The DriPAD is a super absorbent pad that controls, isolates and traps biofluids while also containing and preventing the spread of odors. This premium pad can absorb up to 35x its weight in fluids, making them more efficient than the leading absorbent pad on the market. That’s up to 10x more absorption power than alternative pads.*

Protect the safety and health of your patients and staff by helping to manage the risk of biohazards and keeping fluids contained.

DriPADs assist hospitals in addressing their environmental, clinical, financial and therapeutic needs:


  • Many hospitals are looking for ways to continuously deliver positive outcomes while being environmentally friendly
  • DriPADs solidify liquids including blood and biofluids, making them more manageable for waste disposal, while reducing the amount of red-bag waste
  • Helps reduce a hospitals environmental footprint
  • Just one DriPAD replaces many floor pads and underpads, reducing the amount of unnecessary trash in landfills*


  • Assists in reducing room turn-over time. DriPADs can be placed on the floor to quickly and efficiently absorb fluids and spills.
  • The DriPAD has numerous applications and can be used in multiple areas within a hospital. Place the DriPAD on the floor to absorb fluid loss or place under the patient to assist with incontinence care.
  • Helps provide better patient care during procedures and in the post-surgical-care environment by absorbing fluid into the inner core and drawing it away from the surface – keeping the patient relatively dry
  • The silver-ion agent reduces and helps prevent the spread of odors


  • Cost effective – higher absorbency means less pads are used per patient
  • Supports cost-cutting initiatives
  • Can reduce biohazard waste disposal costs


  • Laying on a wet pad can make patients uncomfortable – DriPAD helps to keep patient dry
  • Soft on skin
  • Easy to use at home
  • Odors are contained

*Data on file