Sharon Huff - SCOUT Radar Localization Patient

“When You Are Informed, You Hold the Power” – Sharon Huff, SCOUT® Patient

Sharon Huff - SCOUT Radar Localization PatientSharon Huff is a retired schoolteacher in Ontario, California, where she and her husband live and enjoy an active lifestyle. Like many women around the world, the pandemic disrupted her routine mammography screening, delaying her appointment by a few months. When Sharon was finally able to have a mammogram, a suspicious lesion was discovered. She underwent a biopsy and learned she would need a lumpectomy to remove an early stage cancerous tumor.

“A close friend and I are going through this breast cancer journey together. She is a few weeks ahead of me in her diagnosis, so I have learned a lot from her experience,” Sharon said. “She had a wire localization and told me, in her words, it was going to freak me out. She had the wire put in very early the morning of her surgery and had to be still, so the wire wouldn’t move. Moving the wire could result in not being able to accurately locate the cancer.”

It came time for Sharon’s surgical consult with Dr. Jonsson at Kaiser Ontario Medical Center, and she was expecting to learn of her surgery date and hear about the wire localization procedure. This weighed heavily on Sharon’s mind. When Dr. Jonsson told her she would be having a wire-free localization, she was pleasantly surprised and relieved.

Although Sharon has an extensive educational background and is an avid reader and researcher, she had never heard of a reflector placement with SCOUT®. She immediately turned to the internet. Sharon read everything she could find about the procedure and watched videos to familiarize herself with what the reflector looked like and how it was placed.

When it was time for her reflector placement with Dr. Nguyen of the radiology department at Kaiser Fontana Medical Center, she was well informed and prepared. “The procedure to implant the reflector was easy and did not take long at all,” Sharon commented. “I was very impressed.”

COVID-19 adds additional stress to any medical procedure. In Sharon’s case, her husband was not allowed to accompany her and instead had to wait in the car. On the day of surgery, she only had to arrive two hours prior to the surgery start time, making her husband’s wait time much shorter than if she would have needed a wire localization on the day of surgery. “Having that little reflector made our day so much smoother and shorter,” Sharon recounted.

Size of a SCOUT Reflector versus a US Dime.

SCOUT Radar Localization - Preferred Solution to Treat More Patients - Merit OncologyThe surgery was a success. Sharon happily reported that her surgeon had removed all the cancer, so her margins were clear, and her lymph nodes were negative. She can now quickly move on to any additional treatments. “I can only imagine that being able to precisely find that little cancer played a big part in my good outcome,” Sharon said.

When asked to share pearls of wisdom for individuals going through the breast cancer journey, Sharon had three: inform yourself, make your own decisions, and advocate for yourself.  “When you are informed, you hold the power,” Sharon said. “And you can feel better about your choices.”

Disclaimer: This information is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified physician regarding any medical questions or conditions.

Merit Streamlines basixCOMPAK™ Kits, Provides Options to Better Meet Clinician Needs

BasixCompak™ Inflation DeviceFor nearly 30 years, Merit Medical has been a market leader in inflation device technology. By listening to and applying product feedback, we’re able to use this information to innovate inflation device solutions to meet clinician requirements of faster inflation, accuracy, and reliability.

To enhance our inflation device offerings, starting this month we’ve streamlined kits for the basixCOMPAK™ Inflation Device. These inflation device kit options are designed to deliver better product optimization, increase inventory availability, provide efficient product deliveries, and create added pricing transparency.

At Merit Medical, we understand what makes an exceptional inflation device, and we’re proud to innovate and improve our products, delivering the solutions you need for your interventional procedures. This commitment to excellence allows us to provide you with a portfolio that remains inventive yet reliable with kits that better meet your needs, offering the security and confidence in performance you expect from every Merit product.

Browse our Inflation Device portfolio and contact our Customer Support team to see how our product solutions can fit the requirements of your lab.

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Example Kit Configuration. Part Number IN4911.

Give Yourself a Pay Raise in 2021—Work at Merit

The New Year is a prime time for job seekers. Despite the pandemic, “changing careers” is still a major job prediction and trend expected for 2021. When looking for a new gig, it’s no surprise that the number-one factor employees and job seekers look for is salary.

Merit Pay Increase for Hourly Employees - Starting at $14 per hourIf you’re one of these individuals searching for a new career with better pay, Merit Medical is the place for you. Scheduled to start mid-January 2021, hourly pay at the Merit Salt Lake City facility is being adjust to $14/hour—the largest pay increase in the company for hourly employees and new hires over the last decade.

“Merit continually evaluates its position in the market,” says Rick Portrey, Director of Recruiting at Merit. “We want to adjust to take care of our employees—from entry level on up.” According to Portrey, this pay increase will enable employees to stress less about their paycheck and focus on their path at Merit, building a long-term career at the company.

In addition to helping meet long-term professional goals, Merit’s pay increase will also provide more opportunities to advance employee financial objectives. Whether this means paying off debt, saving for retirement, purchasing a home, or just feeling more financially secure—Merit’s vision for the pay increase is to help employees experience financial security.

Shift Flexibility and Family Friendly Hours - Merit Medical“Merit supports its employees, and an increase in pay is one way we’re showing that,” Portrey went on to explain. “We invest in our employees by valuing their time and productivity,”

A 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey showed that top priorities since the onset of the pandemic have also included mental health benefits, shift flexibility for working parents, and COVID-19 safety protocols.

“Merit prides itself on meeting a number of employee needs, including shift flexibility, a commitment to health and wellness, and keeping employees safe,” Portrey says. “Combined with the new 2021 pay increase, Merit is set to emerge as a premier employer for anyone looking for a career boost.”

Learn about the precautions Merit is taking to keep employees safe during the pandemic and watch Merit’s Journey Through COVID-19: A Video Series.

Employees benefiting from the pay increase include those applying for/currently working hourly positions, such as those in manufacturing and operations, maintenance, janitorial, culinary, and more.

If you’re searching for a workplace that will invest in your success, browse our job openings here. After filling out an application, you can expect a response within two business days.

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We look forward to working with you!