Performa Multipack™ Angiographic Cardiology Catheters

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Feature & Benefits

Introducing Merit Medical’s Performa line of Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters, designed with all the torque you need, improved shaft strength for better pushability and large inner lumens for increased flow rates. The Performa line of catheters will help you reach your goal of excellent imaging in today’s cardiology environment.

Nylon Material

  • Kink resistant
  • Optimal surface smoothness
  • Thermal stability at body temperature
  • Thin wall design for improved flow rate


  • Good shaft visualization under fluoroscopy
  • Tip opacity ensures accurate placement and visualization

Winged Polycarbonate Hub

  • Enhanced handling and control

Wire Braid Design

  • Greater torque for maximum control
  • Improved longitudinal stability
  • High degree of maneuverability
  • Provides superior pushability

Tip Designs

  • Excellent tip memory
  • Re-forms accurately time after time

Bumper Tip

  • Added softness to the 4F Performa catheter line for patient safety

Flat Wire Braid

  • Increased torque
  • Greater stability
  • Improved kink resistance

4F Performa Catheter Line

  • Accepts 0.038” (0.97 mm) guide wire for physician convenience
  • Bumper tip softness added for safe placement of tip into ostium
  • Large inner diameter 0.042” (1.07 mm) provides excellent flow rates

Inner Lumen Sizes

  • 4F 0.042” (1.07 mm)
  • 5F 0.046” (1.17 mm)
  • 5F 0.052” (1.32 mm) high flow
  • 6F 0.054” (1.37 mm)
  • 6F 0.059” (1.49 mm) high flow
  • Yields higher flow rates at lower pressures
  • Superior guide wire trackability

Strain Relief

  • Increased strength at catheter/hub interface
  • Color coded for easy identification


Discover more about the Performa Multipack™ Angiographic Cardiology Catheters by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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