Merit Medical Adds 2 New Products for Assisting Hemostasis

safeguard pressure assisted devices for hemostasis

I’m excited about the recent announcement of Merit Medical’s acquisition of the Safeguard® products for assisting hemostasis. The Safeguard 12 cm and 24 cm Pressure Assisted Devices are latex-free, self-adhesive dressings designed to assist in obtaining and maintaining hemostasis. The 24-cm device is also indicated in the reduction of active compression time in femoral artery cannulation following diagnostic and interventional procedures with an ACT of 140 seconds or less, using a 6 F and smaller sheath size.

Safeguard Product Features

•       Hands-free adjustable pressure of the puncture site
•       Inflatable bulb and standard Luer valve for easy inflation and deflation with any standard Luer syringe

•       Clear window allows better visibility of the puncture site

•       Safeguard maintains a consistent pressure
•       87% of patients in a study indicated that Safeguard was “much more comfortable” than manual compression alone1

•       Adhesive provides a secure fit and minimizes movement or dislocation

Merit Medical’s growing portfolio of hemostasis products now includes the Safeguard, the Finale® and the RADstat® Radial Compression Devices and the Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D.™ Antimicrobial Barrier.

Mark Heninger
Senior Product Manager

1 Roberts, A et al. Safeguard Manual Assist Technique: The SMAT Study. Cath Lab Digest, June 2008:38.