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The well-known benefits of the RADIAL APPROACH include less bleeding, quicker ambulation for patients, and lower procedure costs. Merit Medical offers a suite of radial-specific products designed to further optimize the EFFICIENCY of your radial procedures by streamlining and standardizing your set up. These radial accessories include a radial arm board with radiation scatter PROTECTION to enhance the SAFETY of clinical staff.

The Rad Boards are reusable, fit all cath lab and radiology procedure tables, and are reversible for right- or left-side access. A section of Xenolite TB is embedded in the Rad Boards to provide radiation scatter protection. An independent survey found that radiation scatter exposure levels were reduced up to 44% at waist height and up to 25% at neck height when utilizing the Rad Boards (see Radiation Scatter Survey Results). Convenient uprights on the sides of the board form a reservoir with the drape, keeping devices and fluids on the board. Cutout handles allow for convenient moving and transport. All products sold as individual units, non-sterile.

Rad Board

The Rad Board is the only arm board that offers radiation scatter protection.

  • 33-40% reduction at waist height
  • 21-30% reduction at neck height
  • Provides quick, easy and standard set up for your radial access procedures
  • Fits all cath lab/radiology tables
    Reversible and reusable
  • Uprights support drape and help form a reservoir for keeping devices and fluids on the board

Rad Rest

  • Provides wrist and elbow support
  • Stabilizes and positions arm
  • Easily adjusts to accommodate any upper extremity length
  • Soft foam for increased patient comfort

Rad Board Extra

  • Allows 90° perpendicular extension of arm during access
  • Provides an additional 11” (28 cm) of working space when placed next to Rad Board
  • Reversible and reusable

Rad Trac

  • Allows easy placement of the Rad Board when patient is on the table
  • Fits all cath lab/radiology tables
  • Reusable


From set up to hemostasis, Merit Medical offers a complete radial product portfolio to help you achieve the procedural EFFICIENCY and SAFETY that is essential for delivering the best possible CARE.



The Next Generation of Radial
Provides built-in radiation scatter protection


The Rad Board 2 is the latest addition to Merit’s comprehensive radial portfolio.

Designed with a sleek, smaller profile for clinical utility

Radiation Scatter Protection

23-25% neck height

43-44% waist height

Easy to use with bi-plane equipment

Reversible and reusable

Product dimensions: 28”/71 cm x 23”/58 cm

The Rad Board and accessories set-up provides convenience, comfort and maximizes working space.

The Rad Trac fits under the patient and the mattress allowing for the Rad Board 2 to conveniently slide under the patient with ease.



Discover more about the Rad Trac® by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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