Merit Cafeterias Adopt Compostable To-Go Products

Merit Cafeterias Adopt Compostable To-Go Products

A major green initiative is happening throughout Merit facilities worldwide. To accommodate our Cafe customers in a way that’s more environmentally conscious, we’ve switched out all of our conventional to-go containers for a greener option: a plant-based line of fully compostable products.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, food and its packaging, such as containers, make up almost 45% of what ends up in U.S. landfills.1 To cut down on the amount of food-related trash we generate, Merit has eliminated disposable food containers, instead adopting a line of compostable products, including cups, to-go containers, plates, and even straws. Made of plant sugars derived from field corn, these products are fully compostable in commercial composting facilities.2

Trading in conventional to-go products for something with less of an environmental impact is part of a greater Merit-wide vision to expand our environmental performance. We’ve taken significant steps to accomplish this, such as participating in massive recycling programs, overhauling our energy efficiency efforts, and offering eco alternatives in our kits and packs, just to name a few.

As a global healthcare company, ongoing innovation is our driving force. Whether it’s improving products and services or finding better ways to manage our facilities, choosing practices that preserve the planet is just one more way we show we care.

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