Discover An Italian Experience with Mechanochemical Ablation of the Saphenous Vein Since 20121

Success Rate

Freedom from
Recanalization Rate

  • Single centre, retrospective study of 329 patients who underwent treatment of saphenous venous reflux using the ClariVein OC infusion catheter.
  • Treatment using ClariVein OC maintains effective success rates at 5 year follow up: high technical success rate (99.5%) and freedom from recanalization rates 92.4% at 5 years.
  • Using ClariVein OC may offer the patient the benefit of minimal pain and brief recovery time.^

NEW ARTICLE: Mechanochemical ablation with ClariVein OC: A “first choice” treatment option [27 April 2023]

ClariVein OC Infusion Catheter

1. Mirandola, M., Griso, A., Migliara, B, Cappellari, TF, Giovannini, F., Lino, M. An Italian experience with mechanochemical ablation of the saphenous vein since 2012. J Vasc Surg: V&LD 2020; 1-7. DOI:

^ Elias, S., Lam, Y. L., & Wittens, C. H. A. (2013, March). Mechanochemical Ablation (MOCA): Status and Results [greater than two years data]. Phlebology, Vol. 28 (suppl. 1), pp. 10-14.DOI: 10.117/026835513477787


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