Employee Wellness, Health & Safety

We value our employees, which is why we recognize hard work and dedication in ways that help them thrive. Our programs differ by location, but Merit employees around the globe can expect a wide range of excellent benefits.

At our largest facility and global headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT, the on-site medical clinic makes quality care more convenient and affordable to employees and their families. We also provide an on-site garden to help ensure our employees have access to fresh, seasonal produce.

The safety of our team is also a top priority, and at Merit we promote a culture where the health and safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers, partners, and customers are of utmost importance. Each facility is committed to meeting and exceeding all applicable Environmental Health and Safety standards, ensuring a safe and healthful work environment. Read the Policy.

This includes educational opportunities that give employees the knowledge and tools they need to be safe inside and outside the workplace, such as lifesaving CPR and AED emergency device training opportunities that result in a trained team of employee First Responders at many of our sites. Available during all shifts, our First Responders team is ready to provide initial treatment to traumatic injuries and illnesses when needed.

Learn how our First Responders team at Corporate received the prestigious American Heart Association Heartsaver Award for saving the life of a fellow Merit employee.

Overall, we believe employee success is our success. By providing employees and their families with resources to live their personal best, we all succeed together.