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Giving You More Graft Options to Bypass Central Venous Stenosis

The Super HeRO® Adapter and Support Seal system expands upon the clinically proven HeRO Graft by allowing surgeons to utilize other standard wall and early cannulation vascular graft options.


Table 1: Marketed 6 mm ID (qualified for use with the Adapter, Support Seal not needed)

Trade NameManufacturerCatalog Number**Support Seal Required for HeRO® Graft Adapter
Standard Wall
Atrium Medical Corp.25053 | 25142 | 25052No
GORE® ACUSEALW.L. Gore & AssociatesECH060010A | ECH060020A | ECH060040A | ECH060050ANo


Table 2: Marketed 6 mm ID (qualified for use with the Adapter and Support Seal)

Trade NameManufacturerCatalog Number**Support Seal Required for HeRO® Graft Adapter
IMPRA®C.R. Bard05S06 | 10S06 | 20S06 | 30S06 | 40S06 | 50S06 | 60S06 | 70S06 | 80S06 | 90S06Yes
GORE-TEX®W.L. Gore & AssociatesV06010L | V06020L | V06030L | V06040L | V06050L | V06070L | V06080LYes
GORE-TEX® StretchW.L. Gore & AssociatesS0601 | S0602 | S0603 | S0604 | S0605 | S0607 | S0608 | S0609Yes
GORE® PROPATEN®W.L. Gore & AssociatesH060010A | H060040A | H060060A | H060080AYes

The Adapter should NOT be connected to any graft other than a new graft listed in Tables 1 and 2.
* Refer to graft manufacturer Instructions for Use or website for indications and further information.
** Catalog numbers may contain identifiers that are not reflected on this table. Consult the graft manufacturer’s
website to determine which equivalent catalog numbers are available in your region.


A Clinically Economic Solution

HeRO Graft Cost Benefits*

  • 23% average savings per year with the HeRO Graft predicted by a US healthcare model for provision of dialysis access compared to catheters5
  • Cost savings of over $3,100 (per patient/year) to the dialysis center when converting catheter-dependent patients to the HeRO Graft6
  • Lowers the number of interventions by more than 50% compared to catheters7, 8
  • Reduces device-related infections compared to catheters7 that can result in hospital admissions9, 10 projected at $23K to $56K per stay

Impact of HeRO Graft in the Era of Dialysis Provider Bundling6*

Have you incorporated the Super HeRO into your practice?

ProductProduct NumberDescriptionDiameter (ID)Length
Super HeROHeRO 1000Adapter
Support Seal
Venous Out ow Component Accessory Component Kit
6 mm – 5 mm 7.4 mm
5 mm
2.47 cm
4.50 cm
40 cm (customizable) N/A


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HeRO Graft is classified by the FDA as a vascular graft prosthesis.
For the grafts permitted for use with the Adapter and Support Seal, refer to the graft manufacturer Instructions for Use.

*When used with HeRO 1001 and HeRO 1002, similar results are expected when used with the HeRO 1000 Adapter.

Before using refer to Instructions for Use for indications, contraindications as well as warnings and precautions.

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Catalog NumberExpanded Family Name1
HERO1001Venous Outflow Component
HERO1001VOCVenous Outflow Component
HERO1002Arterial Graft Component
HERO1006HeRO Ally