The TIO (Three-In-One) is a single, elegantly-designed device that incorporates the benefits of an oropharyngeal airway (oral airway), bite block and oxygen administration port into one convenient device. The innovative design of the TIO enhances procedure efficiency and improves patient care during TEE and endoscopic procedures that require deep conscious sedation, and/or for patients with oropharyngeal obstructions such as sleep apnea.

Learn More About the TIO™ Oral Airway Bite Block

Unique Oral Airway Design
Offered in multiple blade lengths to meet anatomical requirements

Comfortable 60F Bite Block
Easy and safe insertion of a wide array of endoscopes, flexible bronchoscopes and other through-the-mouth tools and instruments

Convenient Standard Oxygen Port
Designed to deliver supplemental oxygen up to 6.0L/mi

Catalog Number Bite Block Opening (F) Oral Airway Length (mm) Packaged
TIO60-90 60 90 10 units
TIO60-100 60 100 10 units
TIO60-110 60 110 10 units