SafeGuard® Pressure Assisted Device

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Feature & Benefits

Let Safeguard assist you in obtaining and maintaining hemostasis.  The Safeguard pressure 24 cm assisted device is safe and effective in reducing active compression time in femoral artery cannulation following diagnostic and interventional procedures. Safeguard simplifies pre- and post-hemostasis management of the access site. It also reduces demands on staff, maximizes valuable resources and enhances patient comfort. Available in two sizes: 24 cm and 12 cm.

Real Pressure

Safeguard delivers adjustable active compression and enables immediate pressure adjustment, maintains consistent pressure on the site during patient recovery as well as patient positioning and transport, and provides site management control for non-compliant patients. Additionally, it facilitates site assessment through a clear window without removing the device.

Real Comfort

Safeguard adheres to the patient while inflated regardless of patient’s anatomy, preserving a high degree of comfort while also maintaining consistent pressure on the site when obtaining hemostasis with manual compression. In a clinical trial, 87% of patients who had undergone a catheterization procedure in the past indicated that Safeguard with the Safeguard Manual Assist Technique (MAT) was much more comfortable than any previous procedure.1

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