ReSolve® Locking Drainage Catheter

I am extremely happy to announce two new improvements to our ReSolve® Locking Drainage Catheter.

1. The tip of the catheter will be positioned within the pigtail curl to minimize tissue irritation that may be caused by the catheter tip.

2. Non-radiopaque depth markers have been added to the catheter shaft to aid in placing the catheter.

The non-radiopaque depth markers will be helpful for clinicians using the trocar technique for placement into fluid collections such as abscess, nephrostomy and cysts. Clinicians will be able to use the depth markers as a guide for determining where the catheter is in relation to the fluid collection during placement.

After placement, the non-radiopaque depth markers may be used by patients and caregivers as a reference for the correct depth positioning of the catheter.

The catheters are available in 15 cm, 25 cm and 40 cm lengths to facilitate catheter placement using different imaging modalities and fluid collections of varying depths.

Richard Collard
Senior Product Manager
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Merit Medical 2012: A Year of Accomplishments

As the year comes to a close, I am looking back on 2012 and realizing what an amazing year it has been for Merit Medical. Here are a few of our accomplishments in 2012:

Positive Sales Growth
2012 not only marked Merit’s 25th anniversary, but also 25 straight years of positive sales growth. This is impressive considering how much the struggling economy has impacted many medical device companies in our space. We’re very proud of that.

New Products
The company continues to launch new products, which it has done every year since its founding in 1987. In 2012 we introduced the Blue Diamond™ digital inflation device, the BowTie™ guide wire insertion device, the EndoMAXX® fully covered esophageal stent, and the ONE Snare™ endovascular snare system. We also received 510(k) clearance from the FDA to market the Merit Laureate® hydrophilic guide wire in the United States.

New Product Acquisitions, Alliances and Distribution Agreements
In January, we purchased the Ostial PRO® stent positioning system. In February, we signed a distribution agreement for the Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D.™ antimicrobial pressure applied device. In September, we purchased the Centros® long-term hemodialysis catheter (and added the CentrosFLO® long-term hemodialysis catheter). In November, we purchased the Flex-Neck® peritoneal dialysis catheter and related products. Recently we announced that Merit entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement to acquire Thomas Medical, Inc. from GE Healthcare, adding products that are recognized as “gold standard” by many of the leading cardiac rhythm management (CRM) and electrophysiology (EP) market participants.

New Facilities
By the end of the year Merit will complete the construction of a new 255,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art, finished goods warehouse and manufacturing facility in South Jordan. We also announced a new R&D facility in Pearland, Texas – a 118,000 square-foot, two-story facility. We completed the expansion of our “Vision Facility” in Galway, Ireland for the assembly of custom procedure packs in Europe.

New Employees
We’re doing our part to help the global economy through the creation of jobs. At the end of 2011, Merit employed about 2,400 employees worldwide, at the end of 2012 we employ more than 2,600 talented people who will help us grow in the future.

New Year
2012 was truly a great year for Merit, but 2013 looks even brighter! Each year we look forward to establishing annual priorities that will help us better serve our customers and further our mission and goals. I’m optimistic about what the New Year holds for our company and for our customers!

Larry Tolman, Vice President, Business Analytics

Merit Laureate® Hydrophilic Guide Wire and EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System Product Demonstrations Generate Interest at the 2012 TCT Meeting in Miami

The 2012 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) Meeting took place Oct. 23-25 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Merit Medical’s booth was a frequently visited destination at the meeting. While many attendees enjoyed Merit Medical’s complimentary BowTie™ Guide Wire Insertion Device slush drink bar, the Merit Laureate, ONE Snare™*, EN Snare, Ostial PRO®, as well as the Radial Approach product demonstrations were the real draw.

Hands-on demonstrations of products provided attendees the opportunity to insert the Prelude® Sheath Introducers and to apply the Finale® Radial Compression Device on an anatomical model. The anatomical discovery models allowed attendees to see and feel the exceptional torque control and turn-for-turn responsiveness of the Merit Laureate Hydrophilic Guide Wire. The ONE Snare Single Loop Snare and the EN Snare Triple Loop Snare were demonstrated on a new discovery model with dual image screens and was a very popular demonstration.

Attendees showed a lot of interest in the Ostial PRO Stent Positioning System. This guide wire system is designed to provide consistent and precise stent placement in aorta-ostial lesions during coronary or peripheral interventional procedures.

Merit Medical had a great show and we are looking forward to continuing to provide product innovations and accessories designed to enhance the practice of interventional cardiology.

Patty Jabotte
Marketing Communications Manager

*510(k) Pending

Happy Thanksgiving From Merit Medical – Thank You for Being Part of Our World

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Merit would like to sincerely thank our investors, customers, vendors, employees and our wonderful friends worldwide. The company exists and is growing because of you!

