basixALPHA Inflation Device - Built for Better Inflation - Merit MedicalMerit Medical is proud to launch the basixALPHA Inflation Device, an analog inflation syringe with a 30 ATM capability and 20 mL capacity, designed for use in a variety of interventional procedures.

At Merit Medical, we understand that inflation devices are staples for any interventional practice. By working closely with interventional radiologists and interventional cardiologists, we create innovative devices to meet the need for faster inflation and greater capacity, accuracy, and reliability. With more than two decades of industry leadership and over 10 million procedures completed using Merit inflation devices, we have a proven track record in providing inflation device solutions.

Our newest product, the basixALPHA, is a prime example of this dedication, offering a number of key features and benefits that make it comparable or superior to competing devices on the market today.1

Fast Inflation, Easy to Use

Coarse threads and a smaller diameter barrel enable quick inflation times. Rotational torque and number of revolutions to reach pressure have been minimized with the intent to reduce physician hand fatigue. Internal testing1 shows that only two or three rotations are needed for the basixALPHA to meet maximum pressure, a rate comparable to competing devices.

Ergonomic Handle

With a handle designed to fit the natural curves and sizes of physicians’ hands, the basixALPHA helps users better grip and manipulate the device.

One-Handed Prep Touch Feature

Unlike competing devices that use a one-handed prep button, the basixALPHA Inflation Device is built with a simplified touch handle that only requires depressing the handle, freeing the opposite hand for use.

Unobstructed Visibility

A clear polycarbonate barrel allows for better visualization of bubbles in the device.

Combine Merit Products. Create Procedural Solutions.

Merit has developed a full line of hemostasis valves to minimize blood loss in interventional medicine, while also supporting a wide array of procedures and devices. We offer more hemostasis valve options than any other manufacturer,1 giving the basixALPHA Inflation Device more valve options. This compatibility provides physicians with more product solutions to their toughest clinical challenges.

PhD™ Hemostasis ValveSpecifically complementing the basixALPHA, our PhD™ Hemostasis Valve simplifies procedures with an easy one-handed, push-and-release mechanism, freeing the other hand to deliver interventional equipment. Dual-seal technology provides easy bleedback control, minimizing patient blood loss. Used together, the basixALPHA and PhD provide physicians with a complete Merit solution.

Merit’s commitment to excellence has resulted in an inflation device portfolio that remains inventive yet reliable, built with the intent to help physicians achieve better procedural outcomes.

You can find ordering information and learn more about the basixALPHA Inflation Device here. Connect with our Customer Support portal to see how you can incorporate it into your practice today.

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