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Merit Medical is pleased to announce the launch of its Aspira® Drainage System Demo Kit and Patient Hotline—two support pieces we’ve added to the growing list of healthcare services we provide.

The Aspira Drainage System is used to drain accumulated fluid from the pleural or peritoneal cavity, relieving symptoms associated with malignant pleural effusion or malignant ascites. A home-drainage option, the Aspira Drainage System may allow patients to drain fluid and manage their symptoms without repeated trips to the hospital.

To ensure patients get the most out of the Aspira Drainage System, Merit now provides in-hospital Demo Kits—a resource that clinicians can use to familiarize patients with system components prior to discharge. A key part of the Demo Kit is a folder full of patient materials—another new way we aim to support every step of their treatment. Folder resources include a DVD with tutorial videos, a patient guide for tracking drainage, a troubleshooting guide to help with potential challenges, and more.

“The take-home material provided in the Aspira Demo Kits has been an invaluable addition to my drainage program,” says Michael Serle, PA, vascular and interventional radiology physician assistant at Pinehurst Radiology and Reid Heart Center in Pinehurst, NC. “These tools make the post-procedure process much simpler and have been well received by patients and their families.”

Merit also now offers a new 24-hour Aspira Drainage System Patient Hotline. From questions about order status to understanding the product itself, patients can expect to talk to a live operator. With this added layer of support, the goal is to further reduce the need for patients to return to the hospital for drainage treatment.

The Aspira Drainage System, with its many new services, is designed to provide a simple and compassionate treatment option for patients with drainage needs. For more information or to learn about the different materials, visit