Centros® & CentrosFLO® Hemodialysis Catheters

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Feature & Benefits

Centered on Performance

The high performance CentrosFLO® long-term hemodialysis catheter from Merit Medical was designed with performance, safety, and ease of use in mind. The new SELF-CENTERING, curved-tip catheter has a greater separation between the arterial and venous tips. Its design is intended to optimize CATHETER PATENCY, and reduce fibrin sheath formation, thrombosis and vessel wall occlusions by keeping the tips of the catheter centered in the vessel and away from the vessel wall. Fibrin sheaths are a frequent cause of catheter malfunction and in a study of removed or exchanged hemodialysis catheters, 76% had fibrin sheaths.1,2,3 The CentrosFLO was designed for PERFORMANCE, SAFETY AND EASE OF USE.

Preshaped Curved Tips

stabilize and center the catheter in the junction of the Superior Vena Cava (SVC) and Right Atrium (RA).

Distal Venous and Arterial Side Holes

reduce intraluminal pressure and the likelihood of the catheter tips sucking up against the vessel wall.

Large Internal Lumen

allows for a flow rate up to 450 mL/min.


Atraumatic Catheter Tip Design

minimizes puncture or irritation of vessel walls.

Non-Traumatic Tunneler

for more rapid loading of the catheter without risk to catheter tips.

Multiple Catheter Length Configurations

accommodate variations in patient anatomy.

Study Results

A recent retrospective study conducted by Dr. Sarvan Balamuthusamy compared the performance of the self-centering split-tip hemodialysis tunneled catheter and the symmetric tip catheter. The results indicated that the self-centering split-tip catheter had statistically greater patency after 3 months with a slight advantage in clearance and blood flow.4

Centros Chart

1 Mean value during the three-month follow-up period
2 Mean clearance and mean blood flow did not include data from the patients with no catheter patency.
3 NSD = Not Statistically Significant, p > 0.05 (t-tests)

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