Prelude® Radial Sheath Introducers – Mini Access

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Feature & Benefits

Excellent Transitions

Help facilitate smooth insertion into vessel.

Hemostasis Valve

Minimizes blood leakage during procedure. Facilitates insertion and withdrawal of devices.

Color-coded Hubs

Match standard French sizing for easy identification.

Snap Fit Dilator

Eliminates slipping during insertion. Easy to grasp surface with an audible snap.

Rotating Suture Ring

Rotates around device. Smooth surface. Large suture opening.

Three-Way Stopcock

Easy to grip handle facilitates flush and aspiration.


Keeps all components secure, especially the guide wire. Components can be flushed while in the holster. All Prelude Sheaths are packaged in the holster (except Prelude Short Sheaths and PreludeEASETM Hydrophilic Sheaths).

Guidewire Options

Multiple guide wire options to meet your procedural needs.
All 0.035” (0.89mm) and 0.038” (0.97mm) guide wires are stainless steel,
double ended (3mmJ and straight floppy).

Custom Kit Options

Merit can tailor kits to meet your clinical needs.




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