One of the most common problems with biopsy handling is the risk of being exposed to formalin and formaldehyde either through touch or inhalation. The IARC, which is the Cancer Agency of the World Health Organization, classifies formaldehyde as a category 1b carcinogen. * Suited to a wide range of biopsy procedures, BiopSafe offers the same quality sample fixation you’re used to, but with additional safety.


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Features & Benefits

Product Benefits:

  • Safe sample handling with no exposure to formalin or formaldehyde via touch or inhalation
  • Ready in seconds
  • No sensory irritation
  • Optimal formalin volumes minimize waste and expensive disposal costs

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3178-200-0020 ml
3178-600-0060 ml
2018 Innovative Technology Designation Vizient, Inc.

2018 Innovative Technology Designation

BiopSafe® smart system has received a 2018 Innovative Technology designation from Vizient, Inc. Read the Press Release >