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Embosphere Microspheres continue to be the embolic of choice for predictable clinical results, ease of use and long-term symptom control. Of the microspheres tested, Embosphere is the only microsphere to consistently demonstrate high infarction rates of all fibroids, which provides long-term symptom control and a significantly lower rate of reintervention.1 With Embosphere, 92.3% of patients that underwent uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) experienced complete (100%) infarction of their entire fibroid burden.2 Competing microspheres don’t compare. In addition to Embosphere, the leading spherical embolic for UFE, Merit Medical offers interventional radiologists a wide array of tools to support their UFE procedures every step of the way, whether your access is radial or femoral. 

Chart of Percentage of Patients with Complete Infarction of Entire Uterine Fibroid Tumor Burden - chart showing 92% complete infarction when using Embosphere Microspheres


Prepare and protect your patients efficiently and safely.


Embosphere® Procedure Pack – combines the basic products for any embolization procedure into one convenient pack.

Rad Board Accessories – Rad Board®; Rad Rest®; Rad Trac™



Achieve quick and effective access.


Merit MAK™ (Mini Access Kit) – 4 Fr or 5 Fr (will be dropped separately if not packaged with radial sheath)

Prelude IDeal™ Hydrophilic Sheath Introducer – 11 cm; 4 Fr or 5 Fr (with or without needle access)


PreludePRO™ Sheath Introducers – 11 cm; 4 Fr or 5 Fr


PreludeEASE™ Hydrophilic Sheath Introducer – 11 cm; 4 Fr or 5 Fr (with or without needle access)



Reach challenging anatomy with accuracy.


InQwire® Diagnostic Guidewires (Bentson) – 260 cm; 4 Fr or 5 Fr

Merit Laureate® Hydrophilic Guidewires – 260 cm; 0.035”; Angled

Tenor® Steerable Guidewires

Performa® Diagnostic Peripheral Catheters – Berenstein; 125 cm; 4 Fr or 5 Fr


UAC (Uterine Artery Catheter) – 4 Fr or 5 Fr


Performa® Angiographic Catheter – Ultimate 1, 2, 3 or 4; 110 cm or 125 cm


True Form® Reshapable Guide Wire

Impress® Diagnostic Peripheral Catheters – Berenstein; 4 Fr or 5 Fr


Merit Maestro® Microcatheter – 150 cm

SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter – 125 cm



Treat your patients with predictable outcomes.


Embosphere® Microspheres – 500-700 µm or 700-900 µm

Hemostasis Valves

FLO 30™ Hemostasis Valve


Achieve controlled hemostasis accurately, quickly, and comfortably.


Safeguard Radial™ Compression Device


Safeguard® Pressure Assisted Device


PreludeSYNC™ Radial Compression Device



Physician Resource Center

Merit offers an extensive Physician Resource Center to support you in your PAE procedures. Downloadable resources include:

  • Data & Studies
  • Patient Education
  • Referring Physician Materials
  • Reimbursement Support
  • Clinical Resources

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Women’s Health Resources

Explore all the ways we’re improving the lives of women. From best-in-class technologies to data-driven resources, our Women’s Health solutions are designed to help you provide your patients with therapy options they can trust.

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Ask4UFE - Patient Resources

Ask4UFE®, is a patient education program for uterine fibroids and alternative treatment options, mainly UFE, sponsored by Merit Medical.

The program includes the patient-facing website Ask4UFE.com, social media awareness efforts and printed and digital educational tools for patients. Physicians can have access to these tools to educate their patients.

Visit Ask4UFE.com


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Percentage of Patients with Complete Infarction (100%) of Entire Uterine Fibroid Tumor Burden

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