John F. Kennedy once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” It is interesting to note that in many Latin languages “Happy Thanksgiving Day” is translated as a day of thankful “action.”

“¡Felíz día de Acción de Gracias!” (Spanish)
“Feliz dia de Ação de Graças!” (Portuguese)
“Bonne fête de l’Action de Grâces !” (French)

May our actions as a company always exemplify an attitude of gratitude for your contribution to our success!

Larry Tolman
Vice President, Business Analytics
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Introducing Merit Medical’s CentrosFLO® Chronic Dialysis Catheter Designed by Dr. Stephen Ash

Merit Medical is thrilled to announce the addition of the NEW CentrosFLO long-term hemodialysis catheter to its dialysis catheter line. This unique design features unique, preshaped, curved tips that automatically center the catheter ports within the middle of the vessel.

“The outward-curved limbs contact only one or two points within the lower SVC, minimizing the irritation of the SVC versus long straight-tip catheters,” Dr. Ash explained. The distal tip of the catheter has a unique curved configuration that keeps the ports of the catheter centered and away from vessel walls.

Initial in vitro bench testing showed minimal recirculation rates of less than 1% and flow rates well within the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) Guidelines. The CentrosFLO can be placed through a split sheath introducer or over-the-wire to suit your specific insertion needs. A unique, non-barbed tunneler is included in the CentrosFLO.

The CentrosFLO is a tremendous addition to Merit Medical’s dialysis catheter and accessory product offering and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to market this new line!

The NEW CentrosFLO – Centered on Performance

To find out more about the CentrosFLO long-term hemodialysis dialysis catheter, please call Merit Medical Customer Service at 1-800-35-MERIT.

Lynette Torman
Senior Product Manager

Merit Medical Makes InformationWeek List of Top Technology Innovators

As the Director of Sales & Marketing Technology at Merit, I’m proud to announce that Merit Medical was ranked 195 out of 500 companies on the InformationWeek 500 Top Technology Innovators. This annual list identifies the nation’s most innovative users of business technology. InformationWeek tracks the technology, strategies, investments, and administrative practices of some of America’s best-known companies.

We earned this recognition for our work developing, implementing and integrating state-of-the-art web and mobile systems for marketing disposable medical devices for use in interventional radiology and cardiology. Our innovations include:

• A new company website, including an online catalog, blogs and award-winning product videos for HepaSphere™ Microspheres and the Blue Diamond™ digital inflation device among others.

• Custom mobile applications, including native iPad and iPhone apps and cross-platform HTML5 apps such as the EN Snare® endovascular snare system snare size selection chart.

• Cloud architecture with software services, including Amazon Web Services,, Google Apps, and eLeaP training, secured with Symplified single sign-on and unified with mashups.

• Social media outreach through a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn group, and Scribd library.

Learn more about the ranking by clicking on the following link:

Lincoln Cannon
Director, Sales & Marketing Technology

Merit Medical to Exhibit at AIM VEITH in New York, November 14-17, 2012

Merit Medical is looking forward to exhibiting its innovative line of interventional radiology products when the Advanced Interventional Management (AIM) Symposium and VEITHsymposium™ are held in New York.

AIM is holding its 20th annual symposium on issues and techniques in interventional radiology and endovascular therapy. The VEITHsymposium™ provides Vascular Surgeons and Vascular Specialists the latest dialogue in clinical practice and research.

Merit Medical will be offering attendees hands-on demonstrations of the Merit Laureate® hydrophilic guide wire where physicians can experience true 1:1 torque.

Merit Medical will also highlight its suite of evidence-backed embolization products: Embosphere®, EmboGold®, and QuadraSphere® Microspheres, Merit Maestro® and EmboCath® Plus Microcatheters. The Tenor® and Sequitor® Steerable Guide Wires round out a portfolio that offers exceptional delivery systems for controlled, selective embolization.

On behalf of Merit Medical, I hope you’ll come to booth WP5 to learn more about our complete line of high quality interventional devices and accessories.

Sandra Anderson
Senior Product Manager

MAK-NV™ (Mini Access Kit Non-Vascular) Video Highlights Clinical Benefits of its Introducer System

I am pleased to announce the release of the MAK-NV Introducer System video.

Abscess, nephrostomy, biliary, cyst and other drainage procedure delays are often caused by:

· Introducer tip peelback,
· The inability to determine the exact location of the introducer tip, and
· Difficulty visualizing the needle tip.

The video highlights the clinical benefits offered by the MAK-NV introducer’s smooth transitions and radiopaque marker tip, as well as the MAK-NV needle’s echo-enhancement. The smooth transitions allow the MAK-NV Introducer System to track over the guide wire smoothly to minimize catching on tissue causing introducer peelback. The radiopaque marker tip on the introducer and echo-enhancement on the needle offer good visualization in the patient for accurate placement.

