO technology has virtually no foreshortening or elongation of the stents. All stents are fully covered and hydrophilically coated to prevent ingrowth and mucus plugging. Proprietary anti-migration struts decrease stent migration without the potential complications associated with tissue ingrowth. In addition, the through-the-scope suture knot and over-the-wire purse string design aid in stent repositioning and removal.

For over a decade, Merit Medical Endotek has been committed to innovating for the pulmonary space. By listening to our customers, we consistently dedicate our internal research and development team to delivering innovative products that expand treatment options available to physicians and that can ultimately lead to better patient outcomes. With the new AEROmini line extension, we have kept this promise, designing cutting-edge technology that improves the lives of patients.

Visit the AEROmini product page to explore its many features and advantages, and see the through-the-scope AEROmini stent in action.

Merit Medical - 2019 Healthcare Heroes Award Winner

Merit Medical Salt Lake City Receives Utah Business Magazine 2019 Healthcare Hero Award

Healthcare Heroes - Merit Medical - Utah Business Award 2019

Yesterday Merit Medical Salt Lake City was recognized as a Utah Business Magazine 2019 Healthcare Hero, an award that honors healthcare providers and professionals that demonstrate excellence and innovation within the healthcare system and go above and beyond for their employees, their patients, their communities, and their fields. We specifically won the Corporate Initiative category for our numerous unique wellness programs and having a company culture that puts employees first. Nicole Priest, MD, Merit Medical Chief Wellness Officer, accepted the honor on the company’s behalf at an awards luncheon at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

“I am thrilled and honored to accept the Utah Business Magazine 2019 Healthcare Hero Award on behalf of Merit Medical,” Dr. Priest says. “I am very appreciative of the fact that our efforts have been recognized because we do so much to try and improve the health and well-being of our employees.”

A top priority at our Utah-based company is ensuring employees and their families have access to quality and affordable care. Merit Salt Lake City provides excellent health insurance as well as an on-site health clinic and a free dental clinic. Highly trained, in-house health professionals include a physician, nutritionist, employee assistance counselor, and chief wellness officer to oversee Merit employee health and happiness and to lead a number of employee health initiatives.

These initiatives include optional biometric screenings that help employees set and reach personal wellness goals. They can then participate in programs designed to improve individual health needs and incorporate positive lifestyle change. Employees can also engage in multiple wellness education opportunities throughout the year that equip them with the most up-to-date health information and recommendations.

The award also took into consideration the employee garden designed to improve employee mental and physical health by creating more balance in the workday and providing access to fresh produce. The 1-acre parcel of land comprises 82 employee garden boxes, a small orchard of fruit trees, a greenhouse, and a separate area to grow produce for the Merit Cafés. Everything grown in the garden is by sustainable-farming standards, and no commercial pesticides are used; only OMRI-listed products are permitted.

But for employees, the garden supplies more than fresh produce. It delivers something else equally valuable—an outdoor oasis that tackles stress relief. Employees can be found at the garden enjoying their lunches and breaks, taking a moment to enjoy a bit of urban nature. The Merit garden also instills a sense of community. Employees have the opportunity to tend plants side-by-side, enjoy after-work harvest parties, and participate in annual plant sales that benefit employees in need during the holidays. Other perks include gardening and cooking workshops held throughout the year led by Merit’s full-time gardener. Explore the Merit employee garden.

More pathways to healthy eating can be found in the on-site Merit Cafés. In addition to the produce received from the employee garden (900 lb harvested and used in 2018), the Merit Café kitchen staff works creatively with Merit’s chief wellness officer and nutritionist to improve the menu, continually searching for ways to make dishes more nutritious and less calorie-dense.

Along with an extensive menu and salad bar options, foods are labeled with Healthy Choice and Merit Garden stickers to help employees identify healthier foods and those made with items from the employee garden, respectively. For busy employees and their families, the kitchen staff prepares healthy Grab-and-Go options as a healthier alternative to the drive-thru.

Merit Salt Lake City was also recognized as a Healthcare Hero for its workplace safety. Employees are trained in Hands-Only CPR and early defibrillation with an AED emergency device, preparing them for a cardiac arrest emergency. These trained employees are in addition to a team of skilled, on-campus first responders. Although the facility exceeds the number of AEDs required, extra devices are placed throughout to increase workplace safety. Read about this year’s CPR and AED Awareness Week with employee safety training.

Join us in celebrating this honor, a recognition that shows our passion for improving employee quality of life. Visit our Careers page to learn more about becoming a member of our team and the many benefits offered at each facility.

See the complete list of Utah Business Magazine 2019 Healthcare Heroes.

Utah Business Magazine - Merit Medical - 2019 Healthcare Heroes Award Winner
Utah Business Magazine - Merit Medical - 2019 Healthcare Heroes Award Winner - Dr. Priest
StabiliT MX - Steerability, Dexterity, Control - Merit Medical - Vertebral Augmentation

StabiliT® MX Vertebral Augmentation System Brings Steerability, Dexterity, and Control to Vertebral Augmentation Procedures

StabiliT MX Vertebral Augmentation System - Steerability, Dexterity, Control - Merit Medical

Merit Medical is committed to providing physicians with the vertebral augmentation tools needed to treat vertebral compression fractures. The StabiliT® MX Vertebral Augmentation System assembles a variety of vertebral augmentation products into one convenient kit, each working together to create preferential paths for the controlled delivery of high-viscosity bone cement in variety of fracture morphologies. Providing a targeted, bone sparing vertebral augmentation solution.

