Celebrating 25 Years of Success

Merit Medical designed and introduced the first digital inflation syringe and monitor called the Intellisystem® back in 1989. This same device, with many improvements and upgrades is still on the market today. This year we launched the Blue Diamond™ digital inflation syringe, the most advanced inflation syringe in the world used to inflate angioplasty balloons and deploy vascular stents. In addition to the Intellisystem® and Blue Diamond™ brands, Merit Medical also sells the Monarch® digital inflation device launched in 1990. The BasixCOMPAK™ and the Big60™ represent Merit’s analog inflation syringe offering. Interventional cardiologists and radiologists have used more inflation devices from Merit Medical since 1989 than from any other supplier.

In 2012 Merit Medical Systems, Inc. will celebrate 25 years of being in business. Inflation devices represent only a few of the many products we offer. The accomplishments have been numerous and the growth of the company is impressive. From the founding in 1987, our sales have steadily grown and there has never been a year without at least one new product introduction (and usually many). It is exciting to be part of a progressive company that has contributed so much to the medical device industry. I am proud to be part of an organization that helps improve clinical outcomes in cardiology and radiology and also helps to improve the quality of life for the patients we ultimately serve.

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.