Visit to view the MAK-NV Introducer System video and for more information about our line of drainage products , which includes the ReSolve® drainage catheters, Revolution™ and StayFIX® catheter securement devices, Merit Drainage Depot™ drainage bag, and VacLok® vacuum pressure syringes.

Richard Collard
Senior Product Manager
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Having Options Matters

A recent survey conducted by Merit Medical, found that radiologists, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons use, on average, two different endovascular snare devices in their practice. These physicians understand the importance of having options when a foreign object such as an IVC filter, stent, broken catheter tip, or guide wire needs to be removed.

Merit Medical recognizes this need and is pleased to be the only provider of two snare devices: an interlaced triple loop device–the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System, and a new, single loop snare device–the ONE Snare™ Endovascular Snare System. The ONE Snare™ and EN Snare® go hand-in-hand to provide physicians with the necessary options they need to meet any clinically-challenging case that may arise, because having options matters.

Check out the website to learn more about the ONE Snare™ and EN Snare® Endovascular Snare Systems.

Jesse Hansen
Senior Product Manager
Merit Medical

New! BowTie™ Guide Wire Insertion Device From Merit Medical

I’m thrilled to introduce the new BowTie™ Guide Wire Insertion Device, our innovative solution to the problem of aligning devices with micro guide wires.

Low lighting, small wires, and gloved hands make aligning devices used in diagnostic and interventional procedures difficult. The BowTie, named after its bow-tie shape, lines up wires and devices for quick and easy insertion. After loading, the flexible BowTie can be removed easily through a slit along the top of the device.

The BowTie will be available for hands-on demonstrations at CIRSE and TCT trade shows in September and October. We hope clinicians will be as excited as we are about this simple, elegant solution for “Making Ends Meet™.”

Stephanie Poulsen
Senior Product Manager
Merit Medical

Merit Medical Wins Telly Award for its Suite of Product Videos Produced by Lone Peak Productions, Inc.

Merit Medical is proud to announce that its product videos for HepaSphere™ Microspheres and Blue Diamond™ Digital Inflation Device won two Bronze Telly Awards in the Sales category at this year’s 33rd Annual Telly Awards.

The Telly Awards are given for web commercials, videos, and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs. Entries are submitted from advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments around the world. Merit Medical’s videos were produced in conjunction with Lone Peak Productions, Inc. of Salt Lake City. The 33rd Annual Telly Awards received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.

The videos showcase a number of Merit Medical products including HepaSphere Microspheres, designed for controlled, targeted embolization with or without delivery of doxorubicin HCI for the treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) and the Blue Diamond Digital Inflation Device, a next-generation digital inflation device with a bold bright display that provides a high resolution visual representation of pressure.

To view these prize-winning videos, and our complete line of videos showcasing Merit Medical products, visit our website,

Merit Medical to Attend CIRSE 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal September 15-19

Merit Medical will exhibit at booth number 25 during the 2012 meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) to be held in Lisbon, Portugal September 15-19. The CIRSE meeting is dedicated to education, science, and innovation in the field of Interventional Radiology and minimally invasive image-guided therapies. The programme is designed around seven main themes including Vascular Interventions, Transcatheter Embolization, Interventional Oncology, Neuro Interventions, Non-Vascular Interventions, IR Management, and Imaging.

With medical attendees from over 80 countries, CIRSE is a unique platform for interaction and for the exchange of scientific information. The educational programme provides the opportunity for physicians to familiarise themselves with new devices and to master new therapies, continually improving the service IR can provide for patients.

Merit Medical Releases Video for the Scion Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D.™

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new video for the Scion Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. Antimicrobial Barrier. The Scion Cardio-Vascular CIo-SurPLUS P.A.D. is intended for the local management of bleeding wounds and to provide a barrier to bacterial penetration of the dressing in all patients and for the promotion of rapid control (hemostasis) of bleeding in patients following hemodialysis and for those on anticoagulation therapy.

The video demonstrates the use of this versatile pad as an alternative to manual compression following catherization. The Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. accelerates hemostasis plus protects against nosocomial infection, improving clinical efficiency while reducing complications, such as pseudoaneurysms and hematomas.1

To view the new CIo-SurPLUS P.A.D. video, click on the following link:

Mark Heninger
Senior Product Manager, Merit Medical

[1] Invasive Cardiology: A Manual for Cath Lab Personnel, Pg. 396, Watson and Gorski

Construction of New Merit Medical Facility Underway in Pearland, Texas

Merit Medical broke ground early in 2012 and construction is underway on a new 107,000 square foot facility located in Pearland, Texas. Pearland is 12 miles south of Houston, Texas and approximately 30 miles northeast of Merit Medical’s Angleton facility.

The Pearland building is expected to be complete in May of 2013.

Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle™ Features Inventor of the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter Swan Neck Design

Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle newspaper was created to feature interviews with inventors, physicians, and authors about several Merit Medical products, including the Merit Maestro Microcatheter.

The Merit Maestro Microcatheter is preshaped and designed to access and maintain position in arteries with acute angles such as the hepatic artery. The secondary curve helps seat the catheter in the vessel to reduce the recoiling effect of the embolic agent as it is introduced. The preshaped distal end is ideal for access to the hepatic artery. Shinichi Hori, MD, PhD, the Director of the Gate Tower Institute for Image Guided Therapy in Japan, created the exclusive swan neck design of the Merit Maestro Microcatheter and offered his opinion on the advantages of its design. “Standard microcatheters have a change in flexibility and softness at each joint,” Hori observed. “Since the Merit Maestro has no joints, the catheter movement inside the blood vessel is very smooth.” Dr. Hori now uses the swan neck microcatheter for the majority of his cases where there are acute branch take-offs and vessel tortuosity.

The Merit Maestro multipurpose microcatheter was designed and engineered for the controlled and selective infusion of diagnostic, embolic, or therapeutic materials into peripheral and coronary vasculature. To read more about the Merit Maestro and other Merit Medical products used for embolic therapy such as QuadraSphere® microspheres, click on the link below.

Innovation Chronicle

Merit Medical Presents Radial Approach Product Options to Hospitals in Brazil

Merit Medical just completed a successful week of presentations on its radial approach product options to hospitals in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil.

Presentations and training for physicians and cath lab personnel included inservicing the radial approach using Merit Medical products from introduction to closure in approximately 20 cases. The training took place at Escola Paulista de Medicina Hospital, Dante Pazzanese Hospital, and Beneficencia Portuguesa Hospital (one of the largest cath labs in Latin America) in Sao Paulo and Hospital Cardiologico Costantini and Intercordis-Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças in Curitiba.

The Merit Medical Radial Approach products used were Prelude® sheath introducers, Performa Ultimate™ diagnostic catheters, and the Finale® radial compression device. The Performa Ultimate 1 catheter was considered by many users to be preferable to the Terumo Tiger shape, especially when cannulating the RCA, LCA, and when performing a ventriculogram. The physicians and staff liked the Finale because they thought it was simple to use, does not occlude the ulnar artery, can easily check pressures, and quickly addresses decompression issues.

Merit Medical’s Radial Approach Product Demonstrations, Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D.™ Generate Interest at Euro PCR 2012

Merit Medical’s booth was a popular destination at Euro PCR this year. While many attendees enjoyed Merit Medical’s complimentary coffee bar and excellent barista, the radial approach product demonstrations and new Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D. were the real draw.

Hands-on demonstrations of products designed for the radial approach gave attendees the opportunity to insert Prelude® Sheath Introducers and to apply the Finale® Radial Compression Device on an anatomical model. The Performa Ultimate™ diagnostic catheters in four different curve variations were also available for demonstration.

Attendees showed a lot of interest in the Scion Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D. This non-invasive topical hemostasis pad works as both an antimicrobial barrier and as a hemostasis pad for rapid control of bleeding. The pad is made of Polyprolate™, a biomedical grade form of chitosan.

Merit Medical had a great show and is looking forward to continuing to provide products and accessories designed to enhance the practice of interventional cardiology.

Merit Medical To Exhibit At The World Conference On Interventional Oncology in Chicago June 14-16

We hope to see you in Chicago next week when Merit Medical showcases its products at the World Conference on Interventional Oncology (WCIO). WCIO offers interventional radiologists, interventional oncologists, residents, and students from around the world hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and scientific programs on current treatments and future developments in interventional oncology for the treatment of cancer.

From microspheres to microcatheters, Merit Medical offers a complete embolic product portfolio to provide a high-performance delivery system for embolization procedures. Featured products will include QuadraSphere®, Embosphere®, and EmboGold® Microspheres, the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter, and the Tenor® Steerable Guidewire.

Visit Merit Medical at WCIO to learn more about our high-quality products and accessories designed to enhance the practice of interventional oncology.

Merit Medical Opens New Facility in Galway, Ireland

Merit Medical officially opened a new $25 million facility at the Parkmore Business Park East in Galway, Ireland on May 15, 2012. Merit Chairman and CEO Fred Lampropoulos and the Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny, spoke at the opening ceremony.

Prime Minister Kenny expressed his appreciation for Merit Medical’s investment in Ireland. Lampropoulos praised the Irish workforce: “Our high level of satisfaction with our Galway facility’s ability to take on new challenges and its successful track record in developing new products over the past 16 years were major factors in implementing this crucial investment there.”

The new 75,000 square foot building will be the principal site for the development and manufacture of guide wires and inflation devices such as InQwire® Guide Wires, Merit MAK™ Mini Access Kits, and BasixCOMPAK™ Inflation Devices.