StabiliT MX Vertebral Augmentation System contents include the PowerCURVE Navigating Osteotome, DiamondTOUCH Syringe, StabiliT Bone Cement, and more. With these components, the StabiliT MX Vertebral Augmentation System brings steerability, dexterity, and control to vertebral augmentation procedures.

Steerability with the PowerCURVE - VCF - Merit Medical


The PowerCURVE Navigating Osteotome provides steerable channel creation to the entire vertebral body via a unipedicular access.1 While preserving intact cancellous bone and maximizing cement interdigitation.3,4 With the PowerCURVE, vertebral stabilization is achieved by creating preferential paths for a targeted cement fill.2

Learn more about PowerCURVE key steerability features.

Dexterity with the DiamondTOUCH Syringe - VCF - Merit Medical


The DiamondTOUCH combines the visibility and accuracy of a digital gauge with the dexterity of the clutch mechanism. Its bright LCD gauge is highly visible with easy-to-read numbers, and its clutch mechanism enables immediate cement flow stoppage if needed, delivering the performance that meets the multiple demands of vertebral augmentation procedures. The 36-inch delivery line allows operation of the syringe away from the radiation source.

Explore how the DiamondTOUCH can enhance the dexterity of your vertebral augmentation procedures.

Control with High-Viscosity Cement - VCF - Merit Medical


The StabiliT MX Vertebral Augmentation System provides StabiliT Bone Cement, our patented high viscosity cement with an extended 35-minute working time. The StabiliT Bone Cement provides controlled delivery and procedural flexibility.

Discover how StabiliT Bone Cement can benefit your vertebral augmentation procedures.

Find what you need for your vertebral augmentation procedures in the StabiliT MX Vertebral Augmentation System, and learn about all the ways we support minimally invasive treatment of vertebral compression fractures.


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Think VCF Solutions - Treat VCF with Multiple Therapeutic Options - Merit Medical

Treating Vertebral Compression Fractures with Multiple Therapeutic Options

Think VCF Solutions - Treat VCF with Multiple Therapeutic Options - Merit Medical

Merit Medical provides physicians with a wide range of vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation tools, offering patients various pathways to treatment.

Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) can have debilitating effects on a patient’s quality of life. Our goal at Merit Medical is to provide physicians with a broad range of tools to treat VCFs through minimally invasive vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation (kyphoplasty) procedures. Through our full family of VCF solutions, physicians can target fractures by finding the right therapeutic approach that meets the needs of each patient.

Our extensive VCF portfolio offers options that include balloon and non-balloon products, devices that provide a unipedicular or bipedicular approach, straight and steerable cavity creation tools, high-viscosity cement, and the products to deliver it with control and precision.

StabiliT® Vertebral Augmentation System

Treat pathological fractures and minimize extravasation in the vertebrae with a targeted approach that uses RF energy-treated, high-viscosity cement with a 35-minute extended working time and remotely controlled delivery.

StabiliT MX Vertebral Augmentation System

Take advantage of the same high-viscosity bone cement with a 35-minute extended working time but without the need for capital equipment. The StabiliT MX allows you to deliver cement using a precision syringe that allows for immediate cement flow stoppage.

StabiliT VP Vertebroplasty System

Enjoy simple prep of high-viscosity bone cement without blending or stirring and with no need to transfer cement. The StabiliT VP offers controlled cement delivery with the same 35-minute extended working time.

Learn more about StabiliT Bone Cement in Merit’s Latest News.

StabiliT Introducer

Achieve percutaneous access to bone during vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation procedures with the StabiliT Introducer. Optimized radiolucency minimizes imaging obstruction while an ergonomic handle and depth markers on the cannula shaft assist with intraoperative manipulation and positioning.

Osseoflex SB Straight and Steerable

Osseoflex® SB Steerable and Straight Balloons

Utilize a unipedicular or bipedicular approach to vertebral augmentation. The Osseoflex SB treats VCFs by compacting cancellous bone for controlled and precise cavity creation followed by predictable cement delivery.

Osseoflex SN Steerable Needle

Get direct access to the entire vertebral body through a unipedicular approach to vertebral augmentation. The Osseoflex SN delivers single-channel or multiple-channel cavity creation by steering and articulating to achieve targeted bone disruption.

Osseoflex Access Instruments

Find a simple solution to percutaneous bone access for vertebral augmentation with the Osseoflex. Access instruments can be used with other products to deliver bone cement to a vertebral body for treatment of VCFs. Both diamond and bevel tip stylets are included for physician choice.

DiamondTOUCH Syringe

Combine visibility and accuracy of a high-resolution digital device with the convenience of an ergonomic one-handed prep handle in this 30-mL syringe. The DiamondTOUCH is intended for bone cement delivery, inflation and deflation of interventional devices, and to monitor pressure (up to 35 ATM, 500 psi).

Merit Medical offers a diverse portfolio of VCF solutions, so you can choose the right tools for your procedures. Discover how we support minimally invasive vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation by visiting our VCF solutions page and learning about our many versatile products.