Protection Through Innovation™

Merit Medical is committed to providing unique medical devices that will assist clinical personnel in their efforts to increase safety.



Merit Medical has a complete line of products designed to promote the safety of clinicians and patients. SHIELDED scalpels, needles, and SECURE temporary sharps holders help protect clinicians from accidental sharps injuries. Multiple color options and smear-resistant labeling for syringes and containers help you prevent medication errors. Closed containers prevent hazardous spills and allow convenient and SAFE waste disposal.


Footnote(2) Workbook for Designing, Implementing and Evaluating a Sharps Injury Prevention Program.


Need to reduce waste and optimize efficiency? Assembling all the products you need for a procedure can be time consuming. At Merit, we can customize your procedural packs to the specifications that meet your clinical requirements. Add Merit’s line of Play it Safe products to your custom pack today for optimal protection.

Let Merit Medical customize a procedure pack to meet your specific requirements. Ask your Merit Sales Representative for more details.

Drape Armour® positional shields are designed to protect at the procedure site where scatter radiation is most prevalent. These shields can help protect physicians and other members of the clinical staff, by offering substantial attenuation. Drape Armour is a registered trademark of Microtek Medical, Inc.


Catalog Number Description 
K12T-07302 16 x 10 Radiation Pad
K12T-07303 16 x 14 Radiation Pad
K12T-07304 16 x 16 Radiation Pad
K12T-07362 16 x 10 Radiation Pad LOW
K12T-07363 16 x 14 Radiation Pad LOW
K12T-07364 16 x 16 Radiation Pad LOW
K12T-07361 16 x 13 x 9 “L” Radiation Pad

Medallion Syringes 

Medallion syringes take the guesswork out of medication labeling. Merit Medical’s Medallion syringe is designed to facilitate compliance with national safety goals that require labeling of all medications on and off the sterile field. Medallion syringes come in seven color options with custom printing, or a frosted field for writing information directly on the syringe barrel.

Footnote (9): The Joint Commission. National Patient Safety Goals Effective January 1, 2015. assets/1/6/2015_NPSG_HAP.pdf


Merit Medical’s signature Medallion Syringes can be custom ordered to your specifications. Medallion Syringes come with a clear polycarbonate barrel, colored plunger, customized medication printing, and Luer options including fixed male or slip Luer styles.

Medallion Syringes are also available with black medication printing and a fixed male luer. Medallion Sword Handle Syringes feature larger handles, clear polycarbonate barrels, colored plungers, and fixed male luers. See product catalog for ordering information.


Pen and Labels were designed to streamline and help make labeling medications easier. PAL labels are designed to stick even when wet and can be customized with a variety of color choices for safety
and convenience.

Quickly and easily order all your custom medication labels with Merit’s revolutionary iPad app. There is no other app on the market today that will allow you to customize all your hospital’s medication labels right from an iPad while working with your Merit Medical Sales Professional.

Through the app, you’ll be able to select critical drug information, including drug name, dosing, date and signatures while maintaining complete compliance with the Joint Commission. Contact your Merit Medical Sales Professional today for all your medication labeling needs and for a live demo of our state-of-the-art iPad app.

Footnote (10): The costs of adverse drug events in hospitalized patients. Adverse Drug Events Prevention Study Group. Bates DW1, Spell N, Cullen DJ, Burdick E, Laird N, Petersen LA, Small SD, Sweitzer BJ, Leape LL.


Catalog Number Description 
PAL100Contains pen and label set of 35
PAL200Contains pen and label set of 24
PAL225Contains pen, label set of 24 and guide wire bowl label set of 5
PAL250Contains pen, label set of 24 and large bowl label set of 7
PAL300Contains pen and label set of 12
PAL325Contains pen, label set of 12 and guide wire bowl label set of 5
PAL350Contains pen, label set of 12 and large bowl label set of 7
PAL400Contains pen and blank label set of 12
PAL425Contains pen, blank label set of 12 and guide wire bowl label set of 5
PAL450Contains pen, blank label set of 12 and large bowl label set of 7
PAL500Contains pen and guide wire bowl label set of 5
PAL600Contains pen and large bowl label set of 7
PAL700Contains pen, label set of 35 and large bowl label set of 7

The unique design of the Merit safety needle allows clinicians to easily activate a low profile safety mechanism, shielding the needle after use to minimize any harmful needle sticks.

Footnote (1): Rhode, K.A., Dupler, A.E., Postma, J., Sanders A. (2013).Minimizing nurses’ risks for needlestick injuries in the hospital setting. Workplace Health & Safety. 61 (5), 197-202.