Merit Medical’s Ireland facility is responsible for providing general, financial, and operational management to its European operations. Lampropoulos believes the new facility will play a significant role in increasing the company’s global business.

Continuing conservative care versus crossover to RF-TVA (radiofrequency kyphoplasty): a comparative effectiveness study on the treatment of vertebral body fractures.

Bornemann R, Hanna M, Kabir K, Goost H, Wirtz C, Pflugmacher R. Euro Spine J 2012. Pubmed PMID: 22234722

BACKGROUND: There is controversy about how to treat vertebral fractures. Conservative care is the default approach. The aims of this study were to compare RF-TVA to conservative care and assess the usual algorithm of starting all patients on conservative care for 6 weeks before offering RF-TVA.

METHODS: Elderly patients with painful osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures were all treated with 6 weeks of conservative care (analgesics, bracing, and physiotherapy). They were then offered the choice of continuing conservative care or crossing over to radiofrequency kyphoplasty, at 6 and 12 weeks. Clinical success was defined as: (1) VAS pain improvement ≥2, (2) final VAS pain ≤5, (3) no functional worsening on ODI.

RESULTS: After the initial 6 weeks of conservative care, only 1 of 65 patients met the criteria for clinical success, and median pain VAS improvement was 0. After 12 weeks of conservative care, only 5 of 38 patients met the criteria for clinical success, and median pain VAS improvement was 1. After RF-TVA, 31 of 33 patients met the criteria for clinical success, and median pain VAS improvement was 5. Median range improvement in function ODI score was 38 (range 22-56). Cement leakage was only seen in 3 of 56 (5%) levels operated.



CONCLUSION: For the vast majority of patients with a VAS ≥5, conservative care did not provide meaningful clinical improvement. In contrast, nearly all patients who underwent RF-TVA had rapid substantial improvement. RF-TVA was more effective than conservative care.

Merit Medical Hosted Industry Session and “Meet the Authors” Breakfast at Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST) in New York, May 3-6, 2012

Merit Medical exhibited at GEST, the “world’s foremost meeting on embolization,” in New York, May 3-6, 2012. GEST assembled experts from around the world to discuss the latest developments in embolization therapy and treatment. The symposium included lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions.

Merit Medical sponsored an industry session on Thursday, May 3 from 12:30 to 1:15 P.M. Speakers Maurizio Grosso, MD and Julien Namur, PhD discussed “HepaSphere™ Microspheres for HCC: Patient Outcomes and Considerations in Embolic Sizing.”

Merit Medical also hosted a “Meet the Authors” breakfast reception on Friday, May 4 from 6:45 to 7:45 A.M. with innovators and thought leaders in Interventional Radiology and Oncology including Francisco Carnevale, MD, PhD, Alberto Antunes, MD, Maurizio Grosso, MD and Julien Namur, PhD.

We enjoyed hosting these events and talking with GEST attendees about our suite of tools for embolization procedures including the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter, Tenor® Steerable Guidewire, and other products designed to enhance the practice of interventional medicine.

Merit Medical Recognized as a Diamond Sponsor of Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST) 2012

Merit Medical was recognized as a Diamond-level sponsor at GEST 2012 in New York, May 3-6. A Diamond-level sponsor designation is given to companies who contribute $100,000 or more to support the annual GEST symposium, its audiovisual services, GEST faculty, and educational materials.

Each year, GEST assembles experts from around the world to discuss the latest studies, treatment options, and clinical results using embolization for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, aortic disease, uterine fibroids, trauma, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, vascular malformations, and liver cancers.

GEST 2012 acknowledged Merit Medical’s support in the syllabus/course book as well as on signs and display boards on site at the symposium.

Merit Medical is proud of its sponsorship, which allows the symposium to provide excellence in continuing medical education and to enhance the educational experience of attendees at the “world’s foremost meeting on embolization.”

Merit Medical Hosted Satellite Symposium on HepaSphere™ Microspheres at ECIO 2012

The Third European Conference on Interventional Oncology (ECIO) was held April 25-28 in Florence, Italy. ECIO assembles experts from around the world to discuss the latest advances in cancer imaging and treatment in satellite symposia, scientific programs, and hands-on workshops.

Merit Medical hosted a satellite symposium: “HepaSphere Microspheres for HCC: patient outcomes and considerations in embolic sizing.” Maurizio Grosso, MD presented “HepaSphere Microspheres for unresectable HCC: clinical results” and Valentin Verret, Eng, MSc presented “HepaSphere Microspheres: pre-clinical comparative data for smaller size HepaSphere Microspheres.”

We were proud to showcase HepaSphere Microspheres and the compelling advantages of drug-eluting TACE for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma along with our suite of tools for embolization procedures including the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter, Tenor® Steerable Guidewire, and other procedural products.

