The Importance of Having Options for Foreign Body Manipulation and Retrieval

A survey conducted by Merit Medical found that radiologists, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons use, on average, two or more different endovascular snare devices in their practice. These physicians understand the importance of having options when a foreign object such as an IVC filter, stent, balloon fragment, broken catheter tip, or guide wire tip needs to be retrieved from the vasculature.

EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System and ONE Snare® Endovascular Snare System

Merit Medical recognizes this need and is pleased to be the only provider of two snare systems: an interlaced triple loop device–the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System, and a single loop snare device–the ONE Snare® Endovascular Snare System. The EN Snare® and the ONE Snare® go hand-in-hand to provide physicians with the necessary options they need to meet any clinically-challenging case that may arise.

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Jesse Hansen
Director of Marketing – Interventional Radiology