Catalog Number Gauge Length Maximum Guide Wire Hub 
SL18T71W187.0cm / 2.75”0.038 (0.97mm)Without wings
SL18T71WS187.0cm / 2.75”0.038 (0.97mm)With wings
SL21T71W217.0cm / 2.75”0.021 (0.53mm)Without wings
SL21T71WS217.0cm / 2.75”0.021 (0.53mm)With wings

The Futura safety scalpel is retractable, protecting clinicians and patients when passing scalpels or disposing of them. The Futura safety scalpel has a precision stainless steel blade that retracts with spring retraction technology to minimize the risk of accidental cuts. The locking inset offers tactile and audible feedback that the blade has been safely retracted. Its one-handed activation combines convenience with rapid response for any procedure.

Footnote (11): Jagger J, Berguer R, Phillips EK, Parker G, Gomaa Increase in sharps injuries in surgical settings versus nonsurgical settings after passage of national needlestick legislation. J Am Coll Surg. 2010;210(4):496-502.


Catalog Number Description Color 
SMS210#10 Blade StyleGreen
SMS211#11 Blade StyleBlue
SMS215#15 Blade StyleYellow

The ShortStop temporary sharps holder was designed to prevent sharps injuries to both the clinician and the patient. The ShortStop, with its distinctive bullseye design, holds needles and scalpels in a protected environment before, during, and after procedures. The sharps holder features a bright red durable exterior, strong base adhesive, and thick core-resistant foam.

Footnote (6): Estimate of the annual number of percutaneous injuries among hospital-based healthcare workers in the United States, 1997-1998.


Catalog NumberDescription
SS10ShortStop Temporary Sharps Holder, packaged 25 per

The ShortStop Advantage temporary sharps holder has all of the features of the original ShortStop temporary sharps holder but with the addition of side access for holding sharps devices in a safe and secure horizontal orientation. Fully loaded syringes will not tip or bend when secured in the ShortStop Advantage side access port. The sharps holder features a colorful bullseye design in a bright red durable holder with thick core-resistant foam.

Footnote (7): United States General Accounting Office. Occupational safety: selected cost and benefit implications of needlestick prevention devices for hospitals. GAO-01-60R; November 17, 2000.


Catalog Number Description 
SS20ShortStop Advantage Temporary Sharps Holder, packaged 25

The ShortStop Grandstand Temporary Sharps Holder holds sharp devices upright for convenient access and safety. The bright red compact configuration is a space-saving solution for the safe storage of needles, syringes, and scalpels. The ShortStop Grandstand has core- resistant foam for easy removal. It’s strategically located adhesive strips secure the ShortStop Grandstand to most work surfaces.

Footnote (8): National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Preventing Needlestick injuries in Health Care Settings


Catalog Number Description 
SS30ShortStop Grandstand Temporary Sharps Holder, packaged

Our BackStop and MiniStop disposal systems have a seal-tight lid to prevent fluid leakage after a procedure, providing quick and safe fluid waste elimination.


Catalog NumberDescription
MBS100BackStop 500 mL fluid capacity, packaged 10 per box
MMS100MiniStop 100 mL fluid capacity,

For quick and safe fluid waste elimination, the BackStop+ and MiniStop+ disposal systems both have seal-tight lids to prevent fluid leakage after a procedure. The disposal systems also come with a temporary sharps holder.

Footnote (5): Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention for Healthcare Workers


Catalog Number Description 
MBSP100BackStop+ 500 mL fluid capacity, packaged 10 per box
MMSP100MiniStop+ 100 mL fluid

The DugOut closed waste basin is designed with particulate-free material and features a secondary compartment for storage of ancillary products or saline, and a seal tight lid with a 1000ml fluid capacity. Designed for quick and safe elimination of fluid wastes.

Footnote (3):


Catalog Number Description 
DUG100DugOut 1000 mL fluid capacity
DUG1SSDugOut 1000 mL fluid capacity with ShortStop® Temporary Sharps Holder

Merit Disposal Depot waste bags fully contain fluid waste for easy disposal. For added convenience, the waste bags come in many configurations for connecting directly to a manifold or for placement on the back table.


Protect the safety and health of your patients and staff by helping to manage the risk of biohazards and keeping fluids contained.The DriPAD is a super absorbent pad that controls, isolates and traps biofluids while also containing and preventing the spread of odors. This premium pad can absorb up to 35x its weight in fluids, making them more efficient than the leading absorbent pad on the market. That’s up to 10x more absorption power than alternative pads.*

Footnote (4): Characteristics and Circumstances of Falls in a Hospital Setting.


Catalog Number Description Quantity
DRI0909E9” x 9” Soaker Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies one pint of fluid10 units
DRI2320E23”x 20” Utility Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies two quarts of fluid5 units
DRI2332E23”x 32” Large Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies three quarts of fluid5 units
DRI2360E23”x 60” Stretcher-Size Gurney Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies six quarts of fluid5 units
DRI09099” x 9” Soaker Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies one pint of fluid10 units
DRI232023”x 20” Utility Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies two quarts of fluid5 units
DRI233223”x 32” Large Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies three quarts of fluid5 units
DRI236023”x 60” Stretcher-Size Gurney Pad; Absorbs and Solidifies six quarts of fluid5 units