Merit Medical Releases Interactive App for the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new interactive app for the EN Snare Endovascular Snare System. This app is designed to help customers when selecting the appropriate EN Snare configuration for use in a desired vein or artery. The app is also designed to provide the EN Snare product codes and technical specifications for reference and ordering purposes.

Interested in downloading the EN Snare Endovascular Snare System interactive app? You can access it via the following web link:

To add this interactive app to your iPad, open the link within Safari and select the menu option “Add to Home Screen.” Once complete, close Safari and access the app directly by tapping on the EN Snare app icon.

Jesse Hansen
Senior Product Manager, Merit Medical

Merit Medical to Exhibit at Euro PCR in Paris, May 15-18, 2012

Merit Medical is looking forward to exhibiting its comprehensive line of cardiology products at EuroPCR, the official annual meeting of the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions.

This year’s programs will include 460 sessions of lectures, presentations, and live cases on coronary interventions, interventions for structural heart disease, interventions for hypertension and heart failure, as well as interdisciplinary programs for nurses and technicians. Live cases will be transmitted from 15 leading medical centers around the world.

Visit Merit Medical at Booth M64 on level 2 of the Palais des Congrès to learn more about our featured products: the ASAP® Aspiration Catheter, the Blue Diamond™ Digital Inflation Device, the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System, and the Scion Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D.™

We are looking forward to introducing Euro PCR attendees to the innovative, high-quality, problem-solving devices and accessories we offer to enhance the practice of interventional cardiology.

We hope to see you in Paris!

Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle™ Delivers New Product News

Merit Medical is delivering a new marketing tool this spring — the Innovation Chronicle newspaper. The newspaper features interviews with inventors, physicians, and authors about several new Merit Medical products:

• the Ostial Pro® Stent Positioning System
• the CentrosFLO™ Chronic Dialysis Catheter
• the Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D.™ Antimicrobial Hemostasis Pad
• the ASAP® Aspiration Catheter
• QuadraSphere® Microspheres
• the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter

The Innovation Chronicle is a unique way for readers to learn more about these innovations and the inventors who created them. The newspaper also includes interviews with physicians who have used some of these products in a clinical setting and a question and answer interview with the author of a recent study on the use of microspheres for embolization.

The Innovation Chronicle also has a lighter side—a crossword puzzle and cartoons. Merit Medical is looking forward to sharing its news with clinicians this spring!

Click here to read Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle.

Merit Medical Expands Embolic Line with Smaller-Sized QuadraSphere® Microspheres

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. announces the FDA 510(k) clearance of Biosphere Medical QuadraSphere® Microspheres in a new 30-60μm size. The new smaller size provides physicians the ability to achieve more distal occlusions when embolizing hypervascular tumors and arteriovenous malformations. When packaged in their dry state, the new microspheres measure 30-60μm, but when reconstituted for use, they expand to 120-240μm.

QuadraSphere® Microspheres are biocompatible, hydrophilic, non-resorbable, expandable, and conformable microspheres designed for controlled, targeted embolization. QuadraSphere® Microspheres 30-60μm, along with the three other available sizes of microspheres, further enable physicians to more precisely match the sphere size to the size of the targeted vasculature. We are delighted to bring this new smaller size to the market to enhance Merit’s broad array of Interventional Radiology implant options.

Sandra Anderson
Sr. Product Manager
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Merit Medical Recognized as a 2011 Universal Supporter of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR)

Merit Medical has been recognized as a Universal Supporter for its “total commitment” to SIR. The Society of Interventional Radiology is a non-profit, national scientific organization of over 4,500 members that promotes education, research, and communication in the practice of cardiovascular and interventional radiology.

The Universal Supporter designation is awarded to an SIR-member company that has participated in three or more educational activities, supported the SIR Foundation, provided in-kind equipment support, and contributed educational or Foundation support in excess of $25,000.

Merit Medical will be among 12 companies honored with a special banner at this year’s SIR conference in San Francisco, March 24-29.

Defining Reliability and Accuracy with the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System

Physicians understand that circumstances arise that require the use of an endovascular snare device. Some planned situations include the removal of an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter, dialysis catheter fibrin sheath stripping or stent placement. Some unplanned circumstances include the removal of a sheared catheter tip, a broken guide wire or a defective stent. Regardless of the circumstance, physicians reach for a reliable and accurate endovascular snare device that allows them to efficiently remove any foreign object from the vasculature.

Merit Medical is pleased to meet these clinical needs with the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System. The EN Snare® is the only endovascular snare that incorporates three interlaced loops designed for a unified approach to the capture of foreign objects. Each loop is wrapped in a platinum band to provide visibility under fluoroscopy. The Nitinol core wire allows flexibility to promote vessel navigation.

