I Am Merit: Allen Guo

Allen Guo, Senior Operations Manager

My Opportunities in China with Merit:

I started working at Merit 6 years ago as an Operations Supervisor. Before that, I worked at GE Healthcare under the medical system machines division in Beijing. I was promoted to Operations Manager after 1.5 years and was further promoted to my current position of Senior Operations Manager after another 2 years. My operations coverage has also been extended from Mainland China to the rest of the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia areas and Korea. The reason why I stayed at Merit is really simple and straight-forwarded: great people and plenty of opportunities.

Merit in Mainland China:

In 2010, I was one of 3 people working for Merit in a small 700-square-meter warehouse (7534 square feet). Now, I have a team of 10 people with 8 employees working at our newly-established 1800-square-meter (20,000 square feet) warehouse and distribution center handling distribution in Mainland China. One team member looks after the forecast and planning in Mainland China and the final team member is located in Hong Kong and provides operation supports to the region. Over the past 5-6 years Merit has dramatically expanded with a steady double-digit growth rate. We have increased the numbers of sales licenses to over 50. These licenses are issued by the Chinese government to sell medical devices within China. One of the major growth factors can be attributed to Merit’s strong sales team, who work with 400 different distributors in China’s key cities.

Facing the Challenge of Growth:

As a department head leading the Asia operation, I have built up a reliable, responsible and passionate operation team. I lead my team to overview the sales forecasts to establish a proper supply chain, while maintaining a high order fulfillment rate for the entire Asia region. Apart from managing Merit’s warehouse in Beijing, we also have a third party logistics warehouse in Hong Kong as the regional distribution center.

Merit’s Vision in China:

Being customer oriented is the main vision that I focus on. Operation is a supporting function that I have two groups to serve, my internal and external customers.  Sales and Marketing teams are my internal customers. Mutual understanding on their specific needs and special requests are the vital elements for me to provide necessary supports to them. Distributors and hospitals, who purchase our products are my external customers. My main focus is to lean the operation process in order to improve the order implementation efficiency; as well as improve the forecast accuracy and the order fulfillment rate.

Friends, Family and Football:

When I’m not analyzing supply/demand numbers, I like to play football with my friends, not American football but European football, “soccer”. I also like to go to gym after work. The majority of my leisure time is spent with my family. I’ve been married for 8 years to my wife Yuanyuan and have two daughters. One is 5-years-old, her name is Sherry and her little sister has just arrived last month on March 29. I call her little beauty at the moment, but still haven’t given her an English name. We are welcome to any suggestion!

New High Flow Pigtail Valved One-Step™ Centesis Catheters


We are excited to announce the release of the new high flow Pigtail Valved One-Step™ Centesis Catheter!

These catheters have been designed for safe, controlled insertion with decreased procedure times.

The distal obturator prevents the needle from puncturing and shearing the catheter, and protects the clinician from accidental needlestick. The self-sealing valve also minimizes the risk of air infiltration, and fluid leakage.

The sharp needle and smooth transitions ease insertion and decrease patient discomfort, while the depth markers and echo-enhanced needle help with fast and accurate placement.

Procedure times may be decreased due to the fast flow rates. When compared with a leading competitor, the high flow Valved One-Step Centesis Catheter has a 16% faster flow rate*. The fast flow rates are due to the pigtail protecting the large drainage holes from occlusion, kink-resistant material, and large catheter and hub inner diameters.

To incorporate the high flow Pigtail Valved One-Step Centesis Catheter into your practice, contact your Merit Medical sales professional today or visit merit.com to learn more.

*Tested with 5F X 10 cm straight catheters

Merit Medical is Looking Forward to SIR this Weekend


Merit Medical and ThinkRadial will host several exciting events at the Society of Interventional Radiology annual meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada from April 3-6. A series of activities taking place in Merit’s booth, #419, will provide attendees with a chance to learn about Merit’s innovative offerings through both hands-on experience and interactive presentations from transradial intervention and embolotherapy experts.

The first of Merit’s live presentations will take place from 9:30 am to 10:30 am on April 5. In this session, Dr. David Liu, MD, FRCPC, FSIR, will discuss “The Development and Evolution of a Hepatocellular Carcinoma Embolotherapy Program: Rationale, Experience and Approach at Vancouver General Hospital”. From 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on April 5, Dr. Darren Klass, MD, PhD, MRCS, FRCR, FRCPC, will host “Transradial Approach – Beyond the Basics: A Discussion of Cases and Tips With Expert Interventional RadialistTM, Dr. Darren Klass.”

Booth visitors will also have several opportunities to interact with and learn more about Merit’s product line supporting transradial intervention, including the most comprehensive offering of transradial access tools for Interventional Radiology; patient set-up, access, angiography, intervention and hemostasis, and for the first time, the Performa® Transradial Peripheral Angiographic catheter in longer lengths for peripheral radial access. ThinkRadial’s one-of-a-kind radial vascular model will also be available for hands-on product demonstrations.

Merit will also showcase products dedicated to the latest in embolotherapy interventions, including Embosphere® Microspheres, QuadraSphere® Microspheres (cleared in US and now additionally indicated for hepatoma), and HepaSphereTM Microspheres (indicated for use with or without doxorubicin outside the US).

At SIR, Merit will also showcase the following products:

  • HeRO® Graft, recently acquired from Cryolife, Inc.
  • CorVocet™ Biopsy System*
  • SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter**
  • PAK™ Pedal Access Kit***
  • Advocate™ PTA Catheters
  • SPINR™ High-Performance Guide Wire Controller
  • One-Step™ Centesis Catheters with Pigtail
  • Performa® Transradial Peripheral Angiographic catheter in longer lengths

Additionally, Merit team members will be available to discuss their recent transition from a distributor model to a direct sales model for Canadian customers.

* Not available in EU or CAN.
** Available in EU. Not available in US or CAN.
*** Not available in CAN.