The OuTake® catheter extractor is a convenient, simple and cost-effective tool used to remove tunneled hemodialysis catheters with a tissue ingrowth cuff. The OuTake catheter extractor is designed to reduce bleeding and scar formation and decrease procedure time and cost.

The Merit Tunneled Catheter Extraction Kit is Convenient, Simple, and Cost Effective.

The OuTake Catheter Extractor is a convenient, simple, and cost effective device used to remove tunneled double lumen hemodialysis catheters with an ingrown cuff.

The OuTake Kit contains all necessary components to perform a catheter extraction procedure at the bedside, out-patient procedure room, or in the office. There is no need to gather components from other departments or resterilize. The procedure can be performed by a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.

The OuTake Kit promotes a streamlined procedure with less trauma to the patient. The OuTake device enters the exit hole and cuts ingrown tissue at the same time to facilitate smooth catheter removal.

The OuTake Kit reduces the overall cost of the procedure by having all components in one location, eliminating lab time, and shortening the length of the procedure. Ordering with one catalog number reduces inventory and increases shelf space.