ProGuide™ Chronic Dialysis Catheters

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Feature & Benefits

A Step Above

A stepped tip dialysis catheter with a thin-walled, double “D” lumen design allowing increased flow.

Effective Solutions

Count on the 14.5F ProGuideTM chronic dialysis catheter from Merit Medical.

High-Tech Material

The ProGuide catheter is made of Carbothane, a strong, radiopaque, kink resistant, biocompatible material for optimal patient comfort as well as ease of insertion and maintenance

Multiple Kit & Insertion Options

Permits either a standard insertion using a valved peel-away sheath or over-the-wire insertion.

15F FlowGuard™ Valved Peel-Away Sheath Introducer

An easy to peel sheath with break-away hemostasis valve simplifies catheter insertion and reduces the risk of excess blood loss and air intake.

Guide Wire Stylet

Helps stiffen the catheter and enhances over-the-wire insertion through the venous lumen.

Malleable Tunneler

A blunt-tip tunneler with sleeve facilitates subcutaneous tunneling and catheter insertion.

Color-Coded Clamps with Priming Volume Indicators

Easy to use plastic pinch clamps facilitate catheter care and maintenance with easy-to-read printed priming volumes.

High-Strength Color Coded Female Luer Connections

Luer connections with large, ergonomically designed wings to optimize handling.

Large Internal Lumen Design

Thin-walled, double “D” lumen design allows maximum flow rates as high as 500ml/min. increasing dialysis efficiency at low pressures exceeding K-DOQI Guideline recommendations.

Multiple Catheter Length Configurations

Available in 19cm, 23cm, 27cm, 31cm, 35 cm, and 50cm (Tip to Cuff) lengths to facilitate placement and use in various insertion sites and patient types.

Multiple Packaging Configurations

Available as a stand-alone catheter, in a basic kit or a complete kit with or without the Merit MAK (Mini Access Kit).

Marked Guide Wire

Facilitates guide wire insertion depth and appropriate catheter length selection.

Polyester Implantable Cuff

Provides a low-profile subcutaneous anchor to minimize the risk of dislodgement.

Rotating Suture Wing

Allows flexibility to position the catheter and rotate the wing for secure external suturing.

Pre-Printed Bifurcated Junction

The insert molded junction is compact and comfortable for the patient and clearly identifies catheter size and insertion length.

Catheter Configuration With and Without Side Holes

More options to help meet the needs of clinicians and patients.

Optimally Place Apposition Deflection Feature

The unique apposition deflection feature (“the bump”) is designed to minimize recirculation and optimize flow rates – even when positioned against the vessel wall

Staggered Lumen Exit Ports

With intake and output lumens spaced 3.1 cm apart minimize recirculation and optimize dialysis treatment.

A Legacy of Innovation

Merit Medical has a broad offering of dialysis accessories to compliment the ProGuide Catheter, including: Introducer Needles, Mini Access Kits, Guide Wires, Safety Scalpels, Thrombolytic Infusion Catheters, Sheath Introducers, Syringes and a variety of safety and waste management products.



Discover more about the ProGuide Chronic Dialysis Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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