“The expert at anything was once a beginner.”1

As the summer 2018 internship program draws to a close, we’d like to take an opportunity to recognize our “beginners”—a talented group of interns who contributed to Merit’s success over the past few months.

Each year Merit welcomes the best and brightest students to be part of its summer internship program that takes place from May to August. This year participation reached a record high with double the number of interns Merit has had in recent years—all eager to use their education and talent to make a difference.

It was an exciting season filled with valuable professional development, collaboration, and acquiring new skills. From day one, our interns became an integral part of the Merit team, tackling everyday challenges and finding solutions that work.

“I was really surprised and impressed that as soon as I got here they had a real problem for me to start diving into and doing exactly what I went to school for,” explains Taylor Beard, mechanical engineer intern.

“I’ve learned a lot,” says Samuel Doku, quality intern. “I’ve put into practice a lot of what I’ve learned in class—things that I hadn’t done before. I was doing a lot of database cleanup and had to figure out going forward how the mistakes I found can be rectified.”

This drive to problem solve and create something better was an energy felt in every department, according to Michael Kane, product marketing intern. “Day to day I’m working with manufacturing, sales reps, marketing—everybody basically in the company—to improve our kits and packs,” Michael says. “It’s a very complex product with a lot of different inputs. It’s understanding how those inputs can be changed in order to improve our efficiency.”

It was obvious the interns came in with a lot of knowledge, ready to apply what they knew. And what they didn’t already know, they learned. “I wasn’t very familiar with regulatory affairs,” says Kyler Sant, regulatory affairs intern. “But everybody, from my manager to my other co-workers, has been very supportive and has really helped me to learn what I’m doing and get a feel for what this job is like.”

Along with ongoing support, something else the interns noticed right away was the passion exuded by Merit employees. “People are very passionate about the products, the company, and what Merit stands for,” says Elizabeth Lloyd, clinical marketing intern. “It makes a difference.”

But it wasn’t all work and no play. Throughout the summer, interns were able to participate in fun company outings, like the Top Golf event where they could relax and get to know each other on the driving range. Coming from different schools and working in different Merit departments, these types of events allowed interns to connect and share their experiences outside of the workplace.

At the end of the program, each student participated in a final presentation—a 2-minute opportunity to showcase what they’d been working on all summer to company vice presidents and chiefs.

“The internship here at Merit has given me the confidence to go forward, knowing that I can do this—I do have something to contribute,” says Shelby Berrett, technician intern. “And I want to add to that through my education.”

If taking classroom experience and applying it in a real-world corporate setting sounds like the perfect fit, students can start by searching for current Merit internship openings. Departments that usually have available spots include mechanical engineering, process engineering, manufacturing engineering, electrical engineering, quality assurance, marketing, IT, and regulatory affairs.

Merit internships are full or part time, last for approximately three months, and take place year-round. “Merit works around my school schedule,” explains Alexa Corsey, technician intern. “During the summer I’m working here full time, and during the school year they’re allowing me to work part time.”

“I would recommend this to everyone, and I think it’s a great opportunity,” Elizabeth adds. “If it’s marketing, engineering, nursing, or whatever you want to do—I think Merit has a spot for you.”

Learn more about the Merit internship by visiting merit.com/careers/internships/. We can’t wait to welcome our new round of interns and foster the next generation of experts.

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