The EN Snare® is available in seven configurations with snare loop sizes ranging from 2 mm to 45 mm to accommodate a broad range of vessels throughout the body. The sizes conveniently overlap which allow customers to order the snare sizes that best fit their clinical needs.

Interested in learning more about the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System? Check out the new promotional video on the EN Snare® product web page or visit for more details.

Jesse Hansen
Senior Product Manager, Merit Medical

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. adds the Ostial Pro® Stent Positioning System, designed to help accurately place stents.

Merit Medical continues to invest in bringing value-rich tools to the hands of skilled physicians. The next product to be added to Merit’s cardiology portfolio is the Ostial Pro® Stent Positioning System, launching in Q1 2012. This device was recently acquired from Ostial Solutions, LLC.

The Ostial Pro® is a Nitinol device with gold-plated feet to ensure accurate placement of stents at the junction of arterial vessels with the aorta. It is estimated that between 2% and 15% of coronary stent placements are ostial1. Missing distal or proximal to the target lesion can result in a number of complications and added costs. This device provides a simple and efficient means for accurate aorto-ostial stent placement and minimal residual stenosis in difficult-to-treat lesions.

Current studies show that the use of the Ostial Pro® is associated with decreased procedure times, radiation exposure, and a lower volume of radiographic contrast use, which reduces costs for both the hospital and the health care system2.

Stay tuned for additional information on this innovative product.

1 Fischell, TA. Initial clinical experience using an ostial stent positioning system (Ostial Pro™) for the accurate placement of stents in the treatment of coronary aorto-ostial lesions. J Invasive Cardiol. 2009 Feb; 21(2):53-59.

2 Kwan, TW. What is the price for perfection for precise aorto-ostial placement? J Invasive Cardiol. 2011 Aug; 23(8): 327.

Merit Reaches Distribution Agreement for the Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D.™

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. has negotiated a long-term distribution agreement with Scion Cardio-Vascular to sell its Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D., a soft, non-woven topical pad that provides an optimal wound-healing environment with an effective antibacterial barrier. The pad is intended for the local management of bleeding wounds and to provide a barrier to bacterial penetration of the dressing. For Interventional Cardiologists and Radiologists with patients who are anti-coagulated or who have bleeding complications after interventional or diagnostic peripheral vascular procedures, the Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. can effectively coagulate fully heparinized blood. The Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. reduces hold time as well as time to ambulation.

The pad is versatile and can be placed around sites involving percutaneous catheters, tubes, and pins. The Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. has demonstrated in-vitro antibacterial activity for up to 6 days. It is water soluble for easy and painless removal, which is more comfortable for the patient.

Mark Heninger
Sr. Product Manager
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Comparison of Clinical & Radiological Data in Treatment of Osteoporotic VCFs Using RF-TVA (RF Kyphoplasty) or Balloon Kyphoplasty

Pflugmacher R, Bornemann R, Koch E, Randau T, Muller-Broich J, Lehmann U, Weber O, Wirtz C, Kabir K. Z Orthop Unfall 2012. PubMed PMID:21993914

PURPOSE: Since the 1990s, balloon kyphoplasty has been proven as an effective method of treating patients with painful vertebral compression fractures (VCF). The RF-TVA is an innovative procedure available since 2009, for which an ultra-high viscosity cement is used. For the statistical comparison of the two methods of augmentation, the clinical and radiological data of 2 large patient groups were evaluated – a prospectively collected RF-TVA treated group and a matched pair BKP treated group.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective study of RF-TVA was performed between 2009 and September 2010 using the StabiliT® Vertebral Augmentation System. For the BKP group, patients with the same clinical and radiographic parameters as in the first group were evaluated (matched pairs). Clinical parameters for efficacy and safety were pain intensity using a visual analogue scale (VAS: 0 to 100 mm) and function using the Oswestry Disability Score (ODI: 0 to 100%). Height restoration in the middle and anterior parts of the treated vertebra and reduction in kyphosis after RF-TVA and after 6 months were evaluated. Cement extravasation and operation time were compared. To compare the data statistically, parametric and non-parametric tests were applied.

RESULTS: 114 patients were enrolled and treated in the RF-TVA group and 114 patients (matched pair) previously treated with BKP were selected. Prior to treatment 84 mm on the VAS were calculated in both groups. The decrease in VAS values (RF-TVA vs. BKP) immediately after surgery was 58.8 vs. 54.7 mm (p = 0.02), and 73.0 vs. 58.9 mm after 6 months (p < 0.001). Both groups had significant improvements in ODI function scores after 6 months without a statistically significant difference. In both groups, the middle part of the vertebral bodies was increased by an average of 3.1 mm. RF-TVA yielded a decrease in the average kyphosis angle of 4.4, the BKP resulted in about 3.8 degrees. Extravasation was significantly less in the RF-TVA treated group (6.1 % vs. 27.8%; p < 0.0001). The RF-TVA procedure was significantly shorter than BKP (28.2 vs. 49.6 min; p < 0.001).



