Top 10 Merit Medical Product Videos for 2012

Top ten lists are a great way to learn what’s on people’s minds, and at Merit Medical, we learned a lot by reviewing the top ten most-watched product videos in 2012.

Over 24,000 viewers took interest in Embosphere® and HepaSphere™–our microsphere embolization products. 23,000 watched videos for ProGuide™ Chronic Dialysis Catheters. Rounding out the top ten were the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System, the ASAP® Aspiration Catheter, and the ReSolve® line of drainage catheters. There were over 3,000 views of the Great Product, Great People, Great Company video about Merit Medical Systems facilities and capabilities.

We hope viewers will continue to watch our videos or visit our website,, to see even more product videos that will be released in 2013.