CONCLUSIONS: The RF-TVA has proven to be a clinically very effective procedure. No differences could be detected regarding improvement of functioning and the mean restoration of mid- and anterior vertebral height. RF-TVA offers the advantage of a statistically significant lower proportion of cement extrusion.

High Quality Products and High Quality Videos

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. has partnered with an Emmy award-winning video production firm to produce a suite of high quality educational videos. These new videos and others can be viewed by visiting the Merit Medical corporate website Go to the “Product” heading menu on the home page and from these select “Videos.” Sales representatives are using the videos as a sales tool, and clinicians are viewing the videos to learn more about the products.

If you want to learn more about our products, I invite you to watch these videos. These informative videos feature a variety of Merit Medical products:

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Celebrating 25 Years of Success

Merit Medical designed and introduced the first digital inflation syringe and monitor called the Intellisystem® back in 1989. This same device, with many improvements and upgrades is still on the market today. This year we launched the Blue Diamond™ digital inflation syringe, the most advanced inflation syringe in the world used to inflate angioplasty balloons and deploy vascular stents. In addition to the Intellisystem® and Blue Diamond™ brands, Merit Medical also sells the Monarch® digital inflation device launched in 1990. The BasixCOMPAK™ and the Big60™ represent Merit’s analog inflation syringe offering. Interventional cardiologists and radiologists have used more inflation devices from Merit Medical since 1989 than from any other supplier.

In 2012 Merit Medical Systems, Inc. will celebrate 25 years of being in business. Inflation devices represent only a few of the many products we offer. The accomplishments have been numerous and the growth of the company is impressive. From the founding in 1987, our sales have steadily grown and there has never been a year without at least one new product introduction (and usually many). It is exciting to be part of a progressive company that has contributed so much to the medical device industry. I am proud to be part of an organization that helps improve clinical outcomes in cardiology and radiology and also helps to improve the quality of life for the patients we ultimately serve.

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Merit Medical Participates in the 2012 International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy

Merit Medical is delighted to participate in the 2012 International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET) in Miami, Florida on January 15-18. Merit Medical will be demonstrating an extensive line of new Interventional products including the EN Snare® endovascular snare system, Laureate® hydrophilic guide wire, Biosphere® embolic family, Maestro® microcatheter, Impress® hydrophilic catheters, and our Prelude® sheath introducer line. Please visit booth #204 to experience a hands-on demonstration of the Laureate® hydrophilic guide wire, which proves to have true one-to-one torque and a long-lasting lubricious coating. Feel the difference while you navigate the Laureate® through the tortuous anatomy of our life-like vascular model at the Laureate Discovery work station.

Merit Medical Sponsors CIO Luncheon Symposium

At the 2012 Congress of Interventional Oncology Merit Medical will sponsor a luncheon symposium, featuring Katarina Malagari, MD and Julien Namur, Ph.D. The symposium will focus on three informative topics: the rationale for smaller spheres in certain pathologies; results from preclinical in-vivo studies utilizing smaller microspheres; and review of recent cases utilizing smaller microspheres (Pending 510(k)). We look forward to an informative and interactive symposium and invite you to join us.

Merit Medical is delighted to participate in the 2012 Congress of Interventional Oncology, as 2012 will be a milestone year for Merit’s embolic portfolio. We anticipate launching line extensions of HepaSphere™ Microspheres and QuadraSphere® Microspheres that further address the needs of interventional radiologists worldwide. Merit Medical looks forward to serving the needs of interventional radiologists with our broad interventional radiology product portfolio that includes the Laureate® hydrophilic guide wire, the Maestro® microcatheter, Prelude sheath introducers and Embosphere® Microspheres.

Merit Medical sparks product interest at November’s AIM/VEITH Symposium

Merit Medical was proud to participate in the 19th annual AIM/VEITH symposium held November 16-19, 2011 at the Hilton Hotel New York City, which attracted over 2,500 attendees. The traffic surrounding Merit’s product displays and hands-on demo stations was significant and gave physicians an opportunity to feel the quality and outstanding performance that Merit Medical’s products possess. One of the most popular work stations at the symposium was the Laureate Discovery which challenged participants to demo the new Laureate hydrophilic guide wire and its true one-to-one torque. Physicians were able to see the performance value of this highly superior product in a realistic vascular model, almost exactly as it would perform in the human body. Within the vascular model, physicians could also see the reliability of the wire’s long-lasting hydrophilic coating. Merit Medical also showed the new Maestro® microcatheter, its cutting edge digital inflation device–the Blue Diamond™, the EN Snare® endovascular snare system, Impress® hydrophilic catheters, as well as its rich embolic product line including Embosphere® and QuadraSphere